Future wealth kiev 2013


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The first futurewealth conference on wealth management and private banking to be held in the Ukraine.

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Future wealth kiev 2013

  1. 1. • Conference is about the real future of Private Banking & WealthManagement industry and everything that is connected with privatewealth service and luxury lifestyle.• Practice. International cases. Trends and Analytics.• Benchmarking. Prospection.• Client-centric approach.• Networking & sharing.• Charismatic leaders of wealth-segment (banking, luxury, strategies).• Trends in luxury segment.Concept
  2. 2. Conference is for developers & ambassadors of PB segment inUkraine• CEO and Vice-Chairmans in banks.• Heads of PB&WM departments.• Private bankers.• Financial advisors of high level, lawyers, tax consultants, specialists inalternative investments, working for wealthy clients.• Banks marketing directors.• Investment bankers.• Top managers of asset management companies, insurance companies.• Developers of luxury real estate, premium automobiles, representatives ofluxury brands.• Art-marketing and other experts involved into wealth customer service.• Companies offering decision for banks as IT, HR, Concierge, CRM, paymentsystems, etc.• Representatives of leading Ukrainian business media.
  3. 3. • IDNT /company which design profitable experience/ develops and implementsconcepts for Retail Banking, Mass Affluent, Private Banking, Corporate Bankingoffices & branches, helping banks to improve the service quality and customerexperience via instruments of marketing, architecture and design.• IDNT is the partner of Scorpio Partnership (UK) in CSI region and developsexpertise in partnership in this segment. IDNT is not a conference operator, thisconference is an educational initiative.• The event is created by industry experts who know the problems of the "inside",serve wealthy clients every day and develop the best conditions for the service inbanks. IDNT participated in dozens of conferences on private wealth managementin different countries and understand what kind of information is really neededtoday for bankers and companies working for wealthy. Banks, companies, brandsand their clients will meet face-to-face at our event to outline the ways of industrydevelopment.Organizer
  4. 4. Scorpio Partnership – Ideological Partner
  5. 5. Speakers & experts
  6. 6. • Sebastian Dovey is a managing partner and co-founderat Scorpio Partnership, where he is responsible for thedevelopment and execution of strategicrecommendations surrounding marketing, businessdevelopment, M&A and client services in wealthcompanies.• He is a regular commentator on the wealth managementindustry in the press and at conferences and academies,and he has chaired and presented at leading industryevents in Asia, Europe, and the United States.• Mr. Dovey has also served as a lecturer at the SwissFinance Institute’s executive MBA program.• He serves on the editorial board of WealthBriefing and ischairman of the advisory board of B-Hive, a network forglobal private client investors.• Mr. Dovey holds a BA in modern history from UniversityCollege London and a MSc in economics from theLondon School of Economics.Sebastian Dovey, Great Britain
  7. 7. • Aleksey Aleksandrov is the President of PrivateBanking Club at Forum for Leading InternationalFinancial Institutions. MBA, PhD, Deputy Chairmanof the Board, Head of the Department of personalbanking services of Private Banking Ukrsibbank,BNP Paribas Group.• Aleksey is the author of more than 30 scientificpublications, covering the subject of individualcustomer service, owners of private wealth.• Mr. Aleksandrov is the author of two booksdevoted to the survey of the dimensiondevelopment of Private Banking in Ukraine. Co-author of the collection “Private Banking inRussian way”, 2013.Aleksey Aleksandrov, Ukraine
  8. 8. • Elena Kolosvetova is a Vice-President of OTP Bankin Ukraine, Head of Private Banking, MBA Instituteof International business relations, KasselUniversity.• Elena has been working in banking since 1999.She has an experience in investment (was theHead of Private Banking in investment company“Sokrat”).• She is the speaker of Ukrainian Bank Forum,Institute of Adam Smith, 2010.• Elena Kolosvetova has been working with PrivateBanking development in OTP Bank since 2009.Elena Kolosvetova, Ukraine
  9. 9. • Aleksey Gusev is the main expert in RussianAcademy under the President of Russia. He is themember of advisory council, scientific director,Institute of Financial Planning, Russia.• Aleksey is the author of several works on thecustomer service of domestic VIP-clients, the authorof the first Russian book in Private Banking in theCIS.• He develops the systems of effective service forVIP-clients and introduces the technologies ofPrivate Banking & Wealth management in leadingRussian banks.Aleksey Gusev, Russia
  10. 10. • Maxim Shahalov is Advisor to the Board ofDirectors of "Delta Bank". He oversees thedirection of Delta Premier servicing wealthy clientsand Private Banking, has an extensive experiencein business development services and VIP PrivateBanking.• He also held the position as Director of theDepartment of personal decisions (A-CLUB), Alfa-Bank (Ukraine), as well as various positions atBank Aval, UkrSibbank and RaiffeisenbankUkraine.• Maxim has an experience of job in stock exchangeworking as Executive Director of Private Bankingin Investment Company “Feniks Capital”.• He is the Deputy Head of the Private Banking Clubat Forum for Leading International FinancialInstitutions.Maxim Shahalov, Ukraine
  11. 11. • Yuriy Kidyaev is Director of Private Banking andInternational Banking, Sampo Pank, Estonia.• He has been working in banking since 1998.• Yuriy is graduated from the University of Tartu,specialization - banking and internationalbusiness. He received a masters degree ineconomics in the Estonian Business School.Yuriy Kidyaev, Estonia
  12. 12. • Tatyana Zamorskaya is Director of Tax & LegalDepartment, Head of KPMG Ukraine.• KPMG has been working in Ukraine since 1992,provides audit and advisory services on tax andfinancial issues to major Ukrainian and globalcompanies and to a broad range of non-governmental organizations and financialinstitutions.Tatyana Zamorskaya, Ukraine
  13. 13. • Erik Nayman is a managing partner at CapitalTimes Company, Doctor of Economic Sciences. Heis the author of numerious books on trading andrisk management, analysis and investmentmanagement.• The first edition of his book "Small trader’sencyclopedia" was published in 1997 and sincethen it has stood more than 10 editions. The totaledition of all E. Nymans books has exceeded 60thousand.• Erik Nayman was a professional trader, financialanalyst and portfolio manager who worked in thestock market and the Forex market.• E. Nyman was among the five most influentialfigures in the stock market in Ukraine according tothe newspaper "Business” at the end of 1998, 1999and 2004.Erik Nayman, Ukraine
  14. 14. • Mykola Chumak is the founder and strategicdirector of IDNT, also member of Private BankingClub, responsible for Research&InvestigationDirection.• He studied design, banks concepts and customerexperience in Hong Kong, Singapore, London andTokyo; and the author of numerous publications inprofessional and business magazines.• Co-author of the first edition on «Private Banking inRussia» almanakh. He is a constant expert &speaker on conferences devoted to banking inUkraine, Russia, Spain, Rome, Singapore, speakeron Next Bank Europe conference.• IDNT more than 10 years specializes in developingand implementing concepts and formats for RetailBanking, Private Banking&Wealth Management,Mass Affluent. IDNT is the partner of John Ryan(Spain) and Scorpio Partnership (Great Britain),Retail Vision (Great Britain).Mykola Chumak, Ukraine
  15. 15. • Experience of using bank services• Satisfy / dissatisfy by• Which products are demanded• Experience of their friends• Why this bank, why others are notso goodAnd also the really wealthy clients who will share with theirexperience
  16. 16. Organizer (conceptual questions & strategic partnership):Mykola ChumakIDNTCEO |Founder, Strategic Director+38 067 502 9152mykola@idnt.com.uaEvent-provider:(questions on participation and sponsorship)Nadejda EvtushenkoEvent EnvoyProject manager,+ 38 067 513 14 59evtushenko@eventenvoy.com.uaThank you!
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