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Co-presentation with Nicole Petrak from the Adventure Travel Trade Association at TBEX 2013 in Toronto.

As the travel blogging industry matures, the ‘rules’ for a successful Brand / Blogger relationship continue to evolve. It’s not just about coming to the table as a brand and handing out free travel, or finding the blogger with the biggest online following. And for many quality content producers, travel blogging is morphing from an editorial pursuit to a full-service suite of skills and benefits. Meanwhile, consumers are inundated with online content, and are becoming increasingly sophisticated at tuning out what is not relevant to them. Because of this we must be more strategic and creative with how we package and amplify our stories.
Using a case study approach, we will demonstrate how to get ‘beyond the blog’ through seven strategies. Learn how brands and bloggers can work together to craft stories in a variety of formats that go further online and elicit actual audience interaction.

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  • If this campaign is going to introduce you to a bunch of new customers – what do you want them to think of you after they see it?
  • Come up with example for each?
  • Don ’ t just expect to put someone on a free trip and sit back and watch what happens. Communicate your brand identity & message. Listen to feedback. Help frame the campaign and be prepared to edit when appropriate. Don ’ t overwhelm the blogger ’ s voice but play an active role. Taking responsibility not just in choosing the right people but communicating goals and expectations along the way. Come to agreement on who expectations on amplification, tracking and a timeline
  • 6 Strategies for Successful Content Campaigns - TBEX 2013

    1. 1. 6 Proven Strategies forSuccessful ContentCampaignsScott Adams of Birchbark MediaNicole Petrak of Adventure Travel Trade Association
    2. 2. 6 Strategies for Success1. Define your goals and find your blogger2. Creative content beyond FAM trips and blog3. Tactics for success in the visual online world4. Unlock the power of niche targeting5. Get real with ROI6. Storytelling versus ‘The Cult of Me’
    3. 3. Strategy #1: Always Startwith a Clean Kitchen
    4. 4. Begin with the End in MindWhat are your Goals?• To sell a particular trip or destination• To introduce a new product• Increase social media following… or engagement• To increase your search engine optimization• To gain quality content
    5. 5. 5Remove the Klout Goggles
    6. 6. Determine a High Value Blogger for Your Goals- Does their storytelling resonate with you? your targetmarket?- Do their strengths play in your favour / will they helpyou push your message?-How sticky is their content?
    7. 7. How?• Don’t just sit back and provide free travel• Help frame and edit the campaign throughout the process.• Vetting: ask questions• Clear communication about what is provided / expected• Agreements on ROI, tracking, timeline
    8. 8. InterviewsInterviewsPodcastsPodcastsVideoVideoArticlesArticlesBlogsBlogsSlideshowsSlideshowsMultimediaMultimediaPhotographyPhotographyChatChatReviewsReviewsAnimation /Animation /IllustrationIllustration
    9. 9. • 719,537 Followers• Average chat produces 300-500 likes, 400-650comments and 500-1,000 re-pins.• Longer-term engagement – these numbers grow by3-5x in 72 hours and live on the site indefinitelyContent experts own achannel by creating anengaged communityand bridging the gapbetween brand goalsand consumer interest
    10. 10. REI Pin-Up
    11. 11. We had the mostimpressions, repins, clicksand visitors in one day thatwe’ve ever had on Pinterest,and it provided us with thebest monthly revenue wehave seen from Pinterestthus far.laura knightVIATOR
    12. 12. We saw an 1800% increasein traffic from Pinterestand a bump in followersimmediately following Pin-Up Live! We look forwardto co-hosting it againsoon.andrew hickeyG ADVENTURES
    13. 13. Numerous pins put on that boardbrought in 400-800 hits direct to theblog in the few days following Pin-UpLive!, and that doesn’t even countthe traffic from the re-pins of thoseoriginal pins, or the traffic frommultiple page views once newvisitors arrived. Within 24 hours,there were 1,162 re-pins of HerPacking List linked pinsbrooke schoenmanHER PACKING LIST
    14. 14. As sponsors, we were ableto access an audience thatwe know is interested intravel and may be interestedin getting involved with ourorganization. During the twodays following the event, wesaw a 65% increase in webtraffic and double ournumber of blog visitors.ann dempseyCOOPERATIVE FOR EDUCATION
    15. 15. Strategy #3: Visuals Rule
    16. 16. Images are #1
    17. 17. It’s Coming ... Eventually
    18. 18. 23• 89 million people in the United States are going towatch 1.2 billion online videos today. (ComScore)• Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile trafficand up to 69 percent of traffic on certain networks. (Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report)• Globally, online video traffic will be 55% of all consumerInternet traffic in 2016. (Cisco)• 76% of marketers plan to add video to their sites, makingit a higher priority than Facebook, Twitter and blogintegration. (Social Media Examiner)The Power of Video
    19. 19. 2452% of consumers say thatwatching product videos makesthem more confident in onlinepurchase decisions. (Invodo)What Really Matters
    20. 20. 25Video the Gift That Keeps on GivingMore than 1 billion unique users visit YouTubeeach month, spending more than4 billion hours watching videos (YouTube).
    21. 21. 19What’s your strategy for capturing visuals?Manage ExpectationsFAM Trip vs Video Shoot
    22. 22. 27FAM Trip• Video journal style• More focused on POV of the experience• Potential to get a series of shot videos• Sometimes able to post on the flyDon’t expect a cinematic production
    23. 23. 28Photo/Video Shoot• Pre-planning / storyboard• More focused on money shots / quality• Involves a small crew and more gear• Expect longer post productionDon’t expect it for free
    24. 24. 29• A flexible schedule• Models that know what they are doing andfit your demographic• Support person on the ground• Access to b-roll and research material• A clear understanding of your messageMake Sure They Have What They Need
    25. 25. 30Collaborate.Don’t MicromanageLet the Storyteller Shine
    26. 26. 30.Strategy #4 – Gain Success byTargeting Niches*Hint: Use Niche Experts
    27. 27. Intrepid Travel & New Foodie ToursChallenges• Seeking new customers• Not culinary experts• Not content experts• Lack of access to foodiecommunities• Target Market (U.S.) large anddiverse
    28. 28. Audience- U.S. foodies, mostly women, ages 25-40Brand Fit- “sustainable & adventurous eating” /“sustainable adventures”Credibility- highly engaged audience who lovesfood & interested in culture around it; featured on BonAppetite & SaveurDistribution – Perennial Plate, Vimeo following,HuffPo, Tastemade @YouTube, MatadorIntrepid’s ABC’s of Content Partnerships
    29. 29. • Ex-Chef, Culturalist &Video blogger– niche expert with engagedaudience• Shared a common target audience• Created high-quality content onnarrow topic – very “shareable”• Distribution & dual value at centerof campaign• Content breathes life to theirproduct –foodie toursWhy Targeting Niches (and Using Experts) Worksner, On-Location Web SeriesOverall Winner, Saveur Video FestivalFinalist, Vimeo
    30. 30. But did you meet your goals?Strategy # 5: Realistic View of ROI
    31. 31. Who is tracking what?• What are you going to track and what do youneed the blogger to track• Measuring success against your original goals(This should have been determined at the start)
    32. 32. Answer These Before you Start the Journey
    33. 33. Blogger•Blog post page views•Social Impressions:– Facebook reach, video views, hashtags, etc ...Brand•Online mentions of brand / keywordsBrand Awareness - Impressions
    34. 34. Brand Awareness - EngagementBlogger•Blog post comments•Social engagement•Shares, likes, comments, etc ...Brand•Website referral traffic
    35. 35. Brand•Website conversions– Use Goal Tracking to identify any conversions•Social media acquisitions– page likes and subscribersLead Generation
    36. 36. Brand•Increase in search engine optimization– Will take time and must know what keywords to track– Need a plan for tracking this / benchmarking•Are you left with content that will continue to support youronline efforts and speaks to your message•Any spin-off benefits - new partnershipsLongtail Results
    37. 37. Strategy # 6: Storytelling
    38. 38. vs. ‘The Cult of Me’
    39. 39. Storytelling:FOCUS - Puts the problems and dreams ofthe reader at the centre of the story.Does not assume trust or interest but earns it– through quality content thatinforms, entertains or inspires
    40. 40. “Many Potential new guests mayknow what ‘backpacking’ is but theyare not familiar with the concept ofthe active vacation we offer –upscale walking journeys – softadventure with a cultural emphasis.”- Wayfarers
    41. 41. “We’re looking at this as a 2-3 year investment, one wemay update. The quality of the guide should reflect the quality of our trips.”VisitorsNewVisitorsMinutesVisitingPageViewsOnline 1749 955 8.06 5.83i-Padversion459 304 53.8 23
    42. 42. THANK YOUQuestionsScott Adams@birchbarkscottNicole Petrak@nicpetrak