Integrated Planning and Optimization Solution for Mining


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Volatile and changing market conditions continuing to drive challenges for mining operators….the need for a highly effective mind is ever more present today. Schneider Electric’s Integrated planning and optimization solution has been designed to support the challenges you have today and to the meet the needs of tomorrow’s minds.

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Integrated Planning and Optimization Solution for Mining

  1. 1. Integrated Planning and Optimization Increasing your mining productivity by up to 20%
  2. 2. We are the global specialist in energy management €24 billion sales (last 12 months) 41% 2 41% of sales in new economies (last 12 months) 150 000+ employees in 100+ countries 4-5% of sales dedicated to R&D A large company, with a balanced geographical footprint and a commitment to sustainability
  3. 3. Creating a truly global enterprise, close to our customers North America 2013: €5.9bn 2003: €2.3bn Rest of World 2013: €4.6bn 2003: €1.2bn Western Europe 2013: €6.6bn 2003: €4.1bn Asia Pacific 2013: €6.5bn 2003: €1.2bn 1. Published figures restated to reflect country-market view; Source: McKinsey Global Footprint Data Base 2. Headcount incl. supplementary staff in FTE + Delixi & Fuji JVs 2003: €2.3bn 29,300 46 2003: €1.2bn 28,000 46 2003: €4.1bn 44,000 90 2003: €1.2bn 61,000 76
  4. 4. Helping Mining, Minerals and Metals customers to grow in a sustainable way €605+ million 2013 sales 4 Major segments : Mining, Cement, Steel, Aluminum 4 13 Global strategic customers 60+ National strategic customers 300+ employees in the front office
  5. 5. Schneider Electric Capability Guelb II Project: SNIM / SNC Lavalin (20m €) 5
  6. 6. Value Proposition for Mining Minerals and Metals Customers Obtain and Maintain your License to Operate Through our Energy and Sustainability Solutions and Services By deploying our 6 Maximize Operation Efficiency Maximize Value Creation By deploying our Production and Operation Optimization Solutions and Services By engaging with our Planning and Design Consulting Business and Process Experts UpTo
  7. 7. Maximized value creation Unifying the value chain from resource to market Operation Efficiency Maximize people’s effectiveness, asset utilization and production efficiency Safety Improve sustainability be enabling ZERO accidents workplace 2 3 41 Social license to operate Obtain and Maintain the license to operate by creating shared value while taking care of the Solutions: Mining, Minerals and Metals Challenges > Stakeholders demanding social license to operate and sustainable development > Scarcity of natural resources > Increasing cost of energy > Volatile markets forcing flexible production 7 workplace taking care of the environment.> Efficiency and quality improvements to increase bottom line > Availability of skilled workforce > Adoption of new technologies > Regulations forcing minimum emissions > Maximizing the asset utilization
  8. 8. I want to know the optimal plan. 8 I want to execute the optimal plan. If I cannot execute, then I need to know the root cause.
  9. 9. Integrated Planning and Optimization Solution Helping Mining Customers to Maximize their Value Creation Supply Chain Operations APS Plant Operations Ampla 9 Process Expert, Wonderware Foxboro EVO
  10. 10. Make the most of your energy™ 10