Magazine Double Page Analysis


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Magazine Double Page Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Double Page Analysis #1 This is a double page spread. The background is blue but comes across like it represents disco lights, has a mystical aura to it. The text is white and the overall layout of the text is that of a newspaper – columns (three). There are three main pictures on this spread. One larger and two smaller, all featuring text. The “T” in the first paragraph has been enhanced to create an indentation in the first paragraph. The heading at the top is a large red spot, similar to that on the Japanese flag and features large white text with some Japanese text underneath. On the left hand side of the spread features a map of Japan and some text with the first couple of works in red text, the remainder, white.
  2. 2. Magazine Double Page Analysis #2 This double page spread is set out identically to that of a broadsheet magazine. This is because the text is black, its set out in columns and features a large letter at the beginning of each section. The only difference being is that the two enlarged letters are more exaggerated than those that are featured on the newspaper broadsheet spread. There is a photo (in black and white), that contrasts with the way that the text has been set out – black on white. Below the image features the only piece of colour on the page – a red underline underneath the image with a quote pulled from the main text surrounding.
  3. 3. Magazine Double Page Analysis #3 This double page spread features a lot of different colours and images although it is a very basic layout. The title is very contrast with the white and yellow text on black background. Even features a sticker-like object on the right. Below sis the main image of the pages main focus. On the right features the other subjects all have their names printed in black text. Below the black text is pink text displaying the album before giving the description. Each subject is divided by a black rectangle with their number placing being yellow. A couple of cut out/portrait images are featured on the page next to various select choices. The bottom of the page the large pink text returns telling you where you can download all the above.