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she committed to finding an answer and then              As shown by elevated usage minutes in 2011, SCS      followed up....
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Shelby County Schools, Tennessee - A PD 360 Case Study


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Find out how Shelby County Schools (SCS) has further supported its teachers with PD 360. The content in PD 360 has provided these schools with cost-effective, differentiated professional development featuring real experts. SCS has also found that School Improvement Network provides phenomenal product support.
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Shelby County Schools, Tennessee - A PD 360 Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study School Improvement NetworkHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIALamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY Large Urban TennesseeARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO District Adds ComprehensiveCOUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISDHENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Professional DevelopmentLamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ResourceARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICOCOUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD HENRICO COUNTY ARTESIA Lamesa ISD SHELBY COUNTY SCHOOLS, TENNESSEE “PD 360 enhances any professional learning program. It offers differentiated PD that is tailored • All SCS schools meet or exceed the standards set by to the individual needs of teachers with 24/7 the Tennessee State Department of Education and the accessibility, active tools, and a large library of accreditation standards of the Southern Association of content. It is a comprehensive resource for all the Colleges and Schools. current issues in education and teachers are able • Money Magazine has recognized Shelby County to find help on any subject. The ability to watch Schools as one of the “Top 100 Schools Systems” in programs in small chunks whenever they want, is a the United States. good fit for busy schedules.” • For nine consecutive years, SCS has been honored by SchoolMatch, Inc. with the “What Parents Want Award.” Laura Link • SCS has the largest PTA membership in Tennessee. Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development CHALLENGES Shelby County Schools, Tennessee Believing that teacher access to new and enriched professional knowledge will positively affect student success, SCS’s goal is to provide professional learning which: • Improves student achievement • Supports national, state, and district goals • Is job-embedded and related • Is designed to increase or change the knowledge, skills, and attitude of participants DISTRICT PROFILE SOLUTION In 1852, schools in Shelby County were newly established As SCS Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, and with an enrollment of 584 students. Since that time, Professional Development, Laura Link is an enthusiastic Shelby County Schools (SCS) has become the fourth largest proponent of increased teacher knowledge. She advocates school system in Tennessee serving over 48,000 students making numerous resources available to educators so in 52 schools with 3,200 teachers. It is deservedly proud that learning opportunities are present to fit a variety of of its highly involved parents and hardworking students, needs and schedules. First introduced to PD 360 as a Vice teachers, principals, and staff. SCS is a successful district Principal in Georgia, Ms. Link has since incorporated it into whose highlights include: the SCS professional development (PD) program. Features of PD 360 that appealed to her include: | | 800.572.1153
  2. 2. • Cost effectiveness Teacher Evaluations• Differentiated PD• Large library of content Ms. Link states that, “Teacher evaluations are now an• Real classroom examples evidence-based process rather than just an overall• Real experts impression.” Teachers are no longer given the benefit of the doubt on evaluations, as principals must see evidence of ABOUT PD 360 competency. During observations, teachers have to meet specific indicators including lesson planning, classroom PD 360 is the multi-award winning, leading online, on- environment, professionalism, and instruction after whichdemand professional learning resource for schools and evaluators can address particular teacher needs bydistricts. With 1,800 videos on 117 topics from 120 suggesting tools such as programs in PD 360.experts, PD 360 has the largest online community ofeducators, with over 822,000 subscribers. It is the Professional Learning Creditsmost comprehensive web-based library of professionaldevelopment resources available. Teachers, administrators, PD 360 program usage is applicable to the six PD creditsprofessional learning communities, coaches, mentors, that every SCS teacher must complete each school year.instructional leaders, and paraprofessionals have available A PD credit represents one contracted day of professionalat their fingertips hundreds of indexed and searchable learning in which teachers follow their “Professionalvideo segments that present real, best-practice classroom Development Plan” as outlined by their principal orexamples and feature respected education experts, such department Michael Fullan, Rick DuFour, Doug Reeves, Rick Stiggins,and many others. Educators can instantly find the help Professional Learning Teaching Leaders (PLTLs)they need on nearly every topic, including differentiation,assessment, English language learners, leadership, PLTLs serve as a school’s PD point person and countyand more. It can be used to create a structured learning liaison throughout the year. These teaching leaders workexperience for an individual teacher, a PLC, or even an closely with Ms. Link to organize and create professionalentire school. PD 360 bridges the gap between training and learning opportunities at both the school and county levels.classroom implementation with job-embedded follow-up, With PLTLs at each school, SCS can promote a unified tracking, and reflection tools. See a demonstration at professional atmosphere. PD 360 is an ideal support establishing common learning principles and common learning language. IMPLEMENTATION AND DRIVING USAGE “Because this is a cohort group who only meets a handful of times throughout the year, we use PD 360SCS is committed to promoting greater student as a complement to our face-to-face meetings. Weachievement by addressing teachers’ needs as have focused on the topic of effective professionalprofessionals and members of a learning community that is development, so I have assigned the Leadership andhighly effective in each and every classroom. Learning videos with Doug Reeves.” Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) Melissa McConnell Professional Development SpecialistSCS is putting an intensive emphasis on building PLCs. How Shelby County Schools, Tennesseea group uses PD 360 varies by building and even by teamswithin buildings. The work of PLCs is to focus on shared BENEFITSstudents, build common assessments for these students,and analyze instructional strategies for effectiveness. Excellent Customer SupportPLCs rely on student-specific data to accomplish this while administrators use PD 360 to build a commonunderstanding of the work among faculty members. SCS has been very pleased with the product support it has received as noted in this letter from Instructional Bloodborne Pathogens Technology Supervisor, Lisa Higgins.All SCS certificated personnel are annually required to “I wanted to take a moment to share my accoladesreceive compliant training by watching the PD 360 safety for two members of your School Improvement teaminstruction program, Bloodborne Pathogens. This gives that I have had the pleasure to work with on a customthem the knowledge required to identify and protect against class for our district.exposure. “Katie Clayton has been extremely helpful in every instance. If she was unsure about a specific item, | | 800.572.1153
  3. 3. she committed to finding an answer and then As shown by elevated usage minutes in 2011, SCS followed up. She was (and continues to be) friendly educators have enthusiastically accepted PD 360 as part and personable on the phone, with a strong focus on of their learning program. Teachers appreciate the simple helping the client. She was prompt with follow up to accessibility of the online programs and principals welcome emails and phone inquiries, and did not hesitate to the ease and speed with which they can define best include others with technical expertise when needed. practices. Katie projects professionalism and I would love to work with her on other projects. Shelby County Schools, Tennessee “Steve Burton went beyond guiding and assisting me PD 360 Usage to converting our videos into the necessary format January 2011 – December 2011 for upload to the PD 360 site. He was willing to guide Collective Programs Viewed 16,258 me in a new and unfamiliar program to set up correct Collective Segments Viewed 72,699 parameters for video conversions. His directions for uploading were clear, concise, and easy to follow. He Collective Minutes Viewed 618,139 was motivated to help me do what was needed to get the class posted. “Both Katie and Steve had such upbeat and positive CONCLUSION attitudes. I knew that with them ‘on my team,’ the custom class I needed to set up would happen and be Ms. Link and Ms. McConnell are gratified with the one of quality as well. Based on my interactions with contribution PD 360 is making to SCS professional learning them, I will highly recommend our district’s continued and the role it is playing to attain the goals that will use and also suggest you to other school districts as positively impact students. well.” “As a district, we have established a focus for our Lisa M Higgins PD, a significant coaching support for teachers, and Instructional Technology Supervisor we center significant energies on building capacity Shelby County Schools, Tennessee through professional learning communities. PD 360 has been a wonderful complement to these efforts and provides both district- and building-level administrators with an easy way to build a common language among our faculty and support teachers in specific areas when needed.” Melissa McConnell Professional Development Specialist Shelby County Schools, Tennessee ABOUT SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT NETWORK Real Classroom Examples Founded in 1991 by teachers, the School Improvement Network provides comprehensive, research-basedIt is a plus for SCS teachers to observe real classroom professional development anytime, anywhere. As the homeexamples showing how the strategies are implemented. of The Video Journal of Education, PD 360, ObservationHaving an example of a variety of classrooms from across 360, the Learning 360 Framework, Equity 360, and the country is central to teachers actually seeing how to Common Core 360, School Improvement Network resourcesincorporate the practices into their own classrooms. focus on the most relevant topics, feature the top experts, Real Experts and show educators how to put theory into practice. School Improvement Network has worked with thousands of schools and districts in every state and around the worldMs. Link is pleased to have over 120 respected experts and visited over 3,500 classrooms to document bestsuch as Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Gayle Gregory, Rick DuFour, practices in action. Learn more atDoug Reeves, and many others available at each SCS’s fingertips. They no longer have to attend costly conferences to learn from the best authorities. To read more case studies, scan this QR code with a smartphone or visit Good Educator | | 800.572.1153