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Soc 101 syllabus introductionto sociology queens college fall2012
Soc 101 syllabus introductionto sociology queens college fall2012
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Soc 101 syllabus introductionto sociology queens college fall2012


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  • 1. Professor: Robin Rogers Graduate Assistant: Jan Haldipur 252 Powdermaker Hall bb 252 Powdermaker Hall N Office Hours: 12:15am- 1:15am Office Hours: Mon 12:30pm-1:00pm 718.997.2823 Introduction to Sociology Course Description: Sociology gives us the opportunity to develop an intellectually rigorous understanding of the world around us. Students will be introduced to the core concepts and theories of sociology, be challenged to look at research evidence, think analytically and dig into the complex patterns of social interaction that make up our everyday world. This class will have a sub-focus on higher education. Examples in class and optional readings will highlight the social forces that affect college admissions, what is taught, and student experiences. Blackboard: Our class meetings are supplemented with a course website that will allow you to access important information and study told such as PowerPoint presentation, chapter outlines, assignments, and announcements. You can access Blackboard from the Queens College homepage via the “Quick Links” heading on the main page → “Online Student Services,” and then clicking on the “Blackboard” tab. Online Participation: Follow me on twitter and my blog. Blog: Twitter: QC_Intro_Soc Grading Midterm Exam 40% Final Exam 40% Online Quizes 20% Class/Online Participation Extra Credit Classroom Rules: Respect, Read, and Respond. Zero tolerance cell phone policy – Absolutely no talking or texting. No computers in class without permission from the instructor. Permission will be granted for students to take notes on a computer, but WILL BE WITHDRAWN if a student used the internet during class. No talking with classmates –Individual conversations are not permitted.
  • 2. Class Starts and Ends on Time – You are expected to be in class on time and to remain in class until it ends. If you must leave before the end of class, make sure to have made arrangements with the instructor ahead of time. Honor Code – All work submitted must be original (not plagiarized) and truthful. If any student is found to have plagiarized, falsified data, or to have cheated during an exam, he or she will receive a failing grade and further disciplinary action may be taken. Challenge ideas but respect the speaker: Students are encouraged to express their thoughts and respond to others as long as the people expressing the ideas are respected. Required Texts: You May Ask Yourself: And Introduction to Thinking Like a Sociologist, By Dalton Conley, (Second Edition) E Book Version: Study Tools: FREE study plans, chapter outlines, self quizzes etc. Monday Wednesday Chapter/Topic Aug 27th Aug 29th 1: Sociological Imagination xx Sept 5th 2: Methods Sept 10th Sept 12th 3: Culture & Media xx Sept 19th 4: Social Construction of Reality Sept 24th xx 5: Groups & Networks Oct 1rd Oct 3rd 6: Social Control & Deviance xx Oct 10th Midterm Review Oct 15th Oct 17th Midterm Oct 22nd Oct 24th 7: Stratification Oct 29th Oct 31st 12: Family Nov 5th Nov 7th 16: Religion Nov 12th Nov 14th 9: Race Nov 19th Nov 21st 8: Gender Nov 26th Nov 28th 14: Capitalism & the Economy Dec 3rd Dec 5th Review Dec 10th Dec 12th Final Review