Music Magazine Cover Analysis

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  • 1. Magazine Cover Analysis #1 Masthead/Logo – Simple and easy, eye-catching. Large red square. Main Cover Line - In alternating text. Black and white. Bold – easily read. Cover Lines - Different colours, fonts and even some quotes to attract the eye with blue arrows/bullet points. Photography - Lily Allen looking vulnerable and revealing. Aggressive Nature added with the use of panthers. Additional magazine information divided by red and blue slashes.
  • 2. Magazine Cover Analysis #2 Very similar to the Magazine Cover Analysis #1. The masthead is virtually the same apart from this time it advertises the fact that it is a “196 page bumper issue!” in a silver tab overlapping the Q logo. The Main Cover Line is the word Madonna, its very contrast to the black background being it big, bold and red – capital letters and even has a pull quote underneath. The other cover lines contrast with the black background by featuring red and white text (the red in big capital letters, the white in normal text but each word starts with a capital letter). The magazine is clearly advertising women’s input in music as the bottom of the cover features a free “Women In Music” 70-Page Special, with a picture. Also advertises 50 Best British Albums with the logo shaped like a CD. The main photograph is of Madonna, looking mysterious but yet firm and powerful.
  • 3. Magazine Cover Analysis #3 This magazine approaches the audience of those who enjoy their rock and metal music. The masthead is very distinct and masculine with the bold white text with sharp gritty edges and with the black marks displayed as damage to the logo. The word Metal however is very subtle and hidden with the left side of the H in Hammer. The Skyline features the other groups in the magazines, separated by red lightning bolts and two large red logos either side. The main photograph/image is a featured rock/metal group/band with the lead singer looking like he has smashed through glass. The other band members are either behind the glass or were painted on. Its a very powerful and masculine statement which fits well with the overall image that the magazine displays.