Sustainability Seminar Series By Scott Boutwell Oct08


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Seminar series for executives in the EPC, AEC, and environmental services sectors. Covers growth strategies that incorporate sustainability and cleantech initiatives.

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Sustainability Seminar Series By Scott Boutwell Oct08

  1. 1. “Sustainability in the Built Environment” A Seminar Series for EPC, AEC, Water, & Environmental Services Executives Abstract Engineering design and environmental services firms face unique challenges today in light of increasing interest in sustainability on the part of clients, but also from extremely challenging market conditions due to credit freezes and associated project holds. This seminar series is designed to provide a market assessment (current and future) for leaders at AEC and EPC firms as well as to owner / operators; allowing them to incorporate concepts easily into current strategy. The series covers issues such as: terminology & key market segments; technology identification & use to close productivity gaps; internal knowledge sharing and social networking; and conceptual strategy design. Course materials are derived from current project assignments by Scott Boutwell (presenter), and include results from benchmarking of similar sustainability strategies at global EPC and environmental services firms. Given that the target audience is executive level, the seminars are developed considering the typical time constraints on the part of these individuals. The recommended format of the course is a 4 hour workshop, incorporating time for a break - out session on key initiatives. Given the nascent stage of sustainability, it is meant as a very interactive session as a means to facilitate new ideas for growth. Networking with peers, benchmarking, and interactive discussions on key problems are considered critical components by EPC executives. The seminars can also be provided in an on – line format; in these cases subject matter is condensed and provided at a high level, and are limited to a 1 – 1.5 hour time frame. However, in – depth sustainability subjects (water, buildings, and environmental mgt) usually require more time to discuss; the sustainability overview seminar (below) is best suited for on – line presentation, relative to other sustainability subjects. Sustainability Seminar Series - Overview: Incorporating Sustainability into Company Strategy - Sustainability and Cleantech in the Water Industry - Sustainability in the Buildings and Asset Mgt Industry - Sustainability & Environmental Management Systems: Market Trends & Adoption General Seminar Outline Introductions and Level - Setting: goals and needs of audience What is Sustainability? Terminology and definitions, and why it is important today
  2. 2. Overview of key market segments of interest: buildings, environmental, water, waste management, energy development, and social impacts In – depth discussion of specific market segment (i.e. buildings, water, environmental), according to seminar Review of Technology Trends: both information management and cleantech; and sources of innovation and research Benchmarking: what are other firms doing? What are EPC / Environmental services clients indicating as to their needs? Incorporating Sustainability Drivers into Strategy: leveraging internal knowledge; creating a partner ecosystem; positioning for growth Break – out Session: identify key problem / challenges, and discuss strategies to overcome Discussion of break out session and Close Target Audience - General Managers / VPs / CXOs of EPC practices in water, resource management, building design, construction management, and facility management - General Managers / VPs / CXOs in environmental consulting services - Owner / Operators or their program managers Presenter Scott Boutwell is a technology & strategy executive with over 25 years experience in environmental systems, water programs, and sustainability. He has held leadership roles in leading companies such as Oracle, URS Corporation, and the Shaw Group (CV may be reviewed by following the LinkedIn link, below). Scott has his own consulting practice providing corporate strategy services for technology adoption & commercialization in the sustainability, engineering design, and cleantech markets. Clients have included: Autodesk, American Institute of Architects, Abeam Consulting LTD, Visual Numerics, Spoke Software, IFS, confidential EPC firms, as well as early stage technology firms in social networking, CO2 conversion, and water treatment. He has published extensively (see list below) on sustainability and is an invited speaker & panelist at leading engineering design and sustainability conferences; including the recent CIO Workshop in London, where global EPC executives discussed sustainability in the built environment.
  3. 3. Publications and Presentations Sustainability and Cleantech “In the Age of Financial Meltdown, does Sustainability Matter?” (Column on TriplePundit, October 2008) “Will Crisis Management drive Sustainability Adoption?” (Column on TriplePundit and ENN, August 2008) “Why the Sustainability Community needs Social Networking” (Column on TriplePundit and Celsias, August 2008) “Adoption of Green Technologies in the Buildings/Facilities Sector: A Market Perspective” (Column on AEC Bytes, 6/08) “Building Information Modeling and the Adoption of Green Technologies” (Two part column on, 5/22/08) “Driving Cleantech growth via Engineering Channels” (Column on, 1/08) “How BIM and Greentech will affect the Engineering & Construction Industry” (Article on, 3/08) “Developing a Cleantech Strategy”. Presentation to the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), November 2008. “Bentley Systems BE Awards for Sustainability”. Invited judge of technology submissions in ‘sustaining the environment’ and ‘sustaining infrastructure’. May 2008 conference. “CIO Workshop”. Invited to attend the London workshop of 30+ CIOs from global EPC firms. September 2008. Environmental Management Systems “Modeling Remediation at Hazardous Waste Sites”. Lead author of book published by Noyes Publications, Princeton NJ. 445pp. 1988 “Risk Assessment at an Agent Orange contaminated site”. Co – author with T. Marshall and M. Dubinsky. Chapter in book “The Risk Assessment of Environmental Hazards” (D. Paustenbach, editor). Wiley & Sons Publishers, 1989. “Natural and technologic hazardous material releases during and after natural disasters: a review”; in Science in the Total Environment, April 2004. Co – author with T. Varner and S. Werner.
  4. 4. For More Information Complete bio, with 11 recommendations and list of articles published: AEC & Cleantech Trends Blog: Contact information: Email: Phone: 415-279-3730 Location: San Rafael CA