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Mc cormick mobilelearningcrashcourse_15.10.12
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Mc cormick mobilelearningcrashcourse_15.10.12


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This presentation was delivered at the Learning 3.0 Conference in Chicago on October 15, 2012 at McCormick Place. Scott McCormick is a founder of Float Mobile Learning.

This presentation was delivered at the Learning 3.0 Conference in Chicago on October 15, 2012 at McCormick Place. Scott McCormick is a founder of Float Mobile Learning.

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  • 1. Mobile Learning Crash Course: How to Successfully Launch mLearning Right Now Scott McCormick Founder, Float Mobile LearningCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 2. Float guides industry-leading companies to understand and leverage the power of mobile learning. We help companies meet their business strategies by making useful information accessible, anytime, anywhere. Scott McCormick cell: 309.838.2168 twitter: scottfloatCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 3. The “holdout”Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 4. Mobile Learning Right Now E Essential Tip TCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 5. Get “Mobile Smart” • Blogs E • Books • Apps • Conferences • Social Media T Don’t just learn it, do it!Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 6. Get “Mobile Smart” E A PI n ce p e r ie E x tincanapi.comCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 7. Get “Mobile Smart”Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 8. Mobile Learning Right Now E Build a Business CaseCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 9. Building a Business Case • Identify learning gaps • Poll target audience • Build a content strategy • Create metrics • Forecast ROI projectionsCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 10. Building a Business Case - Sample Safety Checklist Safety & Maintenance Checklist: Track Type Tractor Operator/Inspector__________________ Date______________ Time___________ Serial Number____________________ Machine Hours________________________ What are you inspecting? What are you looking for? Evaluator Comments For more information, please refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual or any other applicable manuals and instructions for this product. If you have questions, please contact your local Caterpillar dealer. From the Ground Blade Cutting Edge, Moldboard Excessive Wear Or Damage Blade Tilt Cylinders Excessive Wear, Damage, Leaks Pusharm, Trunnion Damage, Loose Bolts, Clearance Underneath Of Machine Final Drive Leaks, Damage Overall Undercarriage Packing/Debris Buildup Idlers & Rollers Leaks, Damage, Wear Drive Sprockets Wear, Damage, Loose Bolts Track Assembly Tightness Ripper Cylinder Damage, Wear, Leaks Ripper Shank, GET Wear Or Damage Steps And Handholds Condition And Cleanliness Loose Or Missing Nuts & Bolts, Overall Machine Loose Guards, Cleanliness Engine Compartment Engine Oil Fluid Level Transmission Oil Fluid Level Engine Coolant Fluid Level Air Filter Restriction Indicator Radiator Debris, Damage, Leaks All Hoses Cracks, Wear Spots, Leaks All Belts Tightness, Wear, Cracks Overall Engine Compartment Trash Or Dirt Buildup, Leaks On the Machine, Outside the Cab Fuel Tank Fuel Level, Damage, Leaks Hydraulic Oil Tank Fluid Level, Damage, Leaks Fire Extinguisher Charge, DamageCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning Windshield Wipers & Washers Pivot Shaft Wear, Damage, Fluid Level Oil Level Batteries & Hold Downs Cleanliness, Loose Bolts & Nuts Inside the Cab
  • 11. Building a Business Case - Sample Safety ChecklistCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 12. Benefits of Mobile Learning • Increased speed of training • Improved product time-to-market • Decreased training costs • Increased safety practices • Better ability to train hard-to-reach employeesCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 13. Change Management • What logo is this?Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 14. Change Management • Planning and integrating change aligned with business strategy & goals • Transactional change (quick, short-term) • Transformational change (long-term, fundamental)Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 15. Mobile Learning Right Now E Employ a ProcessCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 16. Process • Strategy - Establish objectives, understand your learner, create requirements, plan the effort • Design - Functional, technical, GUI design, script/storyboard • Develop - Creation, programming, prepare assets, testing • Deliver - Implement solution, gather feedback, measure resultCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 17. Steps for Successful Mobile Learning E Build an Effective & Complete TeamCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 18. Build an Effective and Complete Team • Instructional and interface design / UI/UX • Development skill sets and tools • Project Management • Testing • Technical / Information Architect • Curator • ChampionCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 19. Mobile Learning Right Now Build a Prototype TCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 20. Why Prototype? • Full app dev can get pricey • Full app dev can take time and can get bogged down • Prototyping helps manage cost and risk • Prototyping helps get buy-in and user acceptance/usability achieved earlier in the processCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 21. What is a prototype? • Targeted and limited tool • Simulates user experience • Not fully functioning • Developed for a curated experienceCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 22. What’s in a Prototype? • Content resonates with the target audience • “Low hanging fruit” • Not proprietary • Good place to make mistakes What are some kinds of prototypes?Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 23. Paper PrototypeCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 24. Paper Prototype uistencils.comCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 25. Cloud Mockup invisionapp.comCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 26. Other Prototype Options • PowerPoint/Keynote • OmniGraffle (Mac only) or Visio (PC) • HTML5/CSS • iOS Storyboard (included with Xcode)Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 27. Mobile Learning Right Now E DevelopmentCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 28. Building an App • eLearning tools - Articulate, Captivate, Lectora • Custom apps - iOS: Objective C, Javascript - Android: Java • Browser-based apps - html5/CSSCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 29. Delivering an App • Apple iOS - Ad hoc - Enterprise options - App Store • Android - Google Play, Amazon • Browser-based apps - notificationCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 30. Delivering an App • Mobile Application Management (MAM) - distribute, update, manage and provision apps ( • Mobile Device Management (MDM) - setup, allocation, monitoring and support ( TCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 31. Securing an App • User and device authentication E • Secure log-in • Configuration profile • Remote wipe • Encryption • Redundant security measuresCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 32. Testing & Analytics • Document Test Scenarios E • Set up detailed analytics (Google Analytics, Omniture, Flurry)Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 33. Initial Mobile Application - Sample • Project Manager - move it through the workplan, stakeholder approvals • Instructional Designer - content, gameplay • UI / UX Designer - ease of use, branding • Developer - html5, CSS 3, compiled in PhoneGap • IT - CMS, security, hosting • Testing - use cases, functionalityCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 34. Analytics • 20-25% of visits last between 10 - 30 minutes • Users returned to the app in less than a day 76% of the time • When asked 67% of the users posted their score to the leaderboard • Games rules comprised <1% of the consumed content in gameCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 35. Closing Thoughts It’s just - in time - for me - enoughCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 36. Closing Thoughts Give your E audience something usefulCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 37. Repeat the Process!Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 38. Free Stuff!! Float Mobile Learning Primer TCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 39. Free Stuff!! TCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 40. Q&A Questions?Copyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning
  • 41. Scott McCormick cell: 309.838.2168 twitter: scottfloatCopyright 2012 Float Mobile Learning