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The first of a series of mini courses designed to provide a brief but informative look into social media and how your business can benefit from the tools.

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  • Social Media Mini Course - Twitter

    1. 1. Twitter for Business! The Ultimate Training Guide
    2. 2. Agenda •  Twitter 101 •  Using Twitter as a marketing channel •  Building customer relationships •  Four steps to a successful strategy •  Getting started •  Keys to becoming a top Tweeter
    3. 3. Twitter 101 – What is Twitter? •  Launched in 2006 •  Social network based on micro- blogging •  User-generated content called Tweets •  1 Tweet = 140 characters or less •  More than 350 million users worldwide
    4. 4. Twitter 101 – What is Twitter? •  Growing communication medium •  Listening opportunity •  Content syndication platform •  Real-time search utility •  Content source for search engines •  Way to stay connected with clients and prospects
    5. 5. Twitter 101 – What is Twitter? •  340 million tweets per day •  170 million active users worldwide Source: Semiocast
    6. 6. A Marketing Channel Twitter enables B2B companies to: •  Market to prospects and customers in key industries •  Promote new and existing products and services •  Drive more traffic to their website(s) •  Measure impact and effectiveness of social media
    7. 7. A Marketing Channel An active Twitter program can increase: •  Visibility of a company’s brand •  Connections to customers interested in a B2B company’s products and services •  Number and quality of links to website •  Pre-qualified visits to website •  Keyword rankings
    8. 8. Building Relationships •  Listen to what people say about your company •  Engage with customers and business partners •  Influence others by sharing content and experiences
    9. 9. Building Relationships Listening •  Educate yourself on " conversations and trends " in the industry •  Find key influencers and players in specific markets •  Find new customers by searching for keywords •  Leverage word of mouth •  Identify problems, unsatisfied clients or brand image issues
    10. 10. Building Relationships Engaging •  Connect with people who can be brand advocates" •  Build a wide network to help advocates reach more prospects
    11. 11. Building Relationships Contributing and Sharing •  Become a subject matter expert •  Help clients learn more about their industry •  Lead industry discussions •  Syndicate your content
    12. 12. Successful Twitter Strategy •  Establish goals •  Decide on a frequency for updates •  Define and organize subject matter •  Determine tactics for gaining followers
    13. 13. Successful Twitter Strategy Establish Goals •  How do you plan to use Twitter? –  Promote your company’s products and services –  Research industry trends and challenges –  Solicit industry/customer feedback –  Customer service
    14. 14. Successful Twitter Strategy Decide on a frequency for updates •  How often should you Tweet? –  Three or four Tweets per day –  Space out Tweets evenly over a set period –  Stick to core “online” hours of customers you’re trying to reach
    15. 15. Successful Twitter Strategy Define and Organize Subject Matter •  What should you Tweet about? –  Product and service information –  News and events –  Thought-leading content (articles, white papers, blog posts)
    16. 16. Successful Twitter Strategy Determine Follower-Gaining Tactics •  How do I get more followers? –  Post compelling, industry, relevant content –  Include keywords to get picked up in Twitter searches –  Follow other Twitter users –  Add Twitter handle to your email signature
    17. 17. Twitter – Getting Started Create your Twitter Account •  Go to •  Fill out the four fields on the sign-up page •  Go to the “Settings” page –  Complete your 160-character bio –  Click on the picture tab and upload photo or logo –  Optional: Click on design tab and select a background image for your Twitter page
    18. 18. Twitter – Getting Started Follow Relevant People and Companies •  Use “Who to Follow” link on the home page •  Use search box to find people " and companies, and to search " industry keywords •  There is no wrong number of " people to follow!
    19. 19. Keys to Becoming a Top Tweeter Quick Tips and Tricks •  Use hashtags (#) to index your tweets •  Use a link shortener, such as •  Get a Twitter app like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck •  Use sites like Twellow to help find followers •  Don’t spam your followers
    20. 20. Keys to Becoming a Top Tweeter Choose the Right Words •  Use keywords you expect your target audience to search •  Stay consistent in your tone and style •  Keep Tweets aligned with your brand Remember: Your Twitter account is part of your brand! Treat it accordingly.
    21. 21. Keys to Becoming a Top Tweeter Give Correct (and Useful) Information •  Post reliable info about your company –  Don’t forget details like times and dates! •  Check that your links work " before posting •  Point followers directly to " your website and/or landing " pages
    22. 22. Keys to Becoming a Top Tweeter Tweet Frequently, not Obsessively •  Don’t over-Tweet on any subject •  Plan up to four tweets per day on different topics •  Use Twitter apps to schedule tweets when live tweeting isn’t an option
    23. 23. Keys to Becoming a Top Tweeter Use Hashtags •  Hashtags identify keywords in tweets •  Give your posts more impact •  Use them to align your tweets with industry conversations •  Examples: #birthday, " #Philadelphia, #spa, " #restaurant, #giftcard
    24. 24. Keys to Becoming a Top Tweeter Direct Followers to Great Content •  Your website •  Other social media sites –  Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and more •  Customer testimonials •  Relevant industry information –  Trade shows, polls, educational info and more
    25. 25. About Schubert b2b Schubert B2B is a nationally recognized B2B marketing agency located in Downingtown, Pa., near Philadelphia. Building B2B brand leaders is our singular mission, and has been for 35 years.
    26. 26. Questions?" Feel free to contact us: 610.269.2100 Twitter @schubertb2b"