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Meet ScienceSoft, a trusted IT partner for Customers from more than 25 countries.

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ScienceSoft Corporate Presentation

  2. 2. Who we are ScienceSoft is an international IT company, an expert in design, development and delivery of custom software solutions, IT consulting and IT outsourcing services.
  3. 3. Key services…  Custom software development and IT outsourcing  Mobile and telecom solutions  Information security system consulting and solutions  Enterprise document management solutions  Cloud and Remote infrastructure management  QA and software testing  Banking & Finance  Manufacturing  Healthcare  Telecommunications  Education  Retail & Wholesale  Transportation & Logistics  Media & Entertainment  Energy … for key industries
  4. 4. Timeline 1989 ScienceSoft established 1991 First Fortune 500 client 2005 ISO 9001:2000 certification 2006 Member of Belarusian High Technologies Park 2010 Western European office is opened 2012 ScienceSoft acquired Tieto BY 2014 400+ employees
  5. 5. Key facts about ScienceSoft  Locations in Western and Eastern Europe  400 full-time staff  ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI best practices  Customers in 25 countries  Average age is 29  MSc degrees are held by 90% of staff
  6. 6. Resource structure *Information as of Jan 2014 75 55 55 35 30 25 20 15 15 10 5 Testing Mobile .Net Java Application Support IT Services & SIEM PHP BI & Databases Dynamics CRM & SharePoint Business Analysis Design
  7. 7. Technical expertise MICROSOFT .Net, SharePoint, BizTalk, Ms Dynamics CRM MOBILE Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackber ry JAVA Web applications development; web-services; rich front-end development on HTML4/5, CSS using ExtJS and other JavaScript frameworks; back-end for Android & iOS apps DATABASE Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SQL Azure, MySQL, Post- GRE, DB2 TESTING Functional, automated, per formance, security, mobile and localization testing LAMP Server applications and client side web applications based on HTML4/HTML5, CSS, jQu ery
  8. 8. Specialized services MOBILE & TELECOM SOLUTIONS  VoIP solutions  IPTV solutions  Location-based mobile solutions  IP Multimedia subsystems ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS  Document management solutions  HR management solutions  Corporate portals
  9. 9. REMOTE INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT & CLOUD SERVICES  Cloud Infrastructure Management  Enterprise System Management Services  Networking Management Services Specialized services INFORMATION SECURITY SERVICES  SIEM (IBM QRadar; TSIEM/TCIM/TSOM) implementation, support  LSXs, event sources, user information sources  Security systems audit  Information Security Management System consulting
  10. 10. LIFE SCIENCES SOFTWARE SERVICES  Software product outsourcing and customization  Integration with 3rd party applications  Support  Software deployment, migration and upgrade  Software localization Specialized services BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SERVICES  Complex data analysis to extract hidden patterns and build predictions  Advanced reporting (Microsoft, IBM Cognos, MicroStrategy, QuickV iew, etc.)  Complete BI Infrastructure services starting from hardware consulting and selling software licenses to data warehouse creation
  11. 11. Selected Customers
  12. 12. Customer geography 20+ customers 25+ customers 100+ customers 5+ customers
  13. 13. “ ““ Testimonials We are delighted to have found such a highly professional, reliable and committed technology partner in ScienceSoft. Marc O'Dwyer, Managing Director, Big Red Book ScienceSoft has proved itself to be a trusted partner for proceeding with a long-term relationship I have been very satisfied with the quality of their product and have been pleasantly surprised by their level of service. Ryan O'Grady CEO, Fotaflo James Bowerman Director Compliance Product Development, IBM
  14. 14. TIME & MATERIAL  Most suitable for middle-sized and large projects  Maximum control over deliverables and the team Delivery models FIXED PRICE  The best choice for middle- sized project  Defined project scope; tight timelines DEDICATED DEVELOPMENT CENTER  An extension of Customer’s in-house development team  The team is interviewed and selected by the Customer  The team adopts Customer’s practices and methodologies of software development and project management
  15. 15. An accounting software vendor, needed to move one of its legacy software products from desktop to public cloud (Azure) as a SaaS solution. Over 400 views were needed to be re- implemented for the cloud. CHALLENGE SOLUTION Accounting system as SaaS A SaaS solution developed by ScienceSoft was based on a modular web-based stateless multi-tier architecture. It not only supported the functionality of the legacy system but also allowed to add new features demanded by end users. The nontrivial architecture created by ScienceSoft allowed placing audit log not in expensive Database Azure, but in low cost AzureTable storage. This finding of ScienceSoft helped to save considerable amount of budget for the Customer. One year into the operation the system has been working in a 24/7 mode with 100% uptime.
  16. 16. A large European company, that specializes in development and commercialization of digital replacement technology for live sports broadcasts, turned to ScienceSoft for assistance in creation of a new solution that would provide best in class replacement services and meet up-to-date demands. SOLUTION ScienceSoft development team helped to create a new solution that allows broadcasters and advertisers to personalize billboard ads during live sporting translations worldwide. The new solution allowed the Customer to reduce noise and made the process of ad replacement more accurate. As a result of the project, the Customer got an up-to-date solution that made live billboard ads more attractive for advertisers and broadcasters and at the same time significantly boosts the revenue potential of televised sporting events. CHALLENGE Billboard tracking system
  17. 17. SIEM deployment and customization End Customer, a large US healthcare organization with 4200+ staff, needed a SIEM solution to provide log management capabilities, deep data analysis, and comprehensive customizable reports to be compliant with generic regulations of the healthcare industry in the US. ScienceSoft team of security consultants created an architecture of the TSIEM solution, customized the data collection and normalization mechanisms. The team designed a set of compliance and general reports and deployed the solution in both test and production environments. The resulting solution is capable of processing up to 700,000 medical transaction events per day. CHALLENGE SOLUTION
  18. 18. ScienceSoft developed Android and WP versions as well as consulted Viber Media Inc. regarding a Symbian app. The app allows users to make phone calls, send text and photo messages using Wi-Fi or 3G. To date, the Viber app has been downloaded more than 90 million times across the globe to allow its users to call, text and send photos worldwide. Viber Media Inc. turned to ScienceSoft to develop an IM messenger to be compliant with Android and Windows Phone CHALLENGE Viber, an IM messenger SOLUTION
  19. 19. Private Label Products Reporting and Analysis CHALLENGE SOLUTION The Customer, a global leader in collaborative solutions for the private label and branded goods industry, intended to create a system for enabling collaborative processes between retailers and manufacturers in order to optimize tendering, launching and development of consumer goods while assuring standard-driven safety of food and non-food products ScienceSoft created a system for e-collaborative product life- cycle management that allows clients to track the whole life-cycle of the branded goods as well as to control product quality and manage relationship with suppliers, including tender process. In addition, the system allows users to monitor products nutrients and allergens depending on the national regulations. The system was successfully implemented together with all expected reports and analysis. All the tests on Customer environment were successfully passed and the system is being used by some of the world’s largest retailers at the moment.
  20. 20. Let’s keep in touch SCIENCESOFT, INC. 2 Bedy Str. 220040 Minsk, Belarus Phone: + 375 17 293 3736 Email: Web: SCIENCESOFT OY Annankatu 2 A 2 00120 Helsinki, Finland Phone: +358 45 178 4880 Email: Web:
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