SCC 2012 Youth Voice: getting a fresh perspetive on your projects


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SCC 2012 Youth Voice: getting a fresh perspetive on your projects

  1. 1. Youth VoiceGetting a fresh perspective on your projects Welcome
  2. 2. The CREST Expansion  CREST is the British Science Association’s flagship programme for 11-19 year olds  The scheme aims to: o Give young people a framework to develop their passions for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) through project work o Help young people discover what it’s like to work on STEM-based problems in industry and academe o Develop aspiration to study and work in STEM-based fields  The CREST scheme received a grant from the Department for Education in 2009 to expand its reach – this included support to develop a Youth Voice strand. “This scheme is a wonderful means to give young people a start in life and a spring-board to develop their careers in a scientific field.” Dr. Tim Sandle, Bio Products
  3. 3. Youth Voice Split into two areas – CREST Alumni and CREST Youth Panel Advice - from Graphic Science on Youth Panel best practice and looking at other youth events underway already Aims – these have changed subtly over the three years, but generally focus of getting young peoples input to help improve our own in house projects while offering them and experience or skills they can benefit from and monitoring how the experience of CREST and the like might affect what they go on to do post school Benefits to the Association – making sure we are fulfilling the expectation of our audiences, allowing young people a fair say in projects and monitoring the impact of our projects in the long term Measurement – yearly evaluation, qualitative and quantitative targets and internal views on the impact of the information provided to help with planning and
  4. 4. Alumni ~300 members Newsletter every 6 months, What is in it for them  Updates on their peers (prize winners)  Case studies of past alumni (inspire)  Notification of opportunities (easy access, new experiences) What we get out of it  Closer links with our CREST students post project work  Promote our projects to a wider audience  See where they go to after participating in our
  5. 5. Youth Panel 20 – 25 members each year (now at start of year 3) Good range of ages, gender bias towards girls Twice yearly meetings, at either The Big Bang Fair or British Science Festival – most productive output point Facebook Group for chatting in between What they get - Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Improving own learning etc What we get – Feedback into our scheme make sure we are relevant, engaging “It has boosted my confidence and shown me I have more skills than what I thought, if I stepped out of my comfort zone.” CREST Awardee,
  6. 6. Workshop DiscussionEllie Chambers, British Science Association CREST Youth Panel, Planet Under Pressure, AlumniNatasha Comber, OPM Planet Under Pressure, EvaluationHolly Margerison, The Science Council Future Morph, Focus groupsColette Murphy, Queen’s University Belfast Evaluation, Research into young peoples viewsJess Wynn, CREST Youth Advisor CREST Youth Panel, Planet Under Pressure
  7. 7. Thank YouEllie Chambers, CREST Youth Panel ellie.chambers@britishscienceassociation.orgNatasha Comber, OPM Margerison, The Science Council h.margerison@sciencecouncil.orgColette Murphy, Queen’s University Belfast Wynn, CREST Youth Panel