NWP Webinar 1: Topics & Keywords

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Northern Ontario Travel Editorial Webinar …

Northern Ontario Travel Editorial Webinar
How to reach your target audience

More in: Technology , Design
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  • 1. NORTHERN PORTAL EDITORIAL WEBINAR How to reach your target audience Presenters: •Miriam Stucky •Scott Adams
  • 2. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? But your point is ...
  • 3. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? We are not just herding cats
  • 4. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?We are connecting people with experiences
  • 5. FINDING THE MATCH Speak to your customer
  • 6. FINDING THE MATCH Reference YourMarketing Strategy
  • 7. FINDING THE MATCHStay on target
  • 8. HOW TO SPEAK TO THEM?Creating great web content is a craft: Part Art, Part ScienceThe goal is to create web content that is: • Useful • Timely • Engaging
  • 9. Writing a story isn’t a shot in the dark. It’s a targeted effort.Make your time and effort count.
  • 10. #1 BRAINSTORM TOPICS• Identify knowledgeable, creative people in your midst (2-3).• Make a time to sit down• Everyone prepare (research, keep notes)• Brainstorm
  • 11. #1 BRAINSTORM TOPICS• Make group list five more• Set yourself a time limit (10-15 minutes or more) and/or a target number of ideas (50, 100)• ALL ideas are possible (no nay-say at this point)
  • 12. #1 BRAINSTORM TOPICS If you’re stuck: • Consider another area: (health, entertainment, international news, sports news, regional news, etc.) • Do more research (scan youtube, local, national news, websites, social networks) • Go back to your target markets -- what are those people doing/looking to do right NOW (seasonally)?
  • 13. EXAMPLEWe took a stab at this, re: our community, mid December and came up withthe following:families -- kids off for two weeks; looking for things to do santa clause • crafts -- shopping • gifts gift giving (+) (trail permits, help the environment) • activities green gifting -- top 5 / top 10 gift ideas (low packaging, • recipies experiences, gift cert. encouraging an active, healthy lifestylenew city council Top ten giftswinter New Yearʼs resolutionscanal frozen yet? youtube sensations (in the area)canoe museum doing? things your bossʼs been talking aboutholiday social (BB) seasonal party etiquetteFestival of Trees (Health Care Fundraiser) eco decorationstobogganing waste reductionski reports eating healthy in winter (local eating, local restaurants,x-country skiing clubs whatʼs on their menu; highlighting local biz. while offeringtop 5 tips for getting your ski-wear in shape useful content for readers)new ski gear indoor air qualitylessons/instruction available vitamin D/sunshine
  • 14. #2 HONE INNow that you have a wealth of ideas...• Put a little star next to the ideas that generate energy/conversation• Explore any/all potential links to buyable, doable tourism experiences• Refer to your target market -- which of your stories have the potential to provide the greatest value to your readers?
  • 15. EXAMPLETopic: Gift GivingTop 10 environmentally friendly gifts of 2010(Travel experiences as gift ideas) •Low packaging - theatre, event tickets •Active lifestyle - trail permit, park pass •An experience - Northern Ontario vacation •Eco-friendly wrapping paper ideas Provide Value
  • 16. EXAMPLETopic: New Years EveHow to Plan a Romantic New Year’s Getaway(ideas paired with places that offer them) •Warm & Cozy - Fire place / Jacuzzi •Pampered - Spa treatments •Good food - locally sourced options •Outdoor activities - skating, tobogganing •Attention to detail - in room champaign upon arrival Be Timely
  • 17. KEYWORDSMaking sure you are using the right words.
  • 18. KEYWORDS Resources: http://www.googlekeywordtool.com/ http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/http://tools.seobook.com/general/keyword-information/
  • 19. KEYWORDS
  • 20. KEYWORDS
  • 21. KEYWORDS Where do they go?1. Focus your page’s SEO on a primary and asecondary keywordTo get started, focus on a primary and a secondarykeyword. Your page will be targeting many more thanthose two keywords - but they are your starting pointand your focus
  • 22. KEYWORDS Where do they go?2. Use your primary and secondary target keywords inthese specific places• Page title tag- Should be the first words• Description tag- Minimum 150 characters• Headlines, sub-headlines- Use the h1 or h2 tag
  • 23. KEYWORDS Where do they go?2. Use your primary and secondary target keywords inthese specific places• Body text- A keyword for every 50 to 100 words• Internal and external links- In anchor text and link title• Image names and alt tags- Use image alt tags and rename your image files
  • 24. ASSESSING STORY IDEAS• If/when press releases or other unsolicited information comes in -- ask “is this relevant to my target audience(s)?”• Does/can this story appeal to the interests and/or needs of your readers? Stay on Target
  • 25. THANK YOU Any Questions?Presenters: •Miriam Stucky •Scott Adams