IT Consulting & Integration Services for Energy & Utilities Sectors

IT Consulting & Integration Services for Energy & Utilities Sectors



From systems and applications to consulting and integration to 24x7 operations, no one delivers more than Schneider Electric.

From systems and applications to consulting and integration to 24x7 operations, no one delivers more than Schneider Electric.

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IT Consulting & Integration Services for Energy & Utilities Sectors IT Consulting & Integration Services for Energy & Utilities Sectors Document Transcript

  • Schneider ElectricforEnergy andUtilitiesSectorMake the most of your energySMAchieve success with help from our experiencedconsultants and technicians™
  • Energy & Utilities | 03Energy and utilities sectorsFrom systems and applications to consulting andintegration to 24x7 operations, no one delivers more thanSchneider ElectricThe energy sector is in a constant state of flux due toincreasing scarcity of resources and industry transformationthrough Smart Grid initiatives. Rising concerns over climatechange have accelerated social pressures and regulatoryrestrictions, leading emerging technologies to seek solutions thatimprove energy efficiency.You need a technological partner with unmatched sector experience and globalcapabilities. At Schneider Electric, we offer a broad range of solutions to helpyou successfully manage change. Our expertise has been earned through morethan 45 years of experience in the energy sector. We have a deep understandingof technologies that drive profitability, including those that successfully turn datainto business intelligence. We can help you adapt to industry changes and takeadvantage of innovations in energy production, conservation, transmission,distribution, and commercialisation.As a key provider in the electric, water, and oil & gas sectors, our capabilitiesencompass these core business areas:ElectricGenerationFrom combustion to renewable and hydroelectric plants, we understand powergeneration challenges and offer solutions for optimising assets.• Plant management solutions for maximising asset yield and ensuring IT/OTsystem connection• Plant system operation and exploitation• Cybersecurity for generating plant IT and industrial environmentsWe specialise in IT system outsourcing with its ownworldwide network of support centres and cost-savingmaintenance and supply solutionsA key componentof Schneider Electric’smission is thedevelopment ofsustainable solutions
  • 45yearsThe amount of time that we’ve led the industry in technologicalinnovation — experience that supports your business needs04 | Energy & Utilities
  • Transmission and distribution• Support of the entire technology cycle, ranging from field equipmentand systems for grid automation and control to Smart Grid operationand optimisation• Integration of corporate and operating systems to address information silos• Aid decisions by turning field information into business intelligence• Cover systems operation and exploitation• Offer cybersecurity for and network digitalisation and HAN and FANnetwork expansionCommercialisation• Design, development, and implementation of IT solutions integrated with aheterogeneous systems map• Analytical solutions and data exploitation• Smart metering security• IT system operation and exploitation• Cloud servicesWaterWe offer planning, operation, maintenance, and commercialisation solutionsthroughout the value chain.• Design, development, and integration of IT solutions, such as ERP, CIS, assetmanagement, BI, and analytics• Corporate systems map integration• Business intelligence and analytics as an approach to accessing siloedinformation for distribution into various systems• Systems operation and exploitation• Cybersecurity for IT and industrial environments that supportmission-critical infrastructure• Cloud servicesOil & gasWe cover the value chain by providing upstream, midstream, and downstreamcorporate, operational and control solutions.• Design, development, and integration of IT solutions into a corporatesystems map• Business intelligence, analytics, and management as an approach toaccessing and presenting information gathered through field operationalsystems and equipment• Cybersecurity for IT and industrial environments that supportmission-critical infrastructure• System operation and exploitation• Cloud servicesEnergy & Utilities | 05
  • Gettingmore outof less
  • Energy & Utilities | 07Our strategy revolves around three axes: consulting, integration,and outsourcing.ConsultingOur consultants are dedicated to providing you with technological consultingfor analysing and designing optimal IT solutions. To support cybersecurity, ourconsultants analyse and audit industrial and IT systems to ensure mission-critical infrastructure security.IntegrationOur technological innovation experience provides us with practical knowledgeto support your business needs. We carry out complex IT projects that meetimplementation requirements in terms of both time and cost.We design, develop, and integrate IT solutions with a special emphasis onsystems integration and solutions for corporate business applications to makeinformation available for analysis and business intelligence. We also implementsecurity, communications, and network solutions.OutsourcingWe specialise in IT systems outsourcing with our own global support centres,as well as operations, maintenance, and supply solutions to help reduce costs.By outsourcing your technological infrastructure, you can focus more time,energy, and resources to your core business.With seven, energy-efficient redundant data centres, four customer assistancecentres, and two network operation centres, we are the leading provider ofoutsourcing services in Spain and Portugal. This infrastructure deploymentallows us to deliver a global package of services and resources.Systems operation and exploitation• Application management for corporate and industrial processes• Systems management, including control systems• Security and contingency management (for both IT and industrial systems)• Communications and network management• Data centre and data storage services• Cloud servicesWhy Schneider Electric?Sustainability is a key focus of our business, and our commitment to itenhances our energy solutions — generating innovation that results in greaterefficiency and profitability. We offer unmatched experience and a completetechnology suite to help you navigate today’s complex, dynamic industry.
  • Schneider Electric Industries SASC/ Valgrande, 6,28108 - Alcobendas (Madrid) (Spain)Telephone: 34-902-33-55-99Fax: 34-91-714-70-05©2013SchneiderElectric.Allrightsreserved.June 2013