Hannover High End Utility Metering


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High End metering is focused on a much smaller market including:
Production – Generation metering
Transmission – Grid metering for bulk power exchange
Distribution – Large industrial customers and renewable grid connections

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Hannover High End Utility Metering

  1. 1. Really, Really Smart MetersSmart Grids ForumApril 24, 2012Hannover Messe
  2. 2. Reliability Efficiency Sustainability Reduce Maintain Optimize Energy Distributed Prevent Energy Resources Duration Quality Capacity ManagementSubstation Complex Sensor dataAutomation Rates Feeder Voltage Customer Waveform Analysis Energy StorageAutomation Optimization Portal Home/Building Micro-Grids Automation Demand PHEV ResponseSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 2
  3. 3. High End Utility Metering Offer● 80% of Utility Metering is “Smart” meters -> Residential market● High End metering is focused on a much smaller market including: ● Production – Generation metering ● Transmission – Grid metering for bulk power exchange ● Distribution – Large industrial customers and renewable grid connections Meter Volumes Revenue Generation Metering Distribution M etering ResidentialSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 3
  4. 4. High End Utility MeteringClass 0,2 metering offer that combines energy metering, power quality, I/O and communications in a single device to solve a wide variety of utility applications including one or combination of the following: ● Revenue/tariff metering for billing ● Power quality compliance & analysis ● Substation automation – provide operational data to SCADA system and control capability ● Equipment monitoring and control (peak shaving, breaker control, generators) ● Improve system accuracy with existing equipment (Loss compensation)Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 4
  5. 5. Key Functionality for Utility MeteringSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 5
  6. 6. Key Utility Metering Applications for:Renewable Energy● Generation asset monitoring – turbine, gas-fired generator,● Power Quality at intertie between renewable asset and grid● Operational data for windfarm control systems assetsFeeder Automation● RTU Functions - Monitoring breaker status and/or other substation values● Feeder Monitoring – Operational data about feeders to SCADA system, Gateway functions and totalization (Mastering)● Power Quality – Provide waveform and compliance data for large substationsRevenue Metering● High accuracy energy metering (legacy pulsing, 3rd party billing packages (DLMS, MV-90))● Loss compensation for transformers and transmission lines Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 6
  7. 7. Reliability is the main priority for Distribution Operators● Safety and Reliability are often considered ONE goal and have the highest priority historically ●  “The flow of capital spend is generally directed at problems over opportunities” -Booz, Allen, Hamilton; Edison Electric Institute Strategic Issues Forum ●  “Keeping your lights on safely, efficiently and at a reasonable cost are my highest priorities as Dominion Virginia Power chief executive officer” -Paul Koonce, CEO Virginia Dominion Power Power Interruption is Expensive Average Cost for 1 Hour of Power Interruption per Customer Industry Amount Cellular communications $41,000 Telephone ticket sales $72,000 Airline reservation system $90,000 Semiconductor manufacturer $2,000,000 Credit card operation $2,580,000 Brokerage operation $6,480,000 Source: US Dept of Energy Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 7
  8. 8. But the electrical industry is transforming Reliability ►  Environmental pressure ►  Decentralized renewable energies ►  DeregulationReliability ►  Interconnections Efficiency ►  Supply demand response ►  Energy efficiency ►  Electric cars SustainabilityOur customers have defined the mechanism for thistransformation as ‘Smart Grid’Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 8
  9. 9. Substation Metering Applications Metering Applications COMMUNICATION INFRASTRUCTURE Control Center Level Substation Level Incoming Metering Bay Level Critical Load Monitoring Process LevelSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 9
  10. 10. Fault Analysis Impact Potential for SAIDI reduction using location techniques Crew call- Patrol for fault Travel to area Repair in location Potential for SAIFI reduction using predictive methodsSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 10
  11. 11. Fault Location F. Zavoda, M. Tremblay; “Symbiosis Between ADA Applications and PQ Monitoring in Smart Grids”, EPRI PQ and Smart Distribution Conference and Exhibition; Québec City, June 2010Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 11
  12. 12. Fault Anticipation● Waveform signatures and trends indicate incipient failures● Distributed sensors provide better view of operation for condition based maintenance (cap controller, recloser, etc)● Distributed sensors provide better location information when faults do occurSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 12
  13. 13. JEA Facts and FiguresThe company● Largest publicly owned utility in Florida, #8 in US● Over 2300 MW of generation capacity from coal, gas, and landfill● 360,000 customersThe system● 17 PQ monitors at generators● 73 PQ monitors at Transmission and Distribution substations● 92 PQ monitors at large industrial sites● Connected via MODEM, Ethernet, and wireless● Central servers running data collection and analysis softwareSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 13
  14. 14. System architectureSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 14
  15. 15. Northshore Substation T1 Issue● System initially reported a 0 current value on C phase of very short duration (less than half a cycle)● This issue would happen a few times during each day● Over a 4 week period the duration of the 0 current on C phase increased to just over 1 cycle.Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 15
  16. 16. Waveform of Northshore T1 Note how “blue” line is flat = no current flow = melting metal in tap changerSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 16
  17. 17. Northshore Substation Issue● Investigation of the distribution system pointed out one possible cause. A load tap changer in a distribution transformer was the likely suspect.● A maintenance outage was planned and the transformer was taken off line and opened up.● A broken pin was found on C phase of the tap changer transfer switchSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 17
  18. 18. Tap Changer for Northshore T1note broken pinSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 18
  19. 19. Tap Changer for Northshore T1note melted partsSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 19
  20. 20. Northshore Substation Issue● After the planned maintenance it was determined that the transformer had about 2 weeks before a catastrophic failure occurred. The blade on the tap changer switch would have eventually hit the side of the tank once the jaw completely melted.● The PQ system saved JEA over $1M in equipment replacement costs plus customer satisfaction remained high since there was no prolonged outage.Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 20
  21. 21. Bay Meadows Transformer T2● Similar Issue to Northside Transforemer T1● C phase waveform shown below● JEA scheduled a shutdown to do maintenanceSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 21
  22. 22. Connector Ring - Picture 1Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 22
  23. 23. Bay Meadows Transformer T2● PQ system prevented this transformer from failing● Transformer replacement cost would have been over $1M● Customer Satisfaction did not “take a hit” as no outage was seen by the customer.● Since this event, the EEM system has been programmed to give an alarm for this waveform signature. This will help identify an issue faster.● The automated report identified a third LTC problem that required the replacement of 49 contacts “These kinds of issues are a ticking time tomb. In the past, an LTC failure has usually meant that we lose the transformer. The meters and software have already potentially saved three transformers at $1 million apiece. And the value to customer service is immeasurable in avoiding unplanned outages to thousands of customers.” - Tom Ventresca, Power Systems Engineer, JEASchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 23
  24. 24. Conclusions● Power Quality is an important part of Smart Grid● Research shows power quality data can be used to locate faults and to identify pending failures● Technology exists today to gain the benefits● PQ Systems have proven they can pay backSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 24
  25. 25. Stay Connected to Schneider Electric www.facebook.com/SchneiderElectric www.twitter.com/SchneiderElec www.Linkedin.com/groups?gid=56843 WWW.Schneider-Electric.com www.youtube.com/CorporateSchneider SETV.schneider-electric.comSchneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 25
  26. 26. Questions?Schneider Electric - Division - Name – Date 26