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Allocation policies

  1. 1. Allocation policy - University-allocated accommodation Autumn 2013–14 entry New full-time home (UK) and EU applicants Allocation policy and procedures for University-allocated accommodation Autumn 2013–2014 entry • New full-time UK and EU students applying for September 2013 entry, become eligible to apply for University-allocated accommodation when they firmly accept an offer to study at the University. • Accommodation packs are sent out on a weekly basis from the end of March as applicants firmly accept a place to study at Portsmouth. • Places in University-allocated accommodation are normally allocated in line with Faculty quotas, based on order of receipt of accommodation application forms in Student Housing. Applicants are therefore encouraged to submit an accommodation application form at the earliest opportunity. • Where possible, applicants will be allocated their highest available preference of accommodation, subject to availability. • When the University is unable to offer applicants a place in University-allocated accommodation due to any Faculty quotas becoming full, students will be given help and advice on finding private rented accommodation through online resources and house-hunting events held from July to September. • You will be informed during July if you have been successful for University-allocated accommodation. At this time a £250 advance rent, which is deducted from your 1st term's hall fees, will need to be paid to secure any offer of a hall room. This is refunded in full if you cancel the room in writing to Student Housing by the 23 August 2013. Students studying for a single semester under any Erasmus/Exchange/Study Abroad programme should contact Student Housing for further information on how to apply for accommodation. Semester Two - January 2014 entry Accommodation applications for students arriving for the second semester of the 2013/14 academic year will be sent from November 2013 onwards. Places in halls of residences will be allocated based on order of receipt of the applications in Student Housing, subject to availability. Students who we are unable to allocate to halls of residence will be given help and advice to secure private rented accommodation through online resources.
  2. 2. International Allocation Policy • All new international (non-EU) students starting a full-time course at the University of Portsmouth in September 2013 are guaranteed an offer of a place in University-allocated accommodation for their first year of study in Portsmouth, provided we have received a completed accommodation application form and £250 advanced rent payment in cleared funds by the deadline of 2 August 2013. Details of how to apply for accommodation will be sent to students by email once they hold an Unconditional Firm offer with the University of Portsmouth, from the end of March 2013 onwards. For details of how to pay the £250 please go to owtomakepayments/ Please note rooms in University-allocated accommodation are equipped for single occupancy only (with the exception of some twin rooms). Students with dependants or families are advised to contact Student Housing for information on the latest availability of accommodation in the private rented sector. We strongly advise any student with family or dependants to come to Portsmouth to secure accommodation before moving them to the area. The accommodation booking form and required £250 advance rent payment should be received as soon as possible. Please note that no accommodation will be booked until the booking form and £250 payment are received. Any accommodation booking forms received after the deadline will still be processed, but accommodation cannot be guaranteed. Students studying on the foundation year of an extended degree at Chichester College can apply for a room in University of Portsmouth accommodation when they transfer to the Portsmouth campus to start the first year of their degree programme. All new fee paying international (non-EU) students starting a full-time course at the University of Portsmouth in Term 2 are offered accommodation, subject to availability, until June 2014 initially. They will then be able to apply for accommodation for the first term of the 2014–2015 academic year, if required. Further information Halls of Residence make up the majority of University-allocated accommodation. Other types include rooms in residences and shared houses registered and approved by the University for allocating. Students assigned to University-allocated accommodation are committed to remain in the accommodation for the whole of the allocation period, which will be 37 weeks. All the halls provide mixed-sex accommodation with the exception of Bateson Hall which has single sex flats due to shared bathroom facilities. Bateson Hall additionally has an
  3. 3. accommodation block which is solely allocated to female students. Please specify on your application form if you require single-sex accommodation and we will do our best to meet your request, although it cannot be guaranteed. The majority of halls accommodate students of all ages and levels of study. However, Trafalgar Studios are prioritised, depending on demand and availability, for postgraduate students. Individual flats in the halls can be allocated for postgraduate and mature students depending upon demand. Please specify on your application form if you require either of these types of accommodation and we will do our best to meet your request. If you are unable to obtain a visa to study in the UK, we will consider refunding the £250 advance rent payment in full provided you inform Student Housing in writing before 14th September 2013 that you applied for a visa and it was refused. This will normally be in the form of a visa refusal letter from the visa issuing authority in your country. If you cancel after this deadline, the refund of the advance rent payment may be a partial refund and will be dependent on when you provide Student Housing with written notification of your wish to cancel due to visa refusal. You will be charged rent for the room until the date Student Housing receives the written notification. You will then need to submit the visa refusal letter before any refund will be processed. The evidence of payer will be required and the refund will always be made to the originator. If when you arrive in Portsmouth to start your course you decide not to take up your hall room and do not move in to the room allocated to you, you will need to inform Student Housing in writing of your wish to cancel. You will be charged for the room until it is re-let to another student. The International Office will provide a free bedding pack on arrival to all new international (fee paying) students allocated a place in our halls of residence arriving in September 2013. These packs contain one sheet, one pillow and pillowcase, one single duvet and duvet cover. For advice on purchasing other essentials for your room, and for students not eligible for a bedding pack, please visit the essential shopping website for more information. Please note that none of this information constitutes a contract between the University of Portsmouth and any potential student. The University reserves the right to change anything stated in the literature without informing all recipients. Any such changes will be those considered by the University in its reasonable opinion to be necessary for the smooth and safe running of Halls of Residence and the University. If you require more information about Student Housing please email
  4. 4. Channel Islands and Isle of Man allocation policy • All new Channel Island and Isle of Man students starting a full-time course at the University of Portsmouth in September 2013 are guaranteed an offer of a place in University-allocated accommodation for their first year in Portsmouth, provided they submit an accommodation application form to Student Housing by 2 August 2013. Students are encouraged to submit an application as soon as possible before this date in order to be allocated to as high a preference as possible. Please note: Students will be required to make a £250 advance rent payment to secure the room once they have received their allocation notice.