So You Think You Can Build? - 1


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So You Think You Can Build? - 1

  1. 1. Hello! This is the ‘round 1’ or ‘sign-up’ round of the ‘So you think you can build?’ challenge on Boolprop, where contestants are put under challenges to build a house relating to a certain client. I’m very excited and eager about this competition, TS2 or TS3 can be used and this round isn’t scored. I don’t intend to be doing this as a shameless plug but my architect is Christian Couture, a spare from my ‘Legacy Handmade For You’. I’m not going to tell you to flock and rush to read it, all I’m going to say is this: “Dear Reader, thank you if you do chose to read my legacy but I definitely will not feel offended if you do not. It can be found on boolprop however if you are interested.” There, and now we can begin 
  2. 2. This is the ground floor plan of Christian’s house. The thick black line is a fence Red lines are doors or gates leading to the outside Blue lines are interior doors Green lines are archways. This house is loosely based on a French house I once stayed in. And yes, typical French houses are very close to the road.
  3. 3. And this is the upstairs. The house does follow this plan, but some things have been changed. *** Plan made myself on MS Paint.
  4. 4. Good Morning Christian! Wake up, it’s almost 10am! I’ve (hopefully) got some readers who wanted to come and see your house and meet you and hear your story and stuff! Christian: “Good Morning, yeah I’m coming, give me a minute, I need to get dressed of course.”
  5. 5. Christian: “When I moved out of the main house, after I could never be heir and before Scoob had installed IndieStone. I magically acquired a large house and instantly became rich. But, I had adopted a son, Vicente, I was the new legal guardian of my little brother, Michael, and I was about to become married to my love Roxie Lin, even though she is much older than me and our family did seem a little strange in writing I liked it. I was a snitch for the police at the time but I wasn’t being paid much and so once my little brother became an adult and moved out I sold up and bought some land.”
  6. 6. Christian: “This is my wife, Roxie, you would think, with a family like mine my family would be very angry I married a woman much older than myself, but they like Roxie and enjoy her company and are good friends with Vicente.”
  7. 7. Christian: “And here is my son, Vicente, I raised him from a baby along with my brother who was still an infant himself. It was very hectic at times but I didn’t want to change a thing. Okay, I’m dressed now.”
  8. 8. Christian: “After designing my own house on the mere plot of land I had started with I decided that I rather enjoyed the creative process of building a house and I kind of slipped into architecture from there. I’m a very artistic person but I’m also a genius and so creating the scales for the houses and other mathematical details comes as easily as designing itself.”
  9. 9. Christian: “Ok, I guess you want the tour now? Please follow me outside.”
  10. 10. Christian: “Here is the outside of the house, the gardens are quite large because we like to invite friends round in the summer months and relax outside.”
  11. 11. Christian: “Let me show you the gardens in more detail..”
  12. 12. Christian: “Here is the pool area with 4 sun loungers. There are umbrellas but depending on the time of day some of the loungers are covered by the tree’s shadow.”
  13. 13. Christian: “We have a barbeque area as well, it’s very good for inviting people over and socialising. Please excuse the logs, we’ve been getting ready for winter by chopping trees to logs for the fire in the living room.”
  14. 14. Christian: “At the far end of the garden we keep our car and the bikes. It keeps them out of the way .”
  15. 15. Christian: “This is the entrance hall, as you walk in the house is very open”
  16. 16. Christian: “Here we have the kitchen. It has everything we need as well as a small bar for entertaining.”
  17. 17. Christian: “And here is the dining room. Roxie designed and chose the furniture for this room, seeing as the room was quite dark to begin with she made it bright by choosing a colour scheme of lemon. In this room we also have a door leading to the outside but we generally do not use it as the door is quite close to the road and it is easier to get the car and bikes from the back door.”
  18. 18. Christian: “We have a small bathroom leading off of the dining room. The lighting is quite dark because there is no window in this room and the lights are not on.” (Sorry my fault!)
  19. 19. Christian: “This is the main room/living room Everything we need to skill is here as well as get together as a family . There is another door but it’s close to the road, so we generally do not use it.”
  20. 20. Christian: “We also have a computer and easel. And here is my beloved Roxie…”
  21. 21. Christian: “…Roxie and I are definitely not concerned about a family, we both understand and accept that Roxie cannot have children and I have Vicente. Because we don’t have a big family we don’t have a big house. It may look big but there are only 6 rooms. 7 if you count the living room and kitchen separately.”
  22. 22. Christian: “Please follow me upstairs.”
  23. 23. Christian: “Here is mine and Roxie’s room, we have a mezzaine leading down to the main room and we chose the colour scheme of Red and Blue.”
  24. 24. Christian: “Through the hall leading of mine and Roxie’s bedroom we have Vicente’s bedroom to the right and a bathroom to the left.”
  25. 25. Christian: “This is Vicente’s room. He has a pretty plain room, it’s going to be his birthday soon and he’s told me and Roxie that he’ll be moving out. Pfft teenagers, please excuse the messy bed..”
  26. 26. Christian: “And this is the main bathroom.”
  27. 27. Christian: “And that’s it! Now I really would like to watch ‘schnoobie doobie llama’ on SimTV1.” Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you enjoyed it, please check back next time for the first scored part of the challenge! Photos on the front page from ‘Global Houseplans’ - google it. I don’t generally use house plans off the internet too much, but their plans are very good.