An Introduction to "Mapping to the Core" - A webinar by Heidi Hayes Jacobs


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View the presentation by Heidi Hayes Jacobs from a webinar held on October 25, 2012.
Heidi discussed curriculum mapping and using the Common Core State Standards in the classroom.

View the recording of this webinar here:

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An Introduction to "Mapping to the Core" - A webinar by Heidi Hayes Jacobs

  1. 1. and Welcome! October 25, 2012Curriculum21™ is a service mark of Curriculum Designers, Inc. School Improvement Network © 2012
  2. 2. WEBINAR Mapping to the Core:Integrating the Common Core Standards into Your Local School Curriculum Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs
  3. 3. Our Essential Question!  How can we prepare our learners for their future?
  4. 4. Action questions:•  How can we help our learners improve their own performance?•  How do can we integrate the Common Core Standards into our local school curriculum?•  How can LiveBook and LivePlanner assist schools professionals sustain the process?
  5. 5. On Your Bookshelf
  6. 6. Four PhasesImplementation Process!
  7. 7. Phase ILaying the Foundation!
  8. 8. I. Laying theFOUNDATION Setting up leadership team in each building to LEARN the Fundamentals: -Unwrapping the Core Standards -The Prologue to Mapping
  9. 9. Green Flag Culture of Collaborative InquiryCulture of Strategic Communication
  10. 10. Red FlagCulture of Compliance
  11. 11. Cherry Picking
  12. 12. Common Core State Standards!
  13. 13. Literature andInformational Text
  14. 14. Unwrapping to Translation!  The purpose of unwrapping is to immediately move to curriculum translation!  For each of the NOUNS we suggest that teachers in small groups give examples of content topics they would address in their curriculum.!  For each of the VERBS we suggest that teachers in small groups give examples of skills and strategies that they would address in their curriculum.
  15. 15. Vertical Collaboration!  At the heart of mapping and working effectively with the standards will be vertical collaboration.!  Jigsaw your faculty members for vertical comparisons of the unwrapping process and discuss: !  What were the common nouns and verbs? !  How did they scaffold in complexity?
  16. 16. Phase IILaunching the Process!
  17. 17. What is Curriculum Mapping?!  Calendar-based curriculum mapping is a procedure for collecting and maintaining a data base of the operational curriculum in a school and/or district.!  It provides the basis for authentic examination of the data base.
  18. 18. Mapping is A Coin with two sides!  One side is the documentation –the maps themselves!  One side is the review process – examining and revising map cumulatively between teachers
  19. 19. Consensus Maps: Guaranteed Integrating benchmark assessments! Co"aborative commitments! Consistency!
  20. 20. Diary Maps: ViableIndividual classroom teacher~ Responsive to students ~Flexibility! !
  21. 21. Elements of Curriculum !  Content !  Skills !  Assessment !  Framed by Essential Questions
  22. 22. Essential Questions Essential questions providefocus and direction to engage learners in fulfilling the mission.
  23. 23. Phase IIIInforming Maps with Assessments!
  24. 24. Informing mapswith assessmentSustaining and Integrating theSystem:• Consensus mapping• Establishing benchmarkassessments to monitor CCSS• Informing maps withassessment results
  25. 25. What policies are governing your school practice in assessment? Smarter Balanced - smarter-balanced-assessments/ PARCC - assessment-design Formal Benchmarks
  26. 26. Diagnosisfinding what our learners need from the assessment data
  27. 27. Prescription revising our mapscollaboratively to respond to those targeted needs
  28. 28. Phase IVAdvancing Maps into the Future!
  29. 29. Advancing maps into the future• Integrating 21st century skills• Replacing dated content• Upgrading to contemporaryassessment types• Map professional development• Rethinking school formats andleadership protocols
  30. 30. Mapping as a hub UbD Differentiati Literacy on Curriculum Mapping Pilot Pacing Programs Guides Core Standards Visual Tools: David Hyerle
  31. 31. Introduction – LP – IA2
  32. 32. Look into LiveBook
  33. 33. Thank you! and
  34. 34. To register for upcoming webinarsor to find the recordings frompast webinars hosted bySchool Improvement Network,please visit our website: