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  • ScottWAmbler commented on Disciplined Agile Business Analysis Disciplined Agile Business Analysis 1 month ago
    • ScottWAmbler ScottWAmbler There are several analysis-oriented practices which may occur during construction, including just in time (JIT) modelling of the details of what you're currently working on, look-ahead modelling, modelling/exploration of new requirements as they come in, and sometimes even modelling of the work during iteration planning (a clear sign that you should have been doing some look-ahead modelling during a previous iteration). All of this work is important, it's ongoing, and it's part of the normal day-to-day work of the team. For the modelling that is associated with the work items that you've chosen for the current iteration, that should be taken into account as part of your planning efforts. For modelling work that is associated with work items in future iterations (i.e. look-ahead modelling efforts, modelling of incoming requirements) would be part of the overhead that you would need to allocate for (e.g. that 10% you mentioned).  1 month ago
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