Using Social Media: A Patient Perspective


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I presented this information to a group of diabetes educators at the International Diabetes Center's Symposium for Advanced Diabetes Educators held April 23, 2012.

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  • Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1980, started blogging in 2004, good Lord has allowed me to make a living through social media. Paying most of my important bills, most of the time. Doing something that fills my heart.
  • 3 words: Expert, Brilliant, DedicatedWe (PWD’s) are often a little crazy, very emotional, and can have a lot of undirected anger looking for a place to vent.- Amazed and so grateful that you would dedicate your lives to helping me live mine.
  • What is social media?Why is it important?How can you use it?
  • Listed a GENEROUS 40 hours per year with some sort of clinical help. Total number of hours per year, 24 x 365 = 8760
  • Postgraduate Medicine, Volume 121, Number 5, September 2009. Ronald D. Coffen, PhD, The 600-Step Program for Type 1 Diabetes Self Management in Youth: The Magnitude of the Self-Management Task
  • This applies to ALL patient types. You get women who are pregnant together and this happens, people who deal with X and this happens, people of almost any common similarities.
  • with accuracy of information
  • – not giving medical advice. Talking about good ways to deal with a problem we often encounter.
  • Value for you, grow your understanding. Connect and relate. Value for your patients, fill the gaps, increase education, break apart some of the isolation, emotional support, connect and relate.
  • – Kerri – Kim – George – Karen Graffeo
  • – Mike Lawson – Ginger Vieira – Kerri Sparling
  • My one rule – if you’re not finding value where you are spending your time, don’t do it.
  • Using Social Media: A Patient Perspective

    1. 1. Using Social Media:A Patient Perspective Scott K. Johnson
    2. 2. You are… THANK YOU!
    3. 3. What?Why?How?
    4. 4. Terminology & details later…. For now, just know itis an “umbrella term” for …
    5. 5. Communication
    6. 6. Why?Hours per Year With Clinician Independent
    7. 7. Diabetes Is
    8. 8. Hours per Year With Clinician Independent
    9. 9. Communication With Diabetes
    10. 10. How?
    11. 11. Concerns What Else?
    12. 12. Michelle Litchman, NP
    13. 13. Value
    14. 14. Fill The Gaps (aka the 8,720 hours) Hours per Year With Clinician Independent
    15. 15. 3 ThingsYou Can Do Tomorrow To Feel Better About Social Media 1)Read a Blog Post 2)Check Out Twitter 3)Watch a Diabetes Related Video
    16. 16. Read A Blog
    17. 17. Check Out Twitter• Do NOT need an account• #DSMA, #BGNOW, #Di abetes• Click on stuff! Explore!
    18. 18. Watch A Diabetes Related Video MrMikeLawson GingerVieira 1HappyDiabetic SixUntilMe
    19. 19. Invest (time) & Explore