Common Core 360 - Supporting the Whole Teacher and Student


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Common Core 360 is an on-demand professional learning solution that supports educators as they align curriculum and teaching strategies to the Common Core Standards by providing them with video training, downloadable documents, peer collaboration, and real classroom examples of best practices.

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Common Core 360 - Supporting the Whole Teacher and Student

  1. 1. Supporting theWhole Teacher and Student © 2011 School Improvement Network
  2. 2. Common Core 360Common Core 360 is an on-demandprofessional learning solution thatsupports educators as they aligncurriculum and teaching strategies tothe Common Core Standards byproviding them with videotraining, downloadabledocuments, peer collaboration, andreal classroom examples of bestpractices. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  3. 3. Why Common Core 360? © 2011 School Improvement Network
  4. 4. Why Common Core 360?Common Core 360 will energize and prepareevery educator to realize the vision of theCommon Core, dispel common myths, anddrive ownership and interest. ThroughCommon Core 360’s specializedtraining, your teachers and administratorswill understand how the Common Coredefines learning targets based upon what allstudents should know and be able to do tobe well prepared for college, career, and lifebeyond. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  5. 5. Why Common Core 360?Common Core 360 Resources thatSupport the WHY: • Vision videos • Learning Progression Tool © 2011 School Improvement Network
  6. 6. What are the CommonCore Standards? © 2011 School Improvement Network
  7. 7. What are the Common Core Standards?Based on the design of the CommonCore Standards, Common Core 360helps educators guide students alongthe K-12 learning progressionstowards college and careerreadiness, and align their currentpractice to the new Common Coreframework. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  8. 8. What are the Common Core Standards?Common Core 360 Resources thatSupport the WHAT: • Instructional videos (exploring the Common Core) • Learning Progression Tool © 2011 School Improvement Network
  9. 9. How to implement theCommon Core Standards? © 2011 School Improvement Network
  10. 10. Launch a Successful Common Core InitiativeCommon Core 360 will help educatorssuccessfully integrate the CommonCore into their classroompractice, through video casestudies, resources, and interactivetools. Educators will learn from realeducators in states, districts, andschools who are successfullyimplementing the Common Core. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  11. 11. Launch a Successful Common Core InitiativeCommon Core 360 resources that support theHOW to launch a successful initiative:• Video Case Studies – Kentucky – Utah – Kansas City, Missouri School District – Delaware• Learning Progression Tool: – Navigate the K-12 learning progression of every Common Core Standard in both ELA and Mathematics – Guide lesson planning with knowledge of the standards addressed in previous, current, and coming years – Align teaching vertically K through 12 and across curriculum. – Reveal gaps between the Common Core and former state standards – Identify student proficiency levels and define steps to meet grade level expectations – Develop incremental steps and goals for IEP and RTI planning – Explore the Common Core © 2011 School Improvement Network
  12. 12. Ensure Successful TransitionsPractical, on-demand resources inCommon Core 360 guide schoolsystems through a standardscrosswalk. These resources guideeducators to successfully integrateevery facet of theirplanning, instruction, assessment, curriculum, and strategies to theCommon Core. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  13. 13. Ensure Successful TransitionsCommon Core 360 resources thatsupport the HOW to ensuresuccessful transitions to CommonCore practice: • Instructional Videos – impact on Teaching & Learning • LiveBook – Curriculum Mapping • LivePlanner – Mapping Implementation © 2011 School Improvement Network
  14. 14. Build Teacher Mastery at Every LevelCommon Core 360 gives educators atall levels multiple opportunities to seetheir urban, suburban, and rural peersacross the country teaching to theCommon Core and working togetherin Professional Learning Communities(PLC) around lessonplanning, assessment, data analysisand intervention. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  15. 15. Build Teacher Mastery at Every LevelCommon Core 360 Resources thatSupport the HOW to Build TeacherMastery at Every Level: • Year 2 videos – Kentucky, Newark, Delaware, Denver – 9th Grade Math – 8th Grade ELA and Math – 4th Grade ELA and Math – 2nd Grade ELA and Math – Urban implementation case study © 2011 School Improvement Network
  16. 16. Growing Suite of ResourcesSchool Improvement Network regularly adds to itsgrowing suite of resources that support educatorsin Common Core implementation.• Lesson Plans • Webinars• Examples of student • Blog Posts work • School Improvement• Assessment Innovation Summit• Teacher Effectiveness • PD 360 Community tools Forums• Common Core • User generated Observation 360 “Look resources fors” Templates © 2011 School Improvement Network
  17. 17. School Improvement Network’sComprehensive Suite © 2011 School Improvement Network
  18. 18. Common Core 360Common Core 360 derives the highestquality professional development fromthe most successful strategies and themost effective educators. You have theopportunity support continuousimprovement plan with a host ofeffective resources, includingprofessional learning communities andreal classroom examples of CommonCore alignment. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  19. 19. Common Core 360Common Core 360 is the onlyresource that trains educators onwhat the Standards do for educatorsand students, why the Standardshave been so widely accepted, howto make a greater impact on studentlearning through the tools in theCommon Core Standards. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  20. 20. PD 360You receive Common Core 360 training onthe renowned PD 360 platform in order toensure quality, accessibility, and anunparalleled single sign-in solution. The PD360 platform provides an opportunity forcomplementary pedagogical resources thateducators throughout the world use to makegreat strides in professional learning.Common Core 360 gives educators fullaccess to the PD 360 Community, an onlineprofessional learning community with over720,000 verified educators. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  21. 21. Observation 360PD 360 is also seamlessly integratedwith Observation 360, the onlyclassroom walkthrough tool availablewith prescriptive technology andcomplete integration with a professionallearning platform. Observation 360 isfully customizable and provides effectivetraining, automatic reporting, andcamera observation solutions inconjunction with efficient classroomwalkthrough tools. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  22. 22. PD 360 SuiteWith Common Core 360 and the PD360 suite of resources, you have atotal professional learning solution allunder a single log-in. Register foryour free, all-access license toCommon Core 360 for 30 days andreceive a free lifetime membership tothe PD 360 Community. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  23. 23. School Improvement NetworkYou’re passionate about education.So are we.Welcome toSchool Improvement Network. © 2011 School Improvement Network
  24. 24. Visit Us Online Call us: 1-800-572-1153 Visit us on the web: www.schoolimprovement.comVisit to sign up for a free 30-day trial!YouTube: http://schoolimprovementnetwork.blogspot.comFacebook @sinetpd360LinkedIn: here to request more information about Common Core 360or visit © 2011 School Improvement Network