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Dvids master 2010


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  • 1. Defense Video & Imagery
    Distribution System
  • 2. DVIDS History
    • June 2004 – DVIDS launched by Third Army PAO.
    • 3. April 2005 – Introduced state-side coverage (Hurricane Katrina)
    • 4. April 2007 – First episode of “In The Fight” Released
    • 5. August 2007 – DVIDS 360 (Full Cycle Digital Content Management System) Developed
    • 6. June 2008 – DVIDS 3.0 launched ( 24/7 News Desk, unit -focused, expanded feedback, CONUS crisis support, Training Resources, permanent archive )
    • 7. April 2009 – High Definition content available
    • 8. September 2009 - DVIDS receives its first feed via Streambox
    • 9. July 2010 - DVIDS Direct launched
    • 10. August 2010 – DVIDS 4.0 launched ( complete website redegisn, robust search engine, HD video player, Akamai CDN )
    • 11. November 2010- Upgraded internal systems and DVIDS Ground Satellite Terminals to process HD Video
    • 12. February – conducted first Live HD hit to Superbowl XLV from Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. Over 111 million viewers…. The largest watched TV Event ever.
  • What is DVIDS?
    The system has 5 basic parts:
    2. Full Time Orbiting Satellites
    1. DVIDS Hub
    3. Ground Satellite Terminals
    4. IP Infrastructure/website/mobile
    5. Media Relations Team
  • 13. 1. The DVIDS Hub
    A full-service Commercial Satellite Teleport that has the capability of receiving and distributing all content types worldwide. The Hub services are currently provided by Encompass Digital Media via a contract with Third Army until 16APRIL2013. Per the contract the hub maintains the following capabilities: broadcast, media, Internet, post-production, digital content management and audio facility staffed by civilian and military mass communication professionals.
    Army Director of Operations &
    Contracting Officer Representative
    Marine Corps Liaison/NCOIC
    Marine Corps Liaison/Trainer
    22 person Media Relations Team
    12 Print & Video Editors
    5 Teleport Operators
    3 person Video on Demand / Emerging
    Technologies team
    6 Web Developers
  • 14. 24/7 Operations
    Critical Functions:
    • Every department function is staffed around the clock 365 days a year.
    • 15. 24/7 news desk that reviews the product at the time of receipt.
    • 16. All content types can be moved instantaneously anywhere in the world.
    • 17. All SD & HD video are turned within 2 hours from the time of receipt.
    • 18. All data, photos, articles & publications are turned within 1 hour of receipt.
    • 19. Deliver ad hoc space in less than an hour
    • 20. Coordinate with engineers at receiving stations
    • 21. Solve technical issues to meet requirements
  • 2. Full Time Orbiting Satellites
    KU Band
    AM -22
    KU Band
    Galaxy 17
    C Band
    KU Band
    DISA Contract CT0027
    • 1 channels 24/7 over IRAQ, KWUAIT, BAHRAIN, QATAR, and EUROPE
    • 22. 1 24/7 over AFGHANISTAN
    • 23. 2 channels 24/7 over the United States for media
    • 24. 1 channel 24/7 Uplink from Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii Haiti and
    • 25. 1 24/7 over Fiber
  • 3. Ground Satellite Terminals
    Norsat International
    Legacy DVIDS System
    • 4 cases, 350 lbs
    DVIDS Direct System
    • 1 case, 70 lbs
    • Can transmit SD and HD live video
    • 26. Transmits video packages / b-roll in real-time
    • 27. Also capable of sending, images, text & sound files via DVIDS Direct IP Portal
    Other Inputs
    DVIDS Direct Data kit, Streambox , Akamai, BGAN, etc
    Currently over 183 transmitters in 11 countries
    Afghanistan 36, Iraq 38, Germany 6, Kuwait 4, Japan 5, Bahrain 1, Qatar 1, Cuba 1, HOA 1, US 83.
  • 28. 3. Ground Satellite Terminal Contract
    • 5 year contract
    • 29. statement of Objective is written.
    • 30. 1 Base year with 4 options years
    • 31. 24/7 Help desk
    • 32. Technical and operator Training
    • 33. On site preventative and emergency maintenance/repairs
    • 34. Bidders will bring new system types to the table for testing.
    • 35. We will get a smaller and less expensive DVIDS System
  • 1. The DVIDS Hub
    4. IP Infrastructure/website/mobile
    Robust Connectivity
    • OC3 IP connection – 155 Mbps in and out of the DVIDS hub for uploading and downloading content. Currently upgrading to a 1 Gig redundant connection.
    Unlimited Storage Array
    • Currently using 120 Terabyte Isilon clustered storage array at 50% capacity. (1000 gigabytes in 1 Terabyte) It is scalable to infinity and beyond.
    • 36. When new nodes are added to our current storage array, it increases the processing speed and adds to its ability to self heal the array. We like to call it the “Borg”
    Web Site Capabilities
    • Registered members can download all content type in High Resolution directly from the website to include HD Video
    • 37. The robust search feature enables users to filter by, COCOM, country, branch, submitting unit, specific time frame, state, content type and component.
    • 38. Also capable of receiving, images, articles, publications, SD and HD video via DVIDS Direct IP Portal
  • 1. The DVIDS Hub
    4. IP Infrastructure/website/mobile
    Mobile Device Capabilities
    • All video currently plays on Mobile device platforms.
    • 39. Final stages of iPad and iPhone application development. Keep a look out for Military 24/7
    • 40. Planning to build additional apps for additional platforms as well.
    • 41. Researching the ability to design a DVIDS Direct app for mobile devices in order submit content and conduct live interviews directly to the DVIDS Hub from the palm of your hand.
    Internet Broadcasting
    • We are ensuring the capabilities that are built into the website will be able to support the emerging technologies that we see coming together before our very eyes.
    • 42. The internet is merging with our televisions.
    • 43. Our current HD video player plays HD Video and will expand to full screen on any monitor that the web site is being displayed through…… to include your HD TV regardless of size.
    • 44. We also are keeping abreast of the developing technologies with regard to apps for Internet TV’s and social networking.
  • DVIDS Website
  • 45. Registered users
  • 46. Live Webcasting
    -Webcast 4 live streams
    -Reach a wide audience
    that has no satellite
    -Effective for press briefings,
    interviews and speaking to
    -Stream in multiple formats
  • 47. Military Unit Pages
    Military Unit pages display current content from each unit that submits products to DVIDS. The page is dynamic and is updated as Items are published and is accessible through a link which is easy to remember and can easily be passed out to family members and friends.
  • 48. Broadcast/Journalist Portfolios
    Each submitting journalist and broadcaster has their media content placed in their own portfolio, where viewers can browse all of their work.
  • 49. DVIDS Holiday Greetings
    DVIDS Holiday greetings are separated by year and holiday, then by state. Greetings are distributed to local media as well as available to family members of soldiers!
  • 50. DVIDS Holiday Greetings E-Card Service
    DVIDS E-cards allow service members to select a customized holiday template and type a special message that they can send to all of their friends and family.
    7,290 e-cards sent
  • 51. DVIDS Direct
    • Web-based, product submission portal that
    bypasses the main DVIDS website.
    • Circumvents most firewall issues by using the standard
    HTTP port 80.
    • Quickly upload media products from military networks and low-bandwidth environments.
    • 52.  Accepts files up to 2GB.
    Can be accessed at
  • 53. Full Cycle Digital Content Management System
  • 54. Overview
    DVIDS360 is a Full Cycle Digital Content Management System.
    System tracks the product from the time received, stored, distributed, placed and beyond
    Makes available distribution and placement reports.
    Placement reports show how video looked when it aired on television.
  • 55. Content Flow
    All content received is posted to the DVIDS website. The “batch id” helps DVIDS identify where the item came from, when it was edited, and when it was published
    Units in the field use DVIDS transmitters to submit content to the DVIDS hub. All incoming content is tracked with what we call a “batch id”.
    DVIDS Media Specialists distribute content to TV stations, Radio stations, Print Media and more
    Through the use of DVIDS Web Site Applications, Teletrax Encoders, and TV Eyes, DVIDS360 is able to track the life cycle of a product with its “batch id” and report back to the unit in the field “What did you do with my products”
  • 56. Teletrax Encoders
    All video played out of DVIDS is fed through one of three teletrax encoders. These encoders place a water mark on the video that is traced by Teletrax monitoring stations around the world and reports daily back to DVIDS on location, airtime, and audience sizes for all DVIDS video.
  • 57. TVEyes
    TVEyes is the first company to deliver real-time TV and Radio search across multiple languages on an international platform. Coupled with Teletrax data, DVIDS Media Analyst can download “as-aired” clips of video distributed by DVIDS Media Specialists.
  • 58. Reports
    Date Range: Choose a start date and end date.
    Command Or Unit: You can choose a command to see a report for units in that command, or choose a specific unit to see a report for just that unit
    Media Types: Check the boxes for the media types you would like included in this report.
    Regions: Check the regions for which you would like to view data.
  • 59. Report Examples
    Distribution reports include links to view each individual item, distribution dates, item type, item category, outlet location, and outlet audience size.
    As-aired reports include links to view individual items, audience size, outlet location, as well as links to watch the TVEyes Clips
  • 60. 5. Media Relations Team
    DVIDS Media Relations Team is an extension of your
    public affairs section.
    • DVIDS has built itself as a credible link to media outlets worldwide
    • 61. Provide instant access to local, national, and international media
    • 62. Arrange satellite media tours for commanders when breaking news happens
    • 63. Arrange live interviews with television, print, radio, and civic organizations
    • 64. Coordinate and distribute b-roll, packages, print, to media outlets
    • 65. Distribute command information products to internal military media
    • 66. Crisis communications support.
  • Who have we worked with?
    TV, Print & Radio outlets in all 50 States
    National News Organizations
    Pan Arab and Iraqi media outlets
    Media in coalition countries: UK, Australia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Slovakia, Romania…
    DVIDS fills 200 to 400 Media requests a week ranging from hometown media to National and International media outlets including production companies and sports venues.
  • 67. Media Relations Specialists
    Specialty Media
    Zehra Mehdi-Barlas
    Kris Drees
    Josh Vierela
    Brittani White
    Keon Young
    Timothy Love
    Khelyn Mickles
    Renee Francis-Turner
    Tiffany McCall
    Natasha Pierre-Louis
    Operation Enduring
    Jennifer Donegan
    Katherine Carmichael
    Chris Kazakos
    Josh Preston
    New Dawn
    Nan Clarke
    Carlos Cruz
    Jennifer Colter
    Jared Williams
    Phil Manson
    Lynn Kaczenski
  • 68. Crisis Communication
    Combating propaganda/misinformation
    Action: Weekend attack on Complex:
    Tactical victory:
    • ISF reacts to contact
    • 69. Kill 16 combatants
    • 70. Free a Hostage
    • 71. Discover cache
    Enemy Reaction:
    Video delivered to networks that suggests Americans entered mosque and killed innocent civilians
  • 72. Crisis Communication
    Combating propaganda/misinformation
    Counter Action: Public responses by MNC-I and Division Commander:
    1324: Hub receives mission
    1355: Hub finalizes network interview and gets MNC-I approval for Satellite Tour
    1430-1500 LTG Chiarelli interviews with CNN, NBC, ABC
    1500-1530 MG Thurman interviews with BBC, FOX and CBS
  • 73. Targeted/Specialty Media
  • 74. 8% National and International news and entertainment
    12% Large Market and Regional News
    15% Command information: AFRTS, Pentagon Channel
    55% Local News and Niche market
    10% Special Events, Sports and Entertainment
  • 75. VOD – Direct to consumer unfiltered
    • Social Networking
    • 76. iPad iPod, and iPhone apps
    • 77. IPTV
    • 78. IP HD Live interviews
    • 79. Video On Demand
  • On Demand from Comcast Digital Cable allows
    digital cable customers to select from hundreds
    of movies and other programs using their
    existing Digital Cable box, in many cases, for no
    additional charge.  Customers can rewind, fast
    forward and pause programs, and can store
    selections for up to 24 hours from the time of
    ordering, so they can watch programs whenever
    and however often they like.
    Sky Angel is an IPTV service that is able to deliver
    many more channels to the customer, VOD and
    other enhanced features through your internet
  • 80. Podcasting
    -Featured Partner with iTunes
    -60 Podcast Channels
    -Supports all Military Branches
    -Available via iTunes, Google,
    Yahoo, and other RSS applications
    -July 10= 109,133
    -March 11= 169,283
  • 81. -Monthly half hour television show
    -Available in over 500 broadcast
    affiliates, public & government
    access stations, cable networks
    and VOD platforms across the
    -Reaches over 250 million households
    -Showcases stories about service
    members produced by the service
  • 82. How to contact DVIDS
    News Releases:
    Main Phone: 877-DVIDS247 or 678-421-6612
    DSN: 312-367-1792 or 312-367-1761
    Major Scott M Betts
    Director of Operations
    678 421-6776
    Cell 404 394-9371
  • 83. Questions or Comments