Khepri Coat Antireflective Coatings   A Bright Dsm Innovation 032011
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  • 1. KhepriCoat ™ high transmission/antireflective coatings Bright science to improve the efficiency of solar modules Hugo Schoot, DSM Advanced Surfaces 25/2/2011
  • 2. Sustainability
    • The sunlight that is reflected away from the glass on solar panels causes around 4% of the available energy to be lost.
    • This is caused by the large difference in the refraction index between the air and the glass.
    • High transmission (anti-reflective, AR) coatings with a refraction index between the glass and the air can reduce light reflection significantly, which increases the yield from solar panels.
    • Problem 1: these types of material do not occur naturally.
    Page If an AR coating is applied to all solar panels this year, one coal-fired power station can be closed (and then one next year and so on).
  • 3. Innovation
    • Furthermore, the coating must be resistant to all weather conditions...
    • ...and the costs must be lower than the profit that can be realised.
    • Problem 2: the majority of commercially-available coatings are either too expensive or do not offer sufficient resistance to 'outdoor' conditions in the long term.
    Page In order to meet this market demand, DSM KhepriCoat ™ has developed a nanoporous AR coating with a closed surface. Glass substrate Coating (approx 100 nm) air glass
  • 4. Partnerships
    • Development and commercialization is undertaken in close cooperation with knowledge institutions (such as ECN, TNO) and machine manufacturers in order to apply the coating.
    • DSM licences out knowledge to manufactures of glass for solar panels who apply the coating to the glass.
    Page The use of alternative business models allows the value that is created to be shared with partners in the value chain (glass processers, module constructors, end-customer).
  • 5. High growth economies
    • A significant proportion of the module production - and consequently our customers - is located in China.
    • Western European companies create value by supplying innovative technologies (KhepriCoat ™ ) and high-tech equipment.
    Page Local presence in China is a must. DSM Advanced Surfaces has established a R&D center in Shanghai in order to provide technical support to customers.
  • 6. Fit with DSM strategy Page
  • 7. Page Khepri is the name of one of the major Gods in ancient Egyptian mythology. He was believed to push the sun across the sky and is responsible for the dawn. This name was chosen as sunrise and sunset are the times when the benefits of KhepriCoat™ offer the highest yield increase versus normal solar glass.
  • 8.