British Council Connecting Classrooms - Skype in the classroom webinar presentation


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The presentation that accompanied the webinars from 15 & 16 November 2012. Notes are available below each slide (NB - not each slide has notes).

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  • You can access Schools Online here: If you are a school teacher you can register and search the database for partner schools or projects to join
  • Some of our programmes which you may recognise or be involved in. More info here:
  • Example of what British Council has to offer schools right now. Link to guidance:
  • We have recently partnered with Skype, and have started created some shared projects (3 on climate change in collaboration with BC Argentina office) As a partner, British Council has certain useful features on Skype – eg can link to 9 classrooms, and can link projects between Schools Online & Skype. We hope this will be a big help to anyone new to school partnerships, or already in one but looking for new ideas.
  • Some of the long terms of the partnership and ideas on how this might work
  • This is a link between a UK school and a Penguin books author
  • The partner organisations to who Skype in the Classroom are currently linked
  • To find about partnering with a school in another country e-mail the British Council at To ask a question about the Skype in the Classroom tool e-mail To join the online discussion forum about Skype in the Classroom visit If you cannot access this forum e-mail
  • Thank you and best of luck!
  • British Council Connecting Classrooms - Skype in the classroom webinar presentation

    1. 1. British Council & Skype in the Classroom
    2. 2. WELCOME!Aims of this session:1. An overview of British Council school linking opportunities2. What Skype in the Classroom is, and how you can use it3. Next steps forward and a Q&A
    3. 3. Q: What experience do you or your school have in international links?Complete beginnerI’ve not done it, but my school hasSome past experienceA lot of past experience
    4. 4. Background Schools Online is the British Council’s website for international engagement in schools. It’s a free online space for educators around the world to connect and collaborate with each other; sharing resources and developing skills that enrich education and increase global citizenship.
    5. 5. British Council helps schools connect with other schools• Comenius• International School Award• Connecting Classrooms• eTwinning• FulbrightAll projects support our core objectives of:increasing global citizenship andenriching education
    6. 6. British Council Connecting ClassroomsApply for a £1500 grant to partner with a school(s) inanother country.Round opened: 12th November 2012Final deadline: 11 February 2013Guidance notes, eligible countries, all info available at:www.schoolsonline.britishcouncil.orgAny questions:
    7. 7. Partnership with• Projects and lesson ideas on both websites• Skype videoconferencing service – connect 9 classrooms at same time• Links between the two sites to help teachers new to partnering
    8. 8. To find out more e-mail us at
    9. 9. Long term aimsTo create new ideas for projects that use Skype. For example:• A classroom in the UK using a Skype video call to connect with classrooms in another country. Teachers and students could talk to each other in real time and learn about their different cultures.• A subject expert/artist/writer delivering a talk or assembly to a classroom or teachers using a Skype video call..
    10. 10. Q: Who has used Skype in the Classroom before?• No• Yes• I’ve had a quick look!• Not Skype in the Classroom, but normal Skype
    11. 11. Learning about Skype in the ClassroomSection 1Skype in the
    12. 12. Follow Web: • All British Council school linking opportunities • Skype in the Classroom • Join the debate
    13. 13. Thank You……and Best Of Luck!