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The School Improvement Network has teamed up with Corwin Publishing to produce several high-quality professional development courses for PD 360 featuring best-selling authors such as Michael Fullan, …

The School Improvement Network has teamed up with Corwin Publishing to produce several high-quality professional development courses for PD 360 featuring best-selling authors such as Michael Fullan, Charlotte Danielson, and more.

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  • 1. Premium Courses for PD 360
    [A partnership between Corwin and the School Improvement Network]
  • 2. Marcia Tate’s “Growing Dendrites”
    Focused on teaching strategies
    Based on her book series “Don’t Grow Dendrites”
    You will learn:
    “Brain Compatible Teaching” through Marcia’s 20 strategies
    Marcia Tate says:
    “These strategies are really not new. What is new and exciting to me, is that we have a brain reason now to why they work”
  • 3. Michael Fullan’s “Motion Leadership”
    Focused on leadership training for a group of leaders.
    The course is a companionship to his book “Motion Leadership: The Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy”. Michael Fullan calls the book the “Precursor” to the online course.
    You will learn:
    As a leader how to “move” individuals, institutions, and whole systems forward.
    How to deepen your understanding of Michael’s concept“The Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy”
    Michael Fullan says:
    “ The skinny of change for us is boiling down something to those few essentials that if you do them you get amazing impact in a fairly short order of time, the speed of change”
  • 4. Charlotte Danielson’s “Talk About Teaching”
    Focused on: helping educators better their professional conversations, in whatever role they are in, whose job it is to support teachers.
    Based on the book “Talk About Teaching: Leading Professional Conversations”
    Charlotte Danielson says:
    “What we have discovered was that people would say it’s all about the conversation. The framework is good and it’s useful, we can use it. Where it comes to life is when we talk”
  • 5. Jim Knight’s “Instructional Coaching”
    Focused on instructional coaches
    Based on the book “Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction”
    Jim Knight says:
    “We know the power of modeling; we know the power of seeing what’s happening. We also know that people learn in different paces and they process it in different ways. These are all things at the heart of coaching”
  • 6. Glenn Singleton’s “Courageous Conversations About Race”
    Focused on a protocol aimed to helping people to negotiate that inter-racial discourse about race.
    Based on the book “Courageous Conversations About Race”
    How does this differ from the “Beyond Diversity” course?
    This course is more of a book study experience
    Glenn Singleton says:
    “Conversations about race in our society and in our schools can unlock so much meaning and so much potential”
  • 7. Glenn Singleton’s “Beyond Diversity”
    Focused on defining race and racism and then discovering how each negatively impacts low-performing student populations
    Based on the same onsite training series Glenn Singleton’s organization offers. Taking the concepts of the book “Courageous Conversations About Race” to a deeper and more in depth level of understanding.
    Jamie Almanzan (a consultant for Glenn Singleton) says:
    “When it says Beyond Diversity basically what that means is: we are going to move beyond multi-culturalism, it’s going to go beyond that. We will talk about it but that’s not the focus of Beyond Diversity”
  • 8. Rick Smith’s “Conscious Classroom Management Online”
    Focused on classroom management strategies
    Based on her book series “Conscious Classroom Management”
    You will learn to:
    Implement dozens of innovative management techniques right away 
    Reduce student arguing and defiance 
    Positively connect with and motivate challenging students
    Successfully manage your own feelings of anger
    Teach procedures that will maximize student attention and reduce wasted time
    Utilize individual intervention strategies when consequences don't work
    Bring out the best in yourself and your students right away
  • 9. Visit Us Online
    Call us: 1-800-572-1153
    Visit us on the web: www.schoolimprovement.com
    Learn more about the premium courses at www.corwin-sinet.com
    Visit www.pd360.com to sign up for a free 30-day trial!
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SchoolImprovementNet
    Blog: http://schoolimprovementnetwork.blogspot.com
    Twitter: @sinetpd360
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/school-improvement-network
    Click here to request more information about PD 360 or one of our other products.