Glasgow Exsoc - Peru 2014


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Glasgow Exsoc - Peru 2014

  1. 1. Peru 2014Peru 2014 RainforestRainforest RiversRivers ExpeditionExpedition
  2. 2. BrazilPeru Ecuador Colombia Bolivia Chile Argentina Uruguay Paraguay Venezuela Guyanas Manu Biosphere Reserve
  3. 3. Manu Biosphere Reserve  Manu is one of the world’s most biodiverse and exciting rainforests in the world  A UNESCO World Heritage Site covering 18,000 km2 of the Amazon Basin  1000+ bird species, 200+ mammals & an estimated 500,000 arthropod
  4. 4. Expedition will be based at the Manu Learning Center
  5. 5. MLC is in the Andes-AmazonMLC is in the Andes-Amazon transition zonetransition zone
  6. 6. Peru Rainforest Rivers Expedition  Goal of the expedition will be to survey and map 3 small Amazonian rainforest rivers and record the terrestrial biodiversity using them
  7. 7. Peru Rainforest Rivers Expedition  Smaller rivers in the Amazon are largely unmapped  Yet are potentially important - biodiversity habitats - access routes for human disturbance - for carbon dynamics - and aiding ecosystem recovery
  8. 8. Peru Expedition Main work will involve 1) Biodiversity surveys of large mammals, butterflies, amphibians and hopefully birds with a focus on how the biodiversity uses river corridors 2) Surveys of the rivers and streams to measure flow rates, carbon transport and map human disturbance effects of illegal logging
  9. 9. Mammal & Bird Survey Methods 1. Day & night transect surveys along each river and in adjacent forest 2. Camera traps recording when large mammals use rivers 3. Mammal track and sign surveys
  10. 10. Camera trap photos taken byCamera trap photos taken by previous university expeditionsprevious university expeditions
  11. 11. Amphibian Survey Methods Visual encounter surveysVisual encounter surveys both day and night alongboth day and night along rivers and in adjacentrivers and in adjacent forestforest
  12. 12. Butterfly Survey MethodsButterfly Survey Methods Butterfly traps baited with fruit or fish alongButterfly traps baited with fruit or fish along river and in surrounding forestriver and in surrounding forest
  13. 13. Mapping & Surveying Rivers
  14. 14. Measuring Stream Width and Depth Measuring river discharge with flow meter Gathering water sample Netting system gathering debris
  15. 15. Expedition Details ExpeditionExpedition Leaders Robbie Waugh & Nicola Andrews Looking for 6 keen, hard working, enthusiastic team members, possibility of 2 honors projects (geography or biodiversity related) Lots of physical work and exploring in hot conditions so good fitness needed Lodge base camp plus probably camping
  16. 16. Application forms at front and on Ex Soc website Applications in by 5 pm Monday, with interviews Tues to Fri (check email for interview list on Monday night) Cost ~£850 personal contribution Dates late June to end August 2012 (~ 7 weeks in field) Any questions? Expedition Details