Mary Mardirosian: Multimedia Student Projects

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  • 1. Multimedia Inside andOutside the Classroom21stCentury SkillsThrough the Use of Technology Made AccessibleMary Mardirosian, Ed.D
  • 2. The Problem I Saw…Incorporating 21stCentury skills has lead to the need andthe desire to use more technologyYet, often instructors are intimidated by technologyOr, they don’t know where to even begin
  • 3. My Requirements for a GoodSolutionInstructors simply need to require the use of technology.The goal is to incorporate 21stCentury Skills with anyexisting assignment.Your students are already familiar with technology,therefore they will embrace it when you ask them tointegrate it with any assignment.
  • 4. The Solution I FoundInstructors will also be given examples of assignmentsthat incorporated technology.These assignments include the use of: prezis, comic stripsand cartoons.The tools in technology can also be utilized as tools ininstruction in Higher Education.
  • 5. A Few Practical Steps InImplementing the SolutionGive students the option to utilize technologyYou do not need to be an actual expertBe open to it
  • 6. The format the technology isassignedStudents are given a series of links with the suggestion toutilize them for their class presentations.They may be used with both online and onsite classes.
  • 7. Dr. Mardirosian’sSuggested Project links
  • 8. Why these are goodexamples…Please, note: The examples that I suggest are compiledfrom student work.The candidates used different forms of technology fordifferent presentations assigned in various classes thatthey showed in class.The assignment demonstrates learning because ratherthan a “traditional” PowerPoint, students used prezi’s,comics, and even cartoons, in their graduate level MATTESOL classes.
  • 9. Prezi
  • 10. Features for PreziYou can create a free account through the public option.Choose the template that you like best.Prezi provides the frames for the information.You may add more frames or edit the presentation.You may download your prezi for future use
  • 11. Extracting a Prezi1. Once completely done editing the prezi click on thesave and exit button2. A new window will open and you will have options,go click “Download”3. A box will open under the “Download” button,make sure the first option should be clicked “Export toPortable prezi to present offline” and click the blue“download” button4. It might take a couple of minutes to start loading, bepatient.
  • 12. Extracting a Prezi5. Once the prezi is done a link will be given “click thislink to download” in blue. Click it.6. A new window opens click on “open”7. You will see a yellow folder, open that folder8. You will see three icons, click on the last one that isnamed prezi9. Another window opens and it has three options also,click on “Extract all”
  • 13. Sample of student work fromUSC MAT TESOLCandidates from the MAT TESOL program utilizetechnology as part of their class presentations.Prezi on Self and Peer Assessment USC EDUC521Cultivating Student-Centered International ClassroomsUSC EDUC 563 Teaching from a Comparative andInternational Perspective
  • 14. Sample of student work fromUSC MAT TESOL 563
  • 15. Sample of student work fromUSC MAT TESOL 521
  • 16. Comic Strip
  • 17. Comic Strip AdvantagesGo toNo account setup is necessary.Choose the layout you want to use.Choose your own characterAdd emotions, objects, scenes and animateYou can change the background colorChoose to have from 2-4 comic panels.Insert thought bubbles, using the “Talk Balloons”
  • 18. Comic Strip FeaturesContinuedYou then have the option to print your comic and emailit to yourself.The example is reduced in size to fit the slide, but it canbe enlarged.
  • 19. USC 563 Teaching from a Comparative andInternational PerspectiveStudent ComicSt o r y: Zo e Mar l o weI l l us t r at io n:I l l us t r at io n: Cl ip Ar t Fr ee St o c kOne Day at Mehmet s Sc ho o l" Me hm e t a k De n izp l e as e r e p o r t t ot he p r in c ip al so f f ic e "Ye sMe hm e tc a n I ha ve aw o r d w it hyo u ?Hi MsYil d iz , yo uc al l e df o r m e ?My han d s ar et ie d o f c o u r s e , b u tit has c o m e t o o u rat t e n t io n t ha t yo u ar eal e vi m u s l im an d NOTs u n n i M u s l im , l ik e t her e s t o f o u rs t ud e n t s .u hhh. . .w ha t d o e st h at h ave t od o w it han yt hin g ?I mj u s t l ik ean y o t he r k idat t hiss c h o o l !
  • 20. Cartoons
  • 21. Go Animate FeaturesTo create a free account you need an email address,display name and password.“Full Video Maker Tutorial” gives you all the stepsnecessary to make your video. You can select the background, the character, and addvoices. You may also add scenes, including the poses,emotions, and gestures.You can preview and edit your videoThe title and tags features make it easier to find.Your videos are saved and easily accessible.
  • 22. Animation and AssessmentThis animation demonstrates terms from the EDUC 521Assessment classIt shows different forms of assessment.Classmates were asked to create their own animations inreal time.
  • 23. USC EDUC 521Student/Candidate ExamplesUSC animation
  • 24. My Teaching…Inspired by MAT TESOL candidates and an ELD CSCmeetingApplied to assignments in MAT TESOL programCandidates applied technology in their own classesI used it with my own high school students
  • 25. The EndThank you so much for attending this presentation.Any Questions?Also, if you’d like to take time to brainstorm on your ownexisting assignments, we can do that as well.