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Free Report Top 20 Costly Mistakes

  1. 1. Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. A Nationwide Corporate Formation Company that Keeps You on Track! The Top 20 Costly MistakesBEFORE and AFTER Incorporating, And How to Avoid Them (These Blunders Expose ALL Of Your Assets to Costly Liability) Test Your Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Do you recognize these devastating business pitfalls? For more information call 1-877-515-0505 (Local 702-367-7373) today!
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSLetter from the ceo.........................................................................................................3Special Report.................................................................................................................510 Costly Mistakes Before Entity Formation ..............................................................610 Costly Mistakes After Entity Formation ..............................................................11Correct Answers-Evaluate Your Business IQ...........................................................15Frequently Asked Questions .......................................................................................17NCPs Incorporating Services.....................................................................................20NCPs Business Development Services.......................................................................26Additional Services ......................................................................................................28NCPs Referral Program .............................................................................................30NCPs Testimonials ......................................................................................................31Contact NCP .................................................................................................................33A Foreword From Scott Letourneau, Nevada Corporate Planner For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 2
  3. 3. “Welcome to NCP. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and experienced company equipped to provide you and your professionals with the information you need to form the best entity for you, look no further.”Dear Partner In Business Success,The road to hell (and business disaster) is paved with good intentions…What do I mean by that? The advent of the Internet brought a multitude of strategic advantages toyou as a business owner. But for all its benefits, the Internet may also do you one great disservice --that of oversimplification.Sadly, this is particularly true in the area of corporate formation. The multitude of Interlinecompanies in this business love to make it appear that forming a new corporation or LLC is easy.Just fill out a simple one page form, and your business and personal assets are protected, right?Wrong!Unfortunately, oversimplification in this vital strategic step is a devastating mis-step for theuninformed. Many well-meaning business owners are at this moment hard at work in their office,blissfully unaware that their hastily-filed form has set them up for at least one (and probablyseveral) of the deadly mistakes in this valuable report, any one of which may cost them dearly.Only the naïve are unaware that they become a lawsuit target from the moment they open their doorfor business. That’s obviously why you’re looking into forming a corporation or LLC in the firstplace. With Nevada Corporate Planner’s help and guidance, you can avoid the landmines in startingyour company, or in protecting your existing assets, both business and personal.“Cut costs and maximize profit” is every business’s mantra. But cutting costs on certain keyelements of your start-up expenses or strategic planning is like building your foundation on crackedconcrete.No matter what brilliant moves you make in the future, that flaw is waiting just below the surface,ready to sink your entire enterprise. (And bear in mind that fully 95% of all new businesses fail inthe first five years.) For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 3
  4. 4. New Firms Out of Business 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 2 years 5 yearsBut you don’t have to make their mistake. Build your foundation with a company that supports youthrough start up and beyond, and you’ll forever have the confidence of knowing that thegroundwork you’ve done will eternally sustain and champion your enterprise.The purpose of “The Top 20 Mistakes Before And After” is two fold. First, I want to get you on theright mental track, with your eyes fully opened to the threats that lurk in the business world. I’veheard many, many horror stories from business owners that have come to me for help after somelitigation or business disaster has reduced their hard-won assets to rubble, and in nearly every case Ican find the one or two simple preventative steps they could have taken to avoid the entiredevastation. I’d like to pass those many lessons on to you, so you don’t have to learn them the hardway.Second, I want to show you how you can not only avoid disaster, but optimize every move that youmake so that the structure of your entire company runs like an integrated machine. You shouldn’t --and don’t -- have to work any harder than you want to, and with the proper preparation you canconcentrate on building and growing your greatest asset, one that will sustain you and your familyfor years, or even generations to come.Yours In Success,Scott LetourneauCEONevada Corporate Planners, For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 4
  5. 5. Creating A Foundation For Success“The Top 20 Mistakes Before And After” is designed not as a static report, but as an interactive toolfor you to use to understand your options, analyze your strategic business design and spot areas ofvulnerability, building as you go to create a comprehensive “map” to use in your corporateformation planning. So close your office door for a short time, pour yourself your favoritebeverage, and settle back with pencil in hand. You’re about to spend perhaps the most valuable 20minutes of your business career.There are three steps in using this material:Step 1: Read each Costly Mistake (divided into 10 “Befores” and 10 “Afters”) and answer thequestion that applies to each issue.Step 2: Tally up your results, then assess your Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Knowledge.Take a moment to fully absorb the insight you’ve gained, and the advantages of having anexperienced, “birds-eye view” of your business strategies.Step 3: Build your strategic plan, and enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re protecting yourbusiness and assets.Let’s begin… For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 5
  6. 6. 10 Costly Mistakes Before Entity FormationCostly Mistake Number 1: Forming an LLC and NOT knowing how its taxed (Are you a single or multi-member LLC? Will you be disregarded for tax purposes, taxed as a partnership, a C-, or an S-corporation?) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 1: If you have two members in an LLC*, how will the LLC be taxed? A) A limited partnership B) An S corporation if you file Form 8832 and 2553 C) A disregarded entity D) Federally only E) All of the above F) A and B G) A, B and D * “Members in an LLC” is defined as the owner of the LLC.Costly Mistake Number 2: Forming an LLC for real estate and NOT knowing how it should be taxed when you have dealer and/or investor property? (Make the wrong choice, and be doomed to a life of unnecessary taxes.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 2: What is a “real estate dealer”? A) Someone who goes to real estate auctions B) Someone who holds onto real estate for more than 12 months C) Someone that will be subject to SE taxes on the sale of the property D) Someone that will be subject to short term capital gains E) Someone that flips properties in less than 12 months F) B, D and For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 6
  7. 7. G) B, C, D and E H) D and ECostly Mistake Number 3: Forming an LLC and having it managed by members instead of managers* (A sure way to lose flexibility and control) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 3: What is/are the benefit(s) of having your LLC managed by managers? A) Many times you do not need to disclose the owners (members) in annual state reports B) Managers have more authority than members C) Members added in the future will not necessarily have a say in management D) It looks more like a limited partnership E) An operating agreement is not required F) There are more tax advantages G) All the above H) A and B I) A, C and D J) C and E * “Managers of an LLC” is defined as the person or entity that manages the day to day operations of the LLC.Costly Mistake Number 4: Forming an S corporation and NOT knowing the shareholder rules (Imagine discovering years later that you’ve violated an S corporation shareholder rule -- and that you now owe years of expensive C corporation back taxes.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 4: Who can be a shareholder of an S corporation? A) A U.S. For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 7
  8. 8. B) Another S corporation C) C corporations D) All LLCs E) A living trust F) All of the above G) A, B and D H) A, B and ECostly Mistake Number 5: Forming an S corporation when your company anticipates future value (There must be a better approach, and indeed, there is!) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 5: When is an S corporation NOT your best choice? A) When you are considering investors for your business B) When you are considering foreign partners C) When the company will develop a great asset value D) When you are going public E) When you live in California F) All of the above G) A, B and C H) A, B, C and DCostly Mistake Number 6: Forming a C corporation to take advantage of fringe benefits when your business doesnt fit the C corporation model. (Can you spell nightmare?) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 6: Which are reasons NOT to form a C corporation? For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 8
  9. 9. A) C corporations have lower tax brackets than individuals B) Double taxation C) Too much profit to reinvest D) When a flow through entity may make more sense E) Focusing on business expenses may be more important than fringe benefits F) All the above G) A and B H) B, C, D and ECostly Mistake Number 7: Forming an entity in Nevada and NOT knowing when to foreign register, and for what reasons. (“Can’t you just get a mailbox?”) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 7: Which are common reason(s) that would cause an entity to need to foreign register (or qualify) to do business in another state? A) An employee in another state B) An office located in another state C) Equipment located in another state D) An independent contract in another state E) All of the above F) A, B, and CCostly Mistake Number 8: Forming an entity and hiring independent contactors and employees WITHOUT knowing the rules. (It makes a difference as to which states you’ll need to foreign register.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 8: Which statement is false concerning employees? A) They create less liability than independent contractors for your For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 9
  10. 10. B) Employees create nexus for your company in the state they are doing the work C) Your company will pay half of the 15.3% payroll taxes on each employee D) The IRS is mostly attempting to convert employees to independent contractorsCostly Mistake Number 9: Forming an LLC taxed as a partnership WITHOUT having an "official" partner. (Maybe the IRS wont notice.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 9: What entity or person (assuming you are one of the partners) will qualify as a partner for an LLC taxed as a partnership? A) A single member LLC owned by you B) An S corporation owned by you C) A C corporation owned by you D) A foreigner E) All of the above F) B, C and DCostly Mistake Number 10: Selecting an inexperienced or disreputable company to help you form your entity. (There’s no excuse for not checking references with the BBB, local professional organizations and testimonials.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 10: Which characteristics should be considered when choosing an entity formation company? A) A company that has been in business for at least five years B) A company that has a national known attorney C) A company that has research and invests in internal training D) A company that provides other business development services E) A company that is recommended by top local organizations F) All of the For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 10
  11. 11. 10 Costly Mistakes After Entity FormationCostly Mistake Number 1: NOT completing corporate / LLC formalities Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 1: Which statement(s) is/are false concerning formalities? A) LLCs do not require formalities B) Only corporations have annual meetings C) Only shareholders have annual meetings D) It is easier to pierce the LLC veil for lack of formalities vs. corporation E) A and C F) C and D G) All of the aboveCostly Mistake Number 2: NOT completing the LLC operating agreement (Unless you’ve got a lemonade stand, it’s essential.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 2: Which statement(s) is/are true concerning the operating agreement? A) An LLC taxed as an S corporation has the same operating agreement as an LLC taxed as a partnership. B) A single member LLC should have an operating agreement. C) An LLC taxed as a C corporation does not require an operating agreement. D) Managers and members roles are different. E) All of the For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 11
  12. 12. F) B and DCostly Mistake Number 3: NOT properly capitalizing the entity, and especially not being crystal clear with partners about your capitalization (A disaster waiting to happen!). Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 3: Which statement(s) is/are false concerning capitalization? A) Cash is the simplest method of capitalization B) A loan is considered part of capitalization C) Contributing services as capitalization may be a taxable event D) Contributing real estate is always tax free to an LLC E) A, B and D F) B and D G) All of the aboveCostly Mistake Number 4: Putting LLC Members on payroll vs. guaranteed payments (Do you know the advantages?) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 4: If you form an LLC taxed as a partnership, who is on payroll? A) The members B) The managers C) The employees (non members) D) The For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 12
  13. 13. Costly Mistake Number 5: Forming an LLC taxed as an S corporation, and having the incorrect operating agreement (A subtle, but effective nuance that must be handled properly!) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 5: What could happen if you have the incorrect operating agreement for an LLC taxed as an S corporation? A) Pay less in taxes B) The operating agreement may have language that violates the S corporation shareholder rules and automatically revoke your S election. (Then the LLC would be taxed as a C corporation and be subject to double taxation.) C) You may not be able to get investors D) The LLC would lose its charging order protectionCostly Mistake Number 6: NOT completing a Buy/Sell agreement for the partners (Again, being crystal clear will save your sanity.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 6: Why is a Buy/Sell agreement important? A) To help you plan what will happen to your controlling interest. B) Provides a market for minority interests. C) Is helpful for estate and gift tax planning. D) Over time, provides a history of equity valuations that can be useful for a variety of tax. E) All of the above F) None of the aboveCostly Mistake Number 7: Falling behind on employee payroll taxes to the IRS and your state (This will cost your business dearly -- at best.) For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 13
  14. 14. Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 7: Which problem(s) will arise if you have no payroll? A) The IRS may audit all your independent contractors and reclassify them as employees B) You may be inviting the IRS to take a look at your books C) You may create a problem when an employee that you thought was an independent contractor files for unemployment D) A and C E) All of the aboveCostly Mistake Number 8: NOT meeting with your CPA to set up a chart of accounts (Running your business off a checking account balance is a fast track to bankruptcy.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 8: Why do most people avoid setting up their chart of accounts and using a bookkeeping program like QuickBooks from the start of their business? A) They don’t understand the importance of the feedback from their numbers to show how they’re really doing B) Tax returns aren’t due until the following year C) All they really need is their bank statement D) They don’t realize cash flow is the number reason businesses fail, and they don’t understand the connection between using a program like QuickBooks and being organized E) All of the aboveCostly Mistake Number 9: Registering your domain name to your operating entity (This may account for 70% or more of your lead generation - a huge asset you don’t want to risk.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 14
  15. 15. What is the biggest mistake made when registering your domain name for your company? A) Registering it in your own name B) Registering it in your business name that is the same business that is operating the company C) Registering it in your partner’s name D) All of the aboveCostly Mistake Number 10: NOT obtaining the proper business licenses (Being out of compliance can punch gaping holes in your bottom line.) Asset Protection and Business I.Q. Question # 10: Which business does not require a local business license? A) An internet business B) A real estate investment business C) A property management business D) A holding company E) A home-based business F) Potentially none of the above, and it depends upon the rules of your local county or city.Correct Answers:10 Costly Mistakes Before Entity Formation:1. F 2. H 3. I 4. H 5. H. 6. H. 7. F. 8. A 9. F 10. F.10 Costly Mistakes After Entity Formation:1. G 2. F 3. F 4. C 5. B. 6. E. 7. D 8. E. 9. D. 10. FStep 2. Tally up your results.What was your Score? Give yourself one point for each correct answer, for apossible total of 20 points. Then rate yourself… For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 15
  16. 16. 0-5 Points: You need help. Never fear -- NCP has comprehensive packages that willhelp guide your through your corporate/LLC formation and/or the start up of yourbusiness. Our complete package is highly recommended.6-10 Points: You have an understanding of the basics, but making mistakes will becostly to you. Our complete package is highly recommended.11-15 Points: You are further ahead then most. With guidance you should besuccessful and avoid many of the costly pitfalls. You will especially enjoy ourcorporate coaching program to help keep you on course.16-18 Points: You have a strong knowledge of what you are doing. You are ready foradvanced strategies to protect your assets. NCP business coaches have the most up-to-date data and tools to help you design your planning.19-20 Points: Congratulations! You are an asset protection and business genius!How did you do? If you were scored well, pat yourself on the back -- you’re well ahead of the curveand will hopefully avoid many of these pitfalls. If not, don’t fret. NCP is here to help.Once you’ve completed your research and are ready to go, the next thing on your mind may be,“OK, now I’m an expert. What’s the cheapest price I can get from an entity formation company?”Proceed with caution. We’ve talked to literally hundreds of business owners over the years. Ifthere’s one thing we’ve learned beyond the shadow of a doubt from those who have been sued,poured money down bottomless tax or expense holes, or whose businesses have failed, it’s this:NOT ONE was excited over the few bucks they saved by using a low cost company -- or worse,flying solo -- to incorporate or establish an LLC for their business.Years and untold dollars later, they sorely regret the hard work, stress, and many, many lost hoursof time with family and friends -- consumed instead by lawyers, bankers, accountants and creditors,while picking up the pieces from a devastating lawsuit or bankruptcy.All of those losses were the indirect, and sometimes direct result of “penny-wise, pound foolish”thinking. And every one of them could have been prevented by proper planning with the rightcompany to support them. Those unfortunates have learned (the hard way) the value of having acompany like NCP at their side, constantly guarding against missteps and For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 16
  17. 17. We at NCP hear the same basic horror stories told over and over again. And while we’d never say“we told you so,” we’ve learned from them as well. That’s why we’ve produced this AssetProtection and Business I.Q. Test -- to help you avoid these pitfalls.There was no doubt that there was some central reason why you went into business in the first place-- a skill or talent that you are outstanding at, or your great contacts… Remember to focus on whatYOU do best. Don’t attempt to be a jack of all trades…I don’t need to tell you the rest.Here is what I would recommend you do next. Call our offices at 1-877-515-0505 and ask toschedule a free consultation with our business analysts. They will answer your questions and sharewith you how we can help. (When you call, ask about our money-saving packages.)YOU will decide if you want our team to help with your situation. You may simply want toschedule a one-hour consultation session and pay a reasonable fee to “double check” that you are onthe right track. Remember, you may be spending 10-14 hour per day growing your business,investing thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Get a second opinion on your structure beforeyou start… at a minimum, you and your family deserve at least that.Let me ask you this: If you were going to have major heart surgery, would you get a secondopinion? Why should decisions that directly affect your family’s financial future be any different? Answers to Your Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: I’m not looking to form a new company, but I have accumulated many valuable assets.Can you help me protect them?A: Yes. Nevada Corporate Planners can help you whether you’re in the challenging position offorming a company to operate your new business venture or you’ve accumulated assets and youwant them properly protected. We provide information for you and your professionals to analyze.This information will help you discover which entity will be best for you, and in doing so, save youthe daunting task of conducting countless hours of research.Q: So many companies recommend so many different things. “LLC,” one says. “S-corporation,” says another. How can I be sure I’m making the right choice?A: There’s no way around it — research, research, research! I walked a mile in your shoes before Iestablished NCP in 1997, because I wanted the best and most accurate information on which entitywould be best for my situation. I grew frustrated when I found that I couldn’t get the same answersor input from any one company, which prompted me to form NCP — so you wouldn’t have to gothrough the same thing I did!To make sure you get the RIGHT information — accurate information — and advice to help youdecide what’s best for your particular situation, I dedicate a large part of NCP’s resources toresearch. We frequently interview dozens of companies that form corporations in Nevada andDelaware, as well as firms throughout the other 48 states. Also, to personalize our research on For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 17
  18. 18. behalf, we have all this information available on our website for you, your CPA, and your attorneyto utilize to help you make the best choice for your situation.In fact, when I first became committed to bringing you the best research on structuring, I thought itwould take a year or so to compile the best answers. As the years have passed and laws havechanged, I discovered that the research is never ending. Eight years and 3,600 clients later, NCP hasover 1000 pages of research on its website alone, and it continues to grow. We also distributeadditional research findings and information by way of frequent publications.Q: I want to make sure the decision I make will be best for me over time…not just what’s bestfor today. Can NCP help?A: Yes. Beyond our commitment to bringing you the latest and most up-to-date research oninformation and laws surrounding your entity selection, I believe that’s where NCP really shines.We provide information for you when considering your long-term goals and requirements and helpyou arrange and select your entity with those thoughts in mind. For instance, it might be beneficialin the short-term for you to form a C-Corporation this year. However, an S-Corporation in year twomight bring you even more benefits and in years three and four, an LLC taxed as a partnershipcould be the best idea.After you read our web site and speak to your professionals you will more fully understand whichentity is best for you. Then call NCP and we will explain our services and fees for filing yourNevada entity along with our support services!Q: How do I know you’re not one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” Internet firms?A: We use the Internet as a way to introduce ourselves to Internet-savvy clients and as aninformation portal for those who want the latest and most accurate information. That being said, youmay look to my dedication, research, quality and focus on improving NCPs services to better meetyour requirements, which has attracted more than 3,900 clients to date, as well as some of the topbusiness leaders in the United States. Once you speak with us, you’ll understand why these businessleaders are drawn to NCP, and why they recommend us in the most glowing terms! Just oneexample is tax attorney/CPA Sandy Botkin, best selling author of Lower Your Taxes; BIG TIME!Q: Do your services and assistance end after the sale?A: Absolutely not! I assure you, NCP will be here for you even after we help you form your entity.For example, you’ll have unlimited access to professional entity counselors who will answers all ofyour entity and business formation questions. We’ll send you email reminders, in addition tofollow-up phone calls, so you know what to do next when it comes to your business. When yourentity is up for renewal, we’ll send you a written notice, as well as call you and email you to makesure you keep your company in good standing. You’ll gain access to our voluminous MembersOnly or VIP Members Only websites, jam-packed with key strategies to protect your assets. Plusmuch For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 18
  19. 19. Q: Do you offer other “after-formation” services that will help me run my business, like taxand bookkeeping, marketing and legal resources?A: Yes! Because of the size and quality of our client base, NCP is in a strong position to negotiatemuch better rates than you might be able to get on your own for a variety of products and services.For example, we are able to recommend qualified accountants and CPAs who will help you withyour corporate taxes and accounting, including helping you set up your initial books. Other servicesinclude: • 1st Quarter Tax and Bookkeeping: We’ll help you set up your chart of accounts and avoid common mistakes with capitalization, payroll, and other issues. The number one reason businesses go under is cash flow. The top reason for not managing your cash flow properly is not doing your books from day one! NCP will support you on a quarterly basis to help you keep on track. Use the numbers to drive your business success! Guessing is not recommended! • Sandy Botkin’s Tax System: Learn from the best how to maximize your meals, travel, and entertainment expenses once and for all! Over 50% of your income goes to taxes. The number one way to grow your net worth is to keep more of your profits! Learn from a top CPA/Tax attorney the best way to put more money in your pocket, all 100% backed by the IRS code! Plus you must know, now more than ever, how to keep accurate records! The IRS has changed its tune and is increasing audits! Don’t get caught unprepared. Remember, this is something your CPA will not do for you! • Corporate Coaching: Before you head in to your next meeting with your partners, CPA, or attorney, get in touch with your personal coach. We’ll give you insight on whatever business or personal issues you’re facing and help you arm yourself with the right questions and background. Have a personal, general business or entity question? Ask your coach for prompt and knowledgeable answers. • Plus much more! For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 19
  20. 20. Now, Let’s Look at NCP’s Fantastic Services!Special Announcement: NCP is now providing Incorporation services for all 50states - Form your corporation or LLC, and have all requirements filed for you in Nevada , or inany of the 50 states. As always, NCP offers the same excellent standard of service youve come torely on at industry-competitive fees. NCP’s Corporation PackageYour new corporation will include expedited filing of your articles and NCP will ship yourcorporate Record Book 2-Day Delivery!Your Platinum Package Includes the Following:• Access to our Members Only Section on our web site that has over 200 pages of FREE valuable information!• A friendly, supportive and experienced corporate staff• Filing Articles of Incorporation• One year of Nevada Corporate Planners’ superior Resident Agent service• Corporate record book• Filing list of officers & directors in Nevada (Secretary of State’s fee is $125 which separate).• Federal EIN number• All Nevada state corporate filing fees for the 1st Year• 75,000 shares of non-par value stock ready for immediate issue• Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to get you started The Platinum Corporate Record Book includes the Following:• Quality binder and matching cover with corporate name engraved on a platinum-like plate• Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and a Customer Service Department ready for your additional support• Original Nevada Corporate Charter• State Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation (5 detailed pages)• Corporate By-Laws (over 11 detailed pages)• Resolutions to nominate original Board of Directors and Corporate Officers• Corporate Minutes for the First Board of Director’s Meeting• 10 authentic, customized, high quality stock certificates• Original Stock Transfer Ledger with Instructions on how to For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 20
  21. 21. • Stock Ledger Statement (required by Nevada Law)• Corporate Disclaimer• More than 50 pages of Corporate Resolutions• An engraved corporate seal and carrying pouch. . . There’s More! Please Continue to the Next Page! For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 21
  22. 22. Most Resident Agents Fall Short of the High Quality of this Package!At Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. this is Just the Start!Special Bonus: As Part of our Platinum Nevada Corporate Package, we Have Included a Special Bonus What to do Next, Supplemental Guide!The Supplemental Guide includes detailed instructions and information on:• Completing your Stock Ledger Statement properly and why it is crucial for protecting your assets• The importance of why, how, and when to issue corporate stock• What to do in case of lost stock certificates• Corporate minutes, meetings and resolutions. The IRS requires them• Nevada business license registration and its importance• Where to keep your corporate record book• Having employees and the proper steps involved• The best way to take money out of your corporation (chart included)• Special shareholder agreements• IRS guidelines and tax rates on corporations, including instructions on when to file• Requirements for a corporate tax return at year-end and recommended accounting software• An employment agreement• And much, much more Now this is a Complete Corporate Package! Accept Only the Best for Your New Business! For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 22
  23. 23. NCP’s Limited Liability Company PackageYour new LLC will include expedited filing of your articles and NCP will ship your LLCRecord Book 2-Day Delivery!Your Platinum Package Includes the Following:• Access to our Members Only Section on our web site that has over 200 pages of FREE valuable information!• A friendly, supportive and experienced corporate staff• Filing Articles of Organization• Limited Liability Company record book• Filing the list of managers/members (Secretary of State’s fee of $125 is separate).• Federal EIN number• One year of Nevada Corporate Planners’ superior Resident Agent service• All Nevada state filing fees for the 1st Year• Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to get you started Your Platinum Limited Liability Company Record Book Includes the Following:• Quality binder and matching cover with corporate name engraved on a platinum-like plate• Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and a Customer Service Department ready to give you support• 10 authentic, customized, high quality certificates of ownership• Original Nevada Limited Liability company charter• An LLC disclaimer• A detailed 23 page operating agreement (One that protects the members, not one that hinders your protection like many others we have reviewed)• An LLC resolution to open a bank account• Over 30 additional LLC resolutions• An engraved LLC seal and carrying pouchThe Key to NCP’s Complete LLC Package is the 23 Page Operating Agreement.That is where the Protection lies! For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 23
  24. 24. Special Bonus: As Part of our Platinum Nevada LLC Package, We have Included a SpecialBonus What to do Next, LLC Supplemental Guide!The Supplemental Guide includes detailed instructions and information on:• LLC Terms and Definitions• Membership Interests• LLC Membership Interests as Securities• How Should You Handle Securities Law Issues?• Management of LLCs• Rights of Members• Limited Liability• Restrictions on Transfer• Charging Order• Evidence of Ownership• Withdrawal of Members• Qualifying to Do Business Outside the LLC’s State of Formation• Classification Rules• Termination of the LLC• Contributions to LLCs• LLC Classified as Partnership• Gain or Loss Recognition• Assumption of Liabilities in Excess of Basis• Members Basis in Membership Interest• Example of the Difference between a Tax Basis in Membership Interest and the Capital Account• LLC Basis in Contributed Assets• Accounts Receivable• Personal Use Property• Contribution of Appreciated and Depreciated Property• Example of Contribution of Property to an LLC• Contribution of Services• Debts of the LLCs –Responsibility of the Members• What is Tax Basis?• Contributions of Encumbered Property• Depreciation• Contribution of a Depreciated Asset to an LLC Example• Distributions of Encumbered Property• Debt & Partnership Taxation• Increased Basis from LLC Debt Example• And much, much For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 24
  25. 25. Now this is a Complete LLC Package! Accept Only the Best for Your New Business! Additional Services during/after Incorporating or forming an LLC! Foreign Registration Process This is a must for a company that needs to register as a foreign entity in the state(s) in whichthe entity is conducting business. This is usually at least the state where you reside, becausetypically you are either an employee of the corporation or the manager of an LLC. Both of thoseevents require the corporation or LLC to register in your home state. NCP will complete processand provide you with the forms necessary to register the entity in the states where the entity isrequired to register. They are four parts to this process: 1. Obtain a certificate of good standing from Nevada. This is a must for all entities that are registering as foreign entities in the states in which they are doing business. It is required by other states to know that this entity is in “good standing” with Nevada before they will allow registration in their state. Typically, the entity will register in the state where you live. The entity may be required to register in other states also. This certificate is valid for 30-90 days. This depends upon the state’s requirements in which registration will take place. 2. Obtain the Federal Tax ID Number for your new entity. Remember, every new entity needs a SEPARATE EIN number. The company will need this to open a bank account, obtain a business license and start payroll. 3. Obtain a Nevada State Business License. This license is required for every entity formed in Nevada, which is not doing business in Nevada and does not have employees in Nevada. This service is required for every entity that is registering as a foreign entity in a different state. If you are not registering, you do not need this service. Your entity would then need a complete business license in Nevada, in which the state license is one part of this complete process. This is an annual license. 4. Complete the forms to register as a foreign corporation/LLC in your state of operations. After completing this process then you would obtain a bank account in your home state (rarely is one needed in Nevada). **The foreign registration fee is separate from our fees for this process. The state may have other requirements regardingthe business license and registration with the department of taxation. These items are not covered by this For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 25
  26. 26. Corporate Coaching What is the biggest challenge once you incorporate or form an LLC? Having your questionsanswered. We have a Solution . . . Corporate Coaching*. This annual membership gives youaccess to our staff of trained professionals. Just fax or e-mail your questions to NCP, Inc. and wewill answer them. Staying consistent in our belief to do things right, we feel this program is anecessity to keep you on track! NCP has over 3,600 clients that have invested millions with theirprofessionals and you will benefit from our experience and information. You will now have accessto a great sounding board to help make sure you are protected and pay less in taxes! Also includes access to our VIP Members Only Section of our web site. This section willhave hundreds of pages of valuable research to help you determine areas of which you must beinformed! Find answers to questions you never knew you should be asking! This service will coveryou whether you have one or five entities with NCP. *we do not replace your CPA or attorney. 1st Quarter Tax and Bookkeeping Services Here are the facts about running a business: 1. 95% fail in the first five years and the number one reason is cash flow! 2. Most of those businesses make the critical mistake of avoiding having access to the most important, NON-EMOTIONAL feedback on how your business is really doing- their numbers! 3. Those businesses that have accurate numbers from the start of their business, are much more likely to be more successful and make better business decisions! 4. Therefore we create our 1st quarter tax and bookkeeping service to help you be more successful! Let me tell you about our 1st Quarter Tax and Bookkeeping Service: Here’s what’s included in the first quarter: A. We will help you set up your Chart of Accounts on Quick Books (the Quick Books software is not included.) i. For example, the “Income,” “Cost of Goods Sold” and “Expenses” categories must be clearly defined and properly distinguished from each other. You do NOT want “Expenses” in “Cost of Goods Sold,” or visa versa. This very common mistake will give you wrong information on your gross and net profits – the bottom line when it comes time to pay yourself and others. ii. We also provide one FREE hour of consulting throughout the first quarter. We will help you with questions on payroll, taxes, depreciation, capitalization or other important For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 26
  27. 27. (Should you need more time, we charge $200 per additional hour.) Typical areas where our clients need support with that hour of consultation: 1. Guidance with setting up payroll - Although we don’t maintain your payroll for you, we advise you on the steps involved in setting up your system. (For long-term support, we recommend use of payroll services.) 2. Guidance with entering your revenue into and paying bills through Quick Books. We help keep you on track, ensuring that you enter all your revenue and pay bills correctly, optimizing your use of this software. 3. Guidance with quarterly 941 (1/2 payroll taxed to the IRS. Annually = 940). B. We provide a Quarterly review of Quick Books (online). We check in with you at the end of the first quarter to ensure that you’re on track by helping you: • Review your entries • Print out and interpret your P&L (Profit and Loss) • Answer any questions concerning your bank reconciliation (client does the reconciliation - we review your work.) Remember, you are not locked into more than one quarter at a time. You might want to use our service at least during the first quarter, then continue on your own, consider a local CPA, or continue with NCP. Sandy Botkin’s Tax Saving Materials and Diary System Mr. Botkin is one of the very smartest tax attorneys/CPAs in the United States. After threeyears with a Big 6 accounting firm, Sandy was only one of eight political-appointees to train IRSaudit agents back in Washington, D.C. on how to extract maximum dollars from you, the taxpayer.He now does seminars nationwide for tax attorneys and CPAs teaching them how to reverse theprocess. Sandy’s materials include both a 175-page written workbook, containing 137 fully annotatedspecific tax strategies plus eight 1-hour CDs recordings of the whole seminar. There’s also aleather-like, pocket-size daily expense diary with twelve monthly inserts which, if properlymaintained, Sandy feels will protect you if you are audited! You will learn the following powerfulstrategies: What dollar amount you need to keep receipts for when taking deductible entertainment expenses How to write off all your fun like golf and movies How to deduct season tickets to anything How to write off a $3000 party at home How to take your spouse along on a business trip and make it tax For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 27
  28. 28. How to get a deduction for college education for your kids How to take a home office deduction the right way What things reduce your chances for an audit How to make a cruise tax deductible How to hire your kids as employees and get the maximum benefits It’s nice to realize that we have not only helped you achieve corporate perks but have alsohelped show you how to maximize your normal write-off. You will also receive the same diary that Mr. Botkin developed for the IRS to help protectyou in case of an audit. This planner diary has every day perfectly outlined for any deductions youhave incurred! All you have to do is fill in the blanks! You will also receive: One Year of Toll-Free Unlimited Tax Consulting with a Tax FirmUpon enrolling and submitting your paperwork, you will have access to an 800 number where youwill have unlimited access to ask any questions about business deductions! Learn from the best howto maximize your deductions!Here is a summary of the many additional services NCP offers to help get your business off to a fast start! • World class sales training for you and your sales reps in a weekly DVD-based training program • A top benefit program designed to bring your employees maximum benefits, plus help reduce your expenses, and a program designed to increase your business nationally! • Merchant account setup and support to secure credit card payments and pay the lowest fees. • Payroll services to keep the IRS off your back, and keep you focused on what you do best. • Referrals to top professionals in the legal and tax professions. • Business credit services designed to help your business avoid excessive personal guarantees, plus improve your cash flow with better terms from your vendors. • Executive mentoring with a top notch professional with nearly a half century of world-wide business experience. (You can’t duplicate mentoring like this.) • Leads for your business. All businesses need more leads. NCP can supply you with all you can handle! For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 28
  29. 29. • Plus NCP has access to professionals including CPAs and attorneys to help protect you! • Plus much, much more coming soon!Call today at 1-877-515-0505 to schedule an appointment for us to review your business andexplain how our services will help you become more successful! For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 29
  30. 30. Referral Program! WANT TO ADD ANOTHER $500 TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT EACH MONTH? $1,500? $2,500? WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT?Ask us how you can earn cash by referring your clients toNCP! Get Paid Monthly! Get Paid on your very first referral! Ask us how you can receive our Choice of Entity book in a PDF format that you can pass on to your clients! Refer a friend to NCP and earn 5 percent of the gross sale when they form their entity!At NCP your needs and your client’s needs always come first. If this materialwould be appropriate for your clients please contact us regarding ouraffiliate/referral program.Rest assured, when you choose NCP for your entity formation, you’re putting yourself in the handsof a full service company that cares about the entire you—personally and business-wise!Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what others had to say about doing business with For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 30
  31. 31. Testimonials From Other Professionals:“… As I note in my best selling book, Lower Your Taxes: BIG TIME, if you are going toincorporate, you should seriously consider doing so in Nevada. When I’m asked what incorporatingcompanies I would recommend doing this, I unhesitatingly recommend Nevada Corporate Plannersas being among the best.“I have a number of reasons for this. First, I have found them to be very honest. It actually amazesme that they talk a number of people out of incorporating there if it isn’t right for the client’ssituation. This is like Wal-Mart recommending Sears for certain things. Their commitment to beinghonorable is most laudable in today’s “fast, get-rich quick” mentality that I see in many businesses.“Secondly, if incorporating or being a limited liability company is right for the client, they are veryprofessional in the way that they handle the job. Everything is done with thoroughness andprecision.“Accordingly, I highly recommend this company for any incorporating services or agencyservices.” Sandy Botkin, Tax Attorney and Certified Public Accountant. Author of Lower Your Taxes -- Big Time. He is listed in Whos Who in Business.“… Asset protection strategies must be done properly to be effective. Many companies touch uponthe highlights of asset protection. Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. is different. They will spendextra time to make sure your situation is handled the right way, before and after you become avalued client of theirs. That is the reason I use NCP’s services for all my clients!” Attorney Dr. Arnold S. Goldstein J.D., LL.M., Ph.D. Author of more than 100 books on finance and law, including Asset Protection Secrets“NCP made the entire process as smooth as possible. They answer on every question and madesure I was comfortable before I made any commitment. Thank you in all you do. Keep up the greatwork.” Jamal Hammett, Italy - 01/06“Your staff has been very courteous and professional through out the process. They areknowledgeable and can easily be reached. I will consider using your services again in the nearfuture.” Sasan Aval, For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 31
  32. 32. “As a newcomer to owning a business, I was more than impressed with not only NCP’s step-by-stephelp through the process, but also their attention to my needs. With their one-on-one attention, I feelas though I am set up to be profitable as possible.” Eric Anderson, Virginia“Starting a corporation can be a daunting task. NCP is very processional and makes the job ofincorporating very easy.” Thomas Pope, Nevada“Your entire business team was well-informed, polite, and most importantly, followed through oncommitments. Your team approach has made this process easier for our business team.” Jack Wilmot, VirginiaWe invite you to call us if you have any questions. Our consultations are free, comprehensive,and essential to ensure that you have a firm grasp on all the advantages available with yourultimate choice. We are a valuable resource for you in your incorporating decisions, but of course,you are ultimately the one who will decide which path to take. We would be very happy to countyou among our clients, but that decision is yours as well.We understand very clearly that when we take good care of you, you are likely to do more businesswith us. Business experts call this the “lifetime value of a new client,” and we take that veryseriously. We really appreciate your referrals! We’re A Great Resource – Just Ask Us!But don’t risk not calling, if only to “bounce your thoughts” off of us. You would be amazed at thesimple mistakes people make every day when they form a corporation, and the dire repercussionsthose mistakes can have in the future.Even if you decide to use an attorney or incorporate on your own, NCP has several businessservices that can greatly enhance your business success, such as our tax services and For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 32
  33. 33. Here is the bottom line: The end result… sleep better at night and enjoy more success. There is areason that NCP has an over 80% renewal rate!Remember to ask about how we can help slash common business expenses and help put more profitin your pocket. NCP has fiercely negotiated with top companies to bring you the best rates andservices. Take full advantage of our group buying power. Take the Next StepCall NCP today at 1-877-515-0505 for a business evaluation at no cost or obligation to you.Find out why our services offer more value then any other company in Nevada. Please feel free tocall us from 8 am to 5 pm, PST, Monday through Friday. We’re looking forward to hearingfrom you! For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 33
  34. 34. Disclaimer:This information is intended to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is offered with theunderstanding that NCP, Inc. is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance isrequired, the service of a competent professional person should be retained.©1997 - 2006 Nevada Corporate Planners, Inc. All Rights For more information call 1- 877- 515 – 0505 (local 702-367-7373) today! 34