SEO as an In-House. Tips, Strategies, Best Practices
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SEO as an In-House. Tips, Strategies, Best Practices






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SEO as an In-House. Tips, Strategies, Best Practices SEO as an In-House. Tips, Strategies, Best Practices Presentation Transcript

  • @5leIn-House SEOMaximizing Your Impactwith SEO WinsPresented by:Eli SchwartzOnline Marketing ManagerSurveyMonkey
  • @5leShow benefits of SEO work
  • @5leSpend your SEO capital wisely• Always have data• Non-search marketers don’t know whoMatt Cutts is and don’t care what he thinks• Use your own or competitor stats• Wins add to your ‘budget’, losses deplete it
  • @5leSEO Survey• Random selection fromgeneral US population• Random assignment into 1of 2 surveys with 16questions• Survey sent to 3,000people• Survey was open for 5 days• 615 people participated• Comparison of means overa variety of indicators
  • @5leWhat happens when a search user does not find what theyexpected on the page?60% of usersbounce
  • @5leDo users prefer Google or BingGoogle resultslabeled as BingBing results labeledas GoogleBing resultsGoogle resultsConclusion:Users arebiasedtowardsGoogle as aresult of thebrand
  • @5leImpact
  • @5leVisualize link explanations
  • @5leMake tech requests like a native
  • @5leImprove your skills• W3schools.comHTML• Kahn AcademyBasic programming• CodeAcademyJavascript, Ruby, Python• Community college• Opencourseware from MIT• Create a wordpress blog; edit the theme files
  • @5leNegotiate
  • @5leAlways have a plan B• Align developer goals with yours• Push hard for the primary ask• Keep your compromise options in yourback pocket• Be prepared to suggest a gradual roll out
  • @5leCheck Robots.txtCould this beimportant?
  • @5leDownload landing pages from GAChange to 25URL will now show:Change to 2500
  • @5leCrawl domain with Screaming Frog
  • @5leRedirect issues
  • @5leUse Tamper for Redirects issues
  • @5leHow do engines understand redirectsGoogle• Full value through 301redirect• Can follow chainedredirects up to 4-5 hops• Will consider a 302 to be a301 if they believe youmeant to do a 301Bing• Full value through a 301• Really does not likechained redirects• 302 will be considered a301 after 5 ‘pings’
  • @5leFind incorrect canonicals in ExcelExcel Formula: IF(A1=B1,TRUE,FALSE)Export Screaming Frog crawl into Excel
  • @5leKeyword opportunities
  • @5leInternal LinksUse these tools to find pages without optimized anchor text
  • @5leDemonstrate ranking complexitiesDesignRecipeBookBrand
  • @5leMeasure growthRegex:^ matches the beginning of a word| is “or”$matches the end of word
  • @5leCredit where credit is due
  • @5leFailure makes you human
  • @5leSummary• Demonstrate benefits of SEO• Know your facts and data• Negotiate for wins• Find low hanging SEO fruitRobots404’sRedirectsCanonicalsRankings on the cusp• Tell the SEO story• Leverage your successes
  • @5leThank you!Eli Schwartz, @surveymonkey