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Set up a Connecting Classrooms partnership with a school in Jordan.

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Partner with Jordan

  1. 1. Working with schools in Jordan
  2. 2. Jordan How will this webinar work?  Please ensure your microphone/phone is on mute  The webinar will be recorded  Please refrain from asking any questions during the webinar. There will be a Q&A section at the end of the webinar About the British Council? The British Council creates international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and builds trust between them worldwide. We are on the ground in six continents and over 100 countries bringing international opportunity to life, every day.
  3. 3. Jordan Aims of the webinar  Develop an understanding of Jordan, their Education system and the challenges they faces  Benefits of partnering with a schools in Jordan for pupils and teachers  How the British Council can help your school partner with a schools in Jordan  How to apply and useful contact details  Q&A session
  4. 4. Jordan Facts about Jordan • • • • • Jordan is one of the most pleasant and visited countries in the Middle East. Its infrastructure is set up to encourage tourism. Many people in Jordan speak English, though Arabic is the most spoken language. Jordan has many different climates. It is surrounded by Saudi Arabia on the Southeast, Iraq on the East, Syria on the North, and Israel and Palestine on the West. Petra the “red-rose city” became one of the Seven Wonders of the World in May 2007. UNESCO ranked Jordan's educational system 18th worldwide for providing equal opportunities on gender basis.
  5. 5. Jordan Education system in Jordan The educational system in Jordan consists of: • an optional two-year pre-school education • ten years of compulsory basic education • two years of secondary academic or vocational education for students aged 16 to 18, (after the two years students sit for a General Certificate of Secondary Education Exam“Tawjihi”, optionally, students studying in private schools may opt to sit for the IB, IGCSE/GCE/GCSE, SAT, and AP instead of the Tawjihi).
  6. 6. Jordan Education system in Jordan • Students are required to take 9 subjects; Arabic, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Computer Studies, Earth Science, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Islamic studies are also mandatory for all students except for Christian students. • There are 41 directorates of education in Jordan and each directorate has control over a number of schools . Schools and controlling authority • Private schools are controlled by the Directorate of Private Education • Military Schools are controlled by the Directorate of Military Education • Public schools are controlled by the Ministry of Education directly. • All the above controlled by the MoE
  7. 7. Jordan The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East • • (UNRWA) operates one of the largest school systems in the Middle East - provides free basic and preparatory education to Palestinian refugees for over 50 years. Distribution of Students by Controlling Authority: Controlling Authority Students Percentage Ministry of Education 1143117 69.2 Other Governmental 22964 1.4 UNRWA 117613 7.1 Private Schools 368400 22.3 Total 1652094 100%
  8. 8. Jordan Reform of the Education system in Jordan • Jordan is well advanced in terms of the Millennium Development Goals relating to the universal completion of primary schooling and the elimination of gender disparities. • The Ministry of Education has engaged in a structural reform through the ERfKE1 (Education Reform for the Knowledge Economy) and ERfKE2 projects. • The objective of ERfKE1aims to transform the education system at the early childhood, basic, and secondary levels to produce graduates with the skills needed for the knowledge economy. The components of ERfKE1 are • (i) reorientation of education policy objectives and strategies through governance and administrative • reform, (ii) transformation of education programmes and practice for the knowledge economy
  9. 9. Jordan Education Challenges • • • Jordan, despite showing impressive improvement in the education system, still needs to fix some of the persistent problems in this sector. With the rising growing youth population, Jordanian government has to ensure that the quality of education and level of skills imparted can help the new generation to compete effectively in the national and international arena. More than half of the Jordan population is below the age of 30 years. About 42.2% are 14 years or younger, 31.4% fall between 15–29 years of age; almost 1/3 of Jordanians enroll in educational facilities and this causes pressure on the infrastructure and financial resources within the Ministry of Education. High number of the Iraqis and Syrians students recently enrolling in government schools has caused a pressure on the resources.
  10. 10. Jordan What are the benefits for pupils?  Understanding of middle eastern culture, society and education  Helping students understanding their rights and responsibilities as global citizens.  Preparing students for work in a global economy and building a fairer, more sustainable world.  Jordan is saturated in history and culture; from the moment you arrive, you get a sense of its rich heritage. The Nabateans, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans; Christians and Muslims have all left their terraces at the several thousand archaeological and historical sites. The Kingdom of Jordan offers a wide variety of Climates and geographical terrain will bring culture and learning alive in the classroom.
  11. 11. Jordan What are the benefits for teachers and educators?  A chance to improve teaching skills and the curriculum by sharing best practice  Opportunities to visit your partner school in Jordan with the British Council.  A greater understanding of other countries, their cultures and their education systems.  Resources to help you explore social, environmental, and cultural themes.  Access to online British Council run professional development courses.
  12. 12. Jordan How can the British Council help you partner with schools in Jordan? We can support you in:  Finding a partner – or school ‘cluster’ partner - and helping you apply  Funding your partnership  Managing your visit safely – e.g. help with local travel and accommodation.  Advice and support every step of the way
  13. 13. Jordan School Partnerships  Partnership Structure – two way; 1-1 or 3-3 schools  £250 Top-up grant  Grant funding - £1500 per school  Reciprocal Visits  Key objectives  Global Citizenship  Enriching Education  Building Equitable and Sustainable Partnerships  Online Application  Resources available: Webinar, Step by step guidance, Screencast  If any questions, please email
  14. 14. Jordan Next steps  Register on the British Council Schools Online site  British Council will suggest potential school partners in Jordan and connect you  Develop a joint application for a Connecting Classrooms partnership grant  Deadlines each term so apply when you and your partner school are ready  For more info, please email
  15. 15. Jordan Feedback from participants who have worked with schools in the Jordan Chris Milne , English Development Leader, Mildenhall College Academy- Suffolk-UK The exchanging of The exchanging of finished ‘products’ finished ‘products’ and the speed of and the speed of feedback was key. feedback was key. Students quickly set Students quickly set up connections up connections through email, through email, Facebook and Facebook and twitter. twitter. The first Staff trip to visit our The first Staff trip to visit our partner school enthused the partner school enthused the Academy and sparked the Academy and sparked the imaginations of our students. imaginations of our students. The students loved the idea The students loved the idea that somewhere in the world that somewhere in the world other students were interested other students were interested in their lives and in turn they in their lives and in turn they wanted to know about the wanted to know about the Jordanian school. Jordanian school. The partnership with The partnership with Jordan has been aavery Jordan has been very positive experience for positive experience for our Academy. The our Academy. The students have been highly students have been highly involved and really thrown involved and really thrown themselves into the themselves into the project. There was aagreat project. There was great interest in two trips we interest in two trips we have organised. have organised.
  16. 16. Jordan Case study - 1 Mildenhall College Academy- Suffolk-UK and Dahyat Al Rashid School, Amman Jordan      Partners since February 2012. Curriculum Projects: science joint projects and cultural events. Connecting Classrooms Grant applied for in June 2013. UK school visited Jordan in February 20013, three teachers with 30 students. Jordanian school to visit UK in September 2013 and UK school to visit Jordan In February 2013.  Joint curriculum projects.  Shared their experience in joint projects through Skype and exchange work pictures for evaluation a documentation.  The students in Dahyat Al Rasheed School are really excited and looking forward to visiting UK in October.
  17. 17. Jordan Case Study - 2 Kufursoom Secondary school for girls and School in Durham- UK[flash2]/0/ Started their partnership in 2008. Applied for Connecting Classrooms Partnership Grant in February 2013 Sustainable partnership- strong friendship between teachers and students. Main project: the Planting and recycling- curriculum projects Shared seed from both countries, plant the seeds, shared plants’ photos and the impact of the different climates and soil in UK and Jordan on the plants’ growth and appearance.  UK school visited Jordan three times and Jordanian school visited UK three times, the fourth visits in September and October 2013  Students from Jordan attended Edinburgh Tattoo during one. of the visits to Durham     
  18. 18. Jordan Contact us
  19. 19. Jordan Question and Answer session Apply before 31 January 2014