Scia Engineer, Supporting Structural BIM


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Discover the entensive functionalities of Scia Engineer for steel, aluminium, timber, concrete, composite, ...

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  • Scia Engineer is an integrated structural analysis tool for simple to complex structures supporting multiple materials and a wide range of national standards.Scia Engineer includes a whole set of unique and innovative features.TrueAnalysis= structural and analysis model are integrated in one projectStructure-2-Analysis = automatic conversion of (imported) structural model to the analysis model for calculations, checks and optimisationAutoDesign= optimisation: (i) selected member, (ii) whole structure, (iii) batchActiveDocument= Document regenerates automatically after changes to themodel, editing of inputs in Document leads to modification of the modelQuality is guaranteed by continuous automatic testing and also by manual testing focussing on crucial parts. NemetschekScia is ISO 9001 certified.Scia Engineer is being developed and supported by an experienced international team of erudite professionals lead by expert team leaders. NemetschekScia closely cooperates with prestigious technical universities.Speed is one of the most watched factors. Scia Engineer features thoroughly optimised algorithms for drawing, geometric manipulation and code-checks. 64-bit solver is available.Scia Engineer effectively communicates with 3rd-party applications (i) through standard file exchange (IFC, DStV, DXF, DWG, VRML, etc.) , (ii) through XML interface or (iii) through MS Excel link. The last two options make it available to perform custom made checks and data processing. Specialised links for selected applications are available as well: AllplanRound-Trip Engineering, Tekla Structures, Revit Structure.
  • Scia Engineer, Supporting Structural BIM

    1. 1. Scia Engineer 2010.1Supporting Structural BIM Radim Blazek, Pavel Roun
    2. 2. Five Scia Engineer Pillars COMPETENCE INNOVATION OPENNESS QUALITY SPEED True Analysis quality testing experienced 64-bit solver, Scia Open international PlatformStructure-2-Analysis ISO 9001 / 2001 development team, optimised drawing, geometric- XML, IFC, DXF, etc. AutoDesign expert team leaders, manipulation, code-checks MS Excel® link Active Document cooperation with universities custom checks 1
    3. 3. Scia EngineerExtensive functionality1D  2D  3D  4D 1D – linear structural elements beams, columns 2D – flat structures plates, walls, grids 3D – real structures in analysis model buildings, vessels, towers, etc. – general shapes in structural model non-load-bearing elements, HVAT 4D – time dependent analysis prestressed concrete structures 2
    4. 4. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalityMulti-application Steel  Cellular beams (ArcelorMittal) incl. cold formed  Ribbed slabs Aluminium  Masonry walls Timber  Hollow core slabs Concrete plain/reinforced/prestressed  Voided slabs Composite  Scaffolding steel-concrete slabs/beams  Pipeline systems Pile design, foundations 3
    5. 5. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalityInternational application  Eurocodes (with NAs) concrete, steel, aluminium, snow, wind, geotechnics, connections, composite  European national codes DIN, ÖNORM, BS, BAEL, SIA, EAE, ČSN, STN  American codes (IBC) ANSI/AISC 360-05, AISI NAS 2007, ACI-318  Indian standard 4
    6. 6. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalityExtensive analysis options Static linear, non-linear Dynamic free vibration, harmonic/general dynamic load, seismic analysis Time dependent analysis construction stages, TDA Stability linear, non-linear Foundations pad foundations, piles, soil-structure interaction Special mobile load, pipeline systems, absences, steel-concrete composite structures, sequential analysis 5
    7. 7. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalityAdvanced “hidden” FEM Work with real elements of the structure beams, columns, slabs, wall, shells, etc. Automatic (background) generation of FE mesh optional user-control for complex meshes mesh refinement Extensive library of finite elements compression / tension only, gaps, membranes, orthotropic slabs, etc. Specials semi-rigid hinges, press-only supports 6
    8. 8. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalityInterfaces  Round-Trip Engineering with Allplan,  Tekla Structures©, Revit Structure©, ETABS© link  IFC 2x3 (e.g. Archicad, Vektorworks)  XML interface  MS EXCEL© link  SDNF, DStV interface  VRML, DWG, DXF interface 7
    9. 9. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalityBIM 8
    10. 10. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalityVirtual modelling  Parametric modelling  Templates  User blocks, In-Blocks  Both structural and analysis model integrated in one project  Free-form modelling  Member recogniser, Structural2Analysis  Clash Check 9
    11. 11. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalityLoad generators  3D wind for closed buildings  Wind & snow generators for halls  Loading panels  Mobile load 10
    12. 12. Scia Engineer Extensive functionalityPresentation  Picture gallery modelpicture synchronisation Results Input data sample document sample document  Paper-Space PDF export PDF export  Export to DWG, DXF 3D PDF  Active Document documentmodel synchronisation table-composer and style-manager  Export HTML, RTF, XLS, PDF (3D PDF) 11
    13. 13. Scia Engineer Extensive functionalityPresentation  Automated General Arrangement Drawings user-defined sections, generated drawings, automatic dimensioning and labelling, easy update, library of predefined and user-defined styles  Wizard for generation of drawings: steel connections, foundation plan 12
    14. 14. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalityDesign Concrete: Required reinforcement areas, practical reinforcement Interaction diagram, crack control, bearing areas Fire resistance, code dependent deflection Punching shear Prestress checks, hollow-core slabs, voided slabs Steel: Strength, buckling, LTB, fire resistance Cellular beams, cold-formed sections Bolted and welded connections, expert system, drawings Aluminium Timber Steel-Concrete composites 13
    15. 15. Scia EngineerExtensive functionalitySnapCheck  Detailed assessment of a member  Stress distribution in individual sections  Output to DocumentOptimisation  Local optimisation of a particular member  Overall optimisation of the whole model  ODA-based batch optimisation 14
    16. 16. Scia EngineerPractical application - all kind of structures in various sectors 15
    17. 17. ContactThank you for your attention Nemetschek Scia Industrieweg 1007 3540 Herk-de-Stad Belgium E-Mail: Internet: 16