BYOD? Our Grade 6&7 pilot (Michele Botha)

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This presentation was given at a Schoolnet webinar by Michele Botha from Somerset House in the Western Cape, South Africa.

This presentation was given at a Schoolnet webinar by Michele Botha from Somerset House in the Western Cape, South Africa.

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  • 1. BYOD?Bring Your Own Device Pilot Project by Michele Botha Somerset House Primary
  • 2. BYOD…? Pupils bringing their own personal device to school, whether it be a laptop, smartphone, media player or tablet
  • 3. School Rationale O We feel that access to the tools and resources of a world-wide network, and understanding when and how these tools are appropriately and effectively used, is imperative to each pupil’s education if they are to succeed in this global electronic age. O We want to teach pupils to be responsible, confident and capable users of ICT in the 21st Century.
  • 4. Why?O Cost effective – using what is already available and familiarO Frees school’s resources for othersO Based on work place practices by many large companiesO Greater individual responsibility
  • 5. O Caters for different learning styles and preferencesO Allows for anytime anywhere learningO Increases engagement and involvement in learning process
  • 6. logistics?O Planning started in June 2011 with an infrastructure upgradeO Campus is fully wireless with state or the art serversO Teachers became part of TYDH (Take Your Device Home)O Teachers surveyed as to skills level with on-going support providedO Parent Information EveningsO Use of device for adding value to learning
  • 7. Staff ICT Proficiency COMPETENT, 19 % BEGINNER, 32% DEVELOPING, 4 9%
  • 8. The reality smart phone 21% laptop/netboo k 45% internetenabled media player tablet 14% 20%
  • 9. How devices were used emailing teachers 0% 1% Studying 13% Notes 26% Research 14% ebooks 1% Electronic submissions 11% Projects 34%
  • 10. Sample projects
  • 11. Impact on learning Negative Impact 14% No Change 31% Positive Impact 55%
  • 12. Responsibility level Irresponsible 6% Average 24% Good 70%
  • 13. Effectiveness so far Moderately Not Effective effesctive 6% at all 11% Very Effective 83%
  • 14. Way forward …O Pilot Project will be continuing in 2013O On-going Parent Information eveningsO On-going Teacher SupportO Implementation of better Content Management System