SHG: Selling Your Business, Part 1

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An introduction to selling your business: preparations, what to expect, best practices, and more

An introduction to selling your business: preparations, what to expect, best practices, and more

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  • 1. SELLING YOURBUSINESS:Part 1: Introduction and First Steps Presentation Series by Schwartz Heslin Group, INC. (SHG)
  • 2. The S.Y.B. Series Part 1: Introduction and First Steps Part 2: What is Your Company Worth Part 3: Preparing for a Sale Part 4: The Transaction
  • 3. First, are YOU Ready to beginthe sales process?Is selling your business in linewith your goals?
  • 4. Your Goals What are your goals? What is your time frame for selling? Things to consider:  Price  Cash at Closing  Your involvement after the sale  Your employees during the transition and under the new owners
  • 5. Toward a Sale Begin preparing several years in advance of sale Benchmark your company against peers Develop buyer criteria and ideal exit requirements
  • 6. What Could Hinder a Sale Lack of management depth Customer concentration Little or no barriers to entry A cyclical business model Unaudited financial statements
  • 7. Keep Your Eye on the Ball Selling a business can be a lengthy process – don’t lose sight of your ultimate goals Time: there will be a time commitment due to preparations Be prepared to share a LOT of information about your business, buyers want to examine every detail
  • 8. IF… You want to sell your business, You are prepared to commit the time and effort to the sale A sale is in line with your personal goals AND you would like to begin the process…
  • 9. …THENThis series will give you a brief introduction toselling a business:  What you can expect  What you need to consider  Who you need to contact and interact with  What preparations to take  What buyers look for in a company
  • 10. Next in the SYB Series:Part 2: What is Your CompanyWorth?