Bringing Sustainable Efficiency to Wind Power


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Schneider Electric’s solutions make higher productivity and lower maintenance a reality.
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Bringing Sustainable Efficiency to Wind Power

  1. 1. Bringing Sustainable Efficiency to Wind Power
  2. 2. 2 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Main Power Circuit Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 3 Introduction............................................................................................................................Page 4 Solutions Overview............................................................................................................Page 6 Wind Turbine Solutions Main Power Circuit......................................................................................................Page 8 Control of the Wind Turbine................................................................................Page 10 Auxiliary Circuits...........................................................................................................Page 12 Wind Farm Solutions MV Collection................................................................................................................Page 14 Connection to the Grid...........................................................................................Page 16 Centralized Supervision..........................................................................................Page 18 Wind Farm and Wind Turbine Services.................................................................Page 20 Contents Achieving a more sustainable future by helping you make the most of your energy Member
  3. 3. 4 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 5 >72% The portion of worldwide energy consumption Schneider Electric addresses. End-to-end wind power solutions Running a wind farm is no easy task. Industry players know this, because their job is to provide the high-quality products that make that job manageable. Meanwhile, wind farm operators and developers are on the front lines. To ensure that each project runs smoothly — from start to finish and through the life cycle of the equipment — they rely on the expertise and experience of companies like Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management. Our wide range of services and solutions help you save time and money by deploying efficient project management, ensuring reliability, and adding value as a specialized consultant with co-design capability. And, with six new solutions to offer the wind power market, the time has never been better to rely on Schneider Electric as your trusted advisor. Those solutions include: A reliable, efficient Main Power Circuit Automated Control of the Turbine A one-stop shop for your Auxiliary Circuits MV Collection with optimized equipment safety An efficient Connection to the Grid Enhanced control and Supervision These technically integrated solutions provide you with a complete and reliable electrical infrastructure, enabling wind farm operators to ensure service continuity to their customers. Providing an effective and complete electrical infrastructure 30% The savings you can achieve with robust automation, control, and monitoring of your energy usage. To sustain our own (rising) energy demand, and to bring clean, reliable energy to those who are still going without, we need to bring simplified, innovative solutions to customers at all levels of energy consumption and conservation. Wind energy is one technology that can help us achieve this goal — it is efficient, produces no greenhouse gas emissions, and is becoming increasingly popular as a renewable energy source. So, why is wind power not a greater force in the energy market than it is today? Well, for one, it is currently an expensive venture, requiring significant capital expenses at the outset. This makes the efficiency and performance of each wind turbine all the more important. Fortunately, Schneider Electric has a wide breadth of solutions that will help you reduce those capital expenses, increase productivity, and ensure that you get the most from your wind power operation. Additionally, when you choose to partner with Schneider Electric for your wind project, you’re choosing: A balance between bulk and adapted products, providing customers with high-quality standards and flexible, customized solutions. The benefits of a global player, with the ability to source and deploy the service expertise you need, when you need it. The right level of service continuity, tailored to your specifications by the global specialist in energy management. In other words, you’ll be able to do more with less. And in a growing industry where the bottom line is the only line that matters, choosing the right partner can make all the difference. The importance of having a trusted partner Schneider Electric’s solutions make higher productivity and lower maintenance a reality. The current energy crisis has made at least one thing clear: our planet and society’s future is anything but certain. IntroductionIntroduction
  4. 4. 6 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 7 Solutions OverviewSolutions Overview Integrated solutions for every stage of the process Schneider Electric’s six dedicated solutions Main Power Circuit Efficiency starts with the main power circuit, where minimized energy losses translate into lower system costs and an improved energy harvest. 5 Connection to the Grid Reduce both capital and operating costs by ensuring your connection to the grid complies with utility requirements and delivers maximum harvested electricity. 6 Supervision With our innovative system of remote operation and supervision, you enable the most accurate energy metering possible for your wind farm. 3 Auxiliary Circuits Our expertise in automation and electrical distribution, combined with the wide breadth of our products, enables us to be the one-stop shop for your auxiliary circuits. 1 4 MV Collection We offer an extremely compact, wind-specific MV collection solution that ensures better service continuity and guaranteed efficiency. 2 Control of the Turbine Ensure an optimized operating environment with automated control of the turbine, reducing your maintenance costs and increasing safety.
  5. 5. 8 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 9 Wind Turbine Solution | Main Power Circuit Improving your energy harvest through maximum efficiency Once your generator has produced electricity, you want to hold on to as much of that energy as possible. That’s why it’s so important that your main power circuit be reliable, efficient, and designed in accordance with the relevant standards. Our products — including the contactor and the LV circuit breaker — have been designed together to reach a Type 2 coordination, meaning that if an overvoltage occurs, one piece of damaged hardware won’t harm another. And, while converters are typically a place where energy is lost, our Xantrex converter —designed specifically for the wind industry — is very efficient. But our wind-specific equipment doesn’t stop there. Our DVCAS switchgears are designed to fit through doors as small as 600 mm wide, and can be installed in wind turbines up to 2000 m above sea level. Of course they comply with all the relevant standards (IEC and UL), and also meet all the needs of networks up to 36 kV (IEC) / 38 kV (UL). In addition, our main power circuit solution will help you: Achieve better service continuity and heightened safety with integrated switchgears and transformer substations. Lower both your capital and operating expenses by up to 25 percent through power factor correction/harmonic mitigation. Improve your business performance by reducing downtime and increasing the lifetime of your equipment. Setting a new standard for wind power with Xantrex converters With more than 20 years of experience in the wind industry, Xantrex has established its name as a reliable partner in any wind project. End-to-end maintenance, support, and rapid response time have only added to that reputation. But the converters themselves are the real story. Each Xantrex wind power converter is custom-designed to provide optimum performance with your specific generator and is built using proven modular assemblies. Additionally, to meet stringent utility grid code requirements worldwide, Xantrex converters are available with patented technology that keeps wind turbines connected to the grid, despite large voltage or frequency variations. This same technology also reduces torque stress on turbine gearboxes and drive shafts. It’s this kind of innovation that has made Xantrex such a dominant force in the wind power industry, serving wind turbines from the 10 kW up to the 5 MW power classes. Wind-specific products provide added reliability for your main power circuit. Trihal F1 / self-extinguishing• in case of case fire E3 / withstand 95%• humidity according to IEC 60076-16 C3 / resistance• to -50°C Adaptable design• for door width and vibrations constraints Products 4,000 The total megawatts of installed wind power capacity worldwide supported by Xantrex converters. RM6 24 kV• Up to 630A• 20kA / 1s IAC-AF AL• DVCAS 36kV – 38 kV• Up to 630A• 20kA / 3s• 20kA / 1s IAC• AFL – AFLR VegetaWind with vegetable oil Biodegradable and• natural ester 360°C fire point• Overload capability• with same life time duration Adaptable dimensions• to narrow doors LV/MV Transformer Ring Main Unit Canalis/I-Line 100A to 800A /• 800A to 5000A 690V• IP54• Busway Xantrex 10kW to 5.3MW• For induction, doubly• fed, or permanent magnet generators 50Hz or 60Hz• Converter Tesys F 1000A to 2600A• Compact size (max• 322x540x232mm) Type 2 coordination• with Masterpact NW and Compact NSX Up to 1000V• Contactor Masterpact AC3 up to• 2000A at 690V Fixed or• drawout version Type 2 coordination• with Tesys F LV Circuit Breaker 60cm The key dimension of Schneider Electric wind-specific switchgears, allowing them to pass through the door into the wind turbine.
  6. 6. 10 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 11 Wind Turbine Solution | Control of the Wind Turbine Ensure an optimized operating environment Efficiency alone can be the difference between a successful wind turbine and one that fails to produce. So, why would you choose anything but the most efficient solution for your installation? Schneider Electric fully automates the wind turbine, using such products as the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a highly-reliable UPS. Together, they form a dynamic and rugged system which has very low power consumption, and can be easily modified or upgraded. As such, the PLC functions as the “brain” of the wind turbine, while the UPS provides the backup power to keep the PLC working — even when no wind energy is being collected. And with this integrated system, you also enable: The ability to gracefully shut down the wind turbine, distribution and/or collection monitoring and control systems The capturing and storing of any information related to the state or failure of the wind power system when an outage occurs Heavy reduction in maintenance costs, longer mean time between failure, and simplification of the troubleshooting process Enhanced safety for the wind turbine, the power grid, and any personnel involved With complete control of the turbine, you finally get the kind of compact, high-performance solution that only comes from a provider with decades of expertise in automation. Finally, you can optimize your efficiency to get the results you’ve been looking for. Gain greater control of the turbine through automation and backup power Products 20% The steady growth rate for wind energy over the last 10 years. This is expected to continue through 2012 and beyond. 42 The number of countries that have some renewable energy policy in place today. This is expected to climb rapidly as focus on climate change, dependence on foreign energy sources, and the cost of energy increases. Finally, you can optimize your efficiency to get the results you’ve been looking for. Symmetra RM 2 to 6 kVA• Output voltage distortion 5%• Efficiency at full load 91%• 50Hz or 60Hz• UPS M340 Compact size designed• for use in reduced-space turbine environment Robustness to vibrations• (up to 3G) Operates in harsh• environment -40°C to + 75°C Embeds RTU functions• (data storage, remote communications) Flexible and modular design• PLC M258 Compact and optimised• Modular, expandable• and remote flexibility High performance• and openness Data storage ,web and• ftp server embedded XBT GC HMI and control offer:• Compact all in-one Up to 15% total savings• (in design setup operation and maintenance)
  7. 7. 12 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 13 A customized solution from a single provider Conditions in a wind turbine are inhospitable, to say the least — extreme heat, bitter cold, excessive moisture, and even lightning are just a few of the environmental conditions your equipment needs to be ready to face. Of course, your initial need is simply to find a supplier for each of the parts that make up your auxiliary circuits, from panel boards to power surge protection. Schneider Electric has the best of both worlds: all the parts you need; all guaranteed to stand up against the harsh conditions that wind turbines represent. And, what’s more, they all give you the guarantees required in terms of safety, upgradeability, and cost control over the years. Our auxiliary circuits offer includes, but is not limited to: Highly-dependable panel boards that ensure installation safety and operating dependability Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that provide cost-efficient operation with connectivity everywhere Proven, innovative technology that is simple to use, compact, and addresses all your control and signalling needs Reliable, robust surge protection against lightning to ensure safe, clean power and optimized availability Soft starters and variable speed drives (VSDs) that increase both accuracy and dependability Our expertise in automation and electrical distribution gets you the best fit for your auxiliary circuits. TeSys U-Line Motor Starter-Controllers: The ultimate in motor control and protection There’s never been a motor control system quite like Schneider Electric’s new TeSys U-Line. With ingenious simplicity, U-Line brings power, protection, and control all together in one incredibly compact, modular device. In fact, the wind-specific TeSys U — designed to fit easily into a nacelle — reduces the size of the panel by 40 percent versus the traditional solution. Because of its simple plug and play modularity, the TeSys U-Line has ten times fewer part numbers than devices using standard components, so preparation, selection, and ordering are fast and easy. Additionally, the U-Line requires 80 percent less wiring than a traditional solution, and, in case of an overload trip, the reset can be done quickly and easily without going up to the nacelle. Tesys U Up to 15kW• 12 to 32A• Interrupt 50kA• at 480V 45mm wide unit• Harmony • ø 8, 10, 12mm pilot lights • ø 16, 22, 30mm push-buttons, switches pilot lights Prisma Prisma Plus G /• up to 630A Prisma Plus P /• up to 3200A Metal enclosures• IP30 to IP 55• 40% The panel size reduction made possible by using the wind-specific TeSys U-Line versus the traditional solution. Wind Turbine Solution | Auxiliary Circuits Variable Speed Drive Soft Starter HMI Screens Push Buttons Motor Control Panel Boards Products Altivar 71 0.37 to 500kW• 200 to 480V• Worldwide offer:• UL, CSA, CE, CTick, Ghost Magelis Complete and• scalable offer Altistart 4 to 1200kW• 200 to 690V• Patented Torque• Control System (TCS) Quick PRD Pluggable cartridges• Safest installation• Type 1, type 2 and• telecom offers from 48V to 690V Compliance with• new standards TS 50539-22 Lightning protection
  8. 8. 14 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 15 Protect your turbines; connect your wind farm Optimize equipment safety and availability through MV Collection When dealing with more than just a single turbine, harvested energy must be collected before it’s brought to the power station. To do this as safely and efficiency as possible, wind farm operators need a system for MV Collection. This includes such equipment as transformers, switchgears, and kiosks to name a few. But what puts Schneider Electric’s solutions above the competition is the fact that all these products have been designed to work together, ensuring electrical, mechanical, and communication compatibility. And, each aspect of the solution contributes to the overall productivity of the wind farm in its own right: SF6 insulated switchgears that ensure the electrical installation is optimized, has improved performance and better service continuity. Wind-dedicated transformers that are highly efficient and proven reliable against a variety of environmental hazards. Customized, prefabricated substations that improve network efficiency and maximize electricity production. A complete electrical installation that allows you to better manage your maintenance costs. Also, however, the transformer and the switchgears have been specifically tailored to wind farm constraints: while all are especially compact, the switchgears, for instance, are purposely designed to be a mere 60 cm, allowing them to pass through the door of a wind turbine. And if you want to ensure that your project goes smoothly, look no further than our own Projects and Engineering Centre. There, we bring more than 50 years of experience to the table, helping you develop innovative value proposals using our cutting edge expertise. To learn more about these and other consultancy options, see Page 20. Secondary Switchgears RM6 24 kV• Up to 630A• 20kA / 1s IAC-AF AL• DVCAS 36kV – 38 kV• Up to 630A• 20kA / 3s• 20kA / 1s IAC• AFL – AFLR SM6 36kV• Up to 1250A• 25kA / 1s• 30 The years of experience we have, with 10,000 MV/LV substations being installed each year all over the world. All of our products have been designed to work together, ensuring electrical, mechanical, and communication compatibility. Wind Farm Solution | MV Collection Sepam 12 analog inputs• 42 logic inputs• 23 relay outputs• 2 Modbus• comm. port Protection Relay Trihal F1 / self-extinguishing• in case of case fire E3 / withstand 95%• humidity according to IEC 60076-16 C3 / resistance• to -50°C Adaptable design• for door width and vibrations constraints LV/MV Transformer Products
  9. 9. 16 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 17 Primary Switchgears 97% The amount of availability Schneider Electric can guarantee for your wind farm installation. Achieving improved reliability and efficiency at once A solution to connect you to the grid and extend the life of your equipment Connecting to the power grid brings with it a unique set of challenges: surges, dips, distortions, and, of course, stringent grid code requirements. Even small shifts of power flows can trip circuit breakers, sending larger loads onto neighbouring lines and causing chain reaction failures. For those not from electrical backgrounds, solving these problems can be a daunting proposition. And yet, bringing clean, reliable power to your installation is absolutely necessary. Fortunately, being the global specialist in energy management, we at Schneider Electric have the solution — the solution to relieve that grid-induced anxiety, bring you the optimized reliability you need, and guarantee 99.5 percent availability. The solution begins with SF6 insulated metal-enclosed switchgear, which is designed to ensure maximum safety in a reduced-space environment. Its design also ensures that it is unaffected by the environment, enabling a superior continuity of service. In terms of grid code requirements, we design and provide everything you need to comply, from fixed LV and MV power factor solutions to real-time compensation systems. These systems, which include harmonic mitigation, provide several benefits that can be translated directly into financial savings for both the investor and the user: Up to 25 percent reduction is commonly achievable in both capital and operational expenses Significant reduction in downtime Extended equipment lifetime Minimized system losses and demand power Reduced overloading on the electrical system, thereby releasing useable capacity All this adds up to improved competitiveness of your business. And, since such measures are now all but essential for operating a safe and successful installation, the time has never been better to take these precautions against an unreliable grid. Bringing clean, reliable power to your installation is absolutely necessary. Wind Farm Solution | Connection to the Grid MCset 24kV• Up to• 2500A MV Compensation CP200 series UP to 36 kV• 50 and 60 Hz• Indoor or outdoor• Up to 123 kV - 60MVA• Vegetable or• mineral oil On-load or off-load• tap changers Adaptable design for• capitalization of loss CGset Single busbar/• double busbar 24kV-36kV• Up to 2500A• Up to 40kA 3s• 31,5kA / 1s -• 40kA / 0,5s IAC AFL - AFLR. Products LV Compensation Varset Up to 800 V• 50 and 60 Hz• Indoor or outdoor• Reactive Energy Compensation Dynamic Compensation Accusine Up to 10 MVar,• with parallel connections LV and MV• compensation (MV achieved through transformer) 50 and 60 Hz• 25% The reduction in operating and capital expenses you can realize through power factor correction/ harmonic mitigation. Power Transformers
  10. 10. 18 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 19 Centralized supervision for all your wind farm needs Lower expenses and measure efficiency with real-time remote management Wind farms are complex installations — and relatively inaccessible — installations to operate, especially when more than one site is involved. So when your bottom line depends on your ability to accurately manage the overall health and productivity of those turbines, you need more than educated guesswork. You need a comprehensive system for wind farm supervision. The good news: real-time power monitoring and management is now a reality. Our centralized supervision solution ensures the profitability of a wind power plant, enabling: Optimized electricity production and maintenance cost Maximized return on investment Reduced reaction time in case of fault on a site Lowered operational expenses Using top-of-the-line SCADA host devices, you’ll command a SCADA master station suitable for a wide range of remote control, monitoring, and management applications with built-in wind- farm knowledge. Armed with this powerful tool, you’ll quickly and easily be able to: Measure the energy flowing to the grid, in terms of both quantity and quality Measure both wind farm and wind turbine efficiency View the electrical to ensure grid code compliance See the sequence of events and the FTR to analyse and fix a PQ problem Obtain the PQ reporting data for IEC50160 compliance reporting at the intertie point and IEC61400-21 at the wind turbine level Monitor wind farms at various sites in real-time, regardless of the wind turbine manufacturer Of course, these capabilities are just the beginning. The Schneider Electric supervision solution gives you a single view for all your wind farm needs, including energy metering that boasts the highest accuracy in the industry. And, with our extensive array of consultancy options and services, you can rest assured that you have a partner for your project’s entire life cycle. With this kind of partnership and innovation, surely, the sky is the limit. I/O 32 I/O + extensions• capacities Signals: digital,• analog (4-20mA, 0-10V, PT1000…) Communication ports:• RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet ION Class 0.2 accuracy• 5 communication• ports: Ethernet, Modem, RS-232, RS-485, front panel optical Metering: voltage,• current, power, frequency, power factor Scada Supervisor Multi-protocol• communications (permanent or not) Multiple alert support• (sms, fax, relay, mail) SQL database• The good news: real-time power monitoring and management is now a reality. 20% The portion of a wind farm’s harvest that can be lost without the use of accurate devices to identify when and where losses are occurring. 50% The portion of all new renewable energy sources that is wind power related. Wind Farm Solution | Centralized Supervision Products Power Meter SCADA
  11. 11. 20 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 21 Wind Farm and Wind Turbine ServicesWind Farm and Wind Turbine Services Consultancy solutions: Experience at your service Use our dedicated team of engineers to guide your project from start to finish and beyond. 7 The number of Schneider Electric application design engineering centres worldwide. Electrical network design to ensure the reliability and longevity of your network through the correct design and selection of equipment and protective devices. Protection studies to identify optimum protection settings to ensure that your personnel and electrical network are properly protected and supply availability is maximized. Electrical installation audits for enhancing the dependability of your electrical installation, ensuring improved and lasting performance for your installation by changing system architecture and organization. Network reliability studies to assess electrical and environmental stresses and calculate power availability to critical loads, identifying priorities for maintenance, equipment upgrades, or network changes. Electrical contingency planning to proactively reduce the risk to your installation and minimize lost revenue through system downtime by running a detailed recovery plan. Harmonics surveys to identify the existing supply impedance and individual harmonics, as well as reduce both electrical insulation degradation and nuisance tripping of overload. Fault level studies to proactively manage risks by calculating peak, make, and break fault levels. Power transformer assessments as an on-site audit of your power transformers, with measurements taken both on and offline. Control system design providing an overview design and specification of control system functionality. Building a competitive advantage together Secure your business with the help of our risk management experts. Facilitate your development abroad through our worldwide presence. Optimize machinery performance with the assistance of our application design engineers. Leverage the knowledge and expertise of our 200 worldwide plants to improve industrial performance. Provide local after-sales service at any location worldwide through our Customer International Support representatives. Our consultancy services include: Our OEM-specific service plans include: Developing your business, increasing your profitability and improving your competitiveness are your main challenges. As your partner of choice, our mission is to help you achieve your objectives throughout the entire life cycle of your machines. 950 The number of engineers and technicians we have on staff at our Projects and Engineering Centre, where we offer complex solutions and services for all our customers.
  12. 12. 22 | Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power Schneider Electric Solutions for Wind Power | 23 Main Power Circuit What’s next? Looking for more information about any of our wind farm or wind turbine solutions? In fact, for any wind-related question you might have, Schneider Electric’s wind power specialists are never more than a mouse click away. Our knowledgable representatives are always on hand to help you get the information you need to make smart, informed decisions for your next wind power project. e-mail them today at Achieve more while using less. It’s possible with Schneider Electric’s reliable and efficient wind power solutions.
  13. 13. Make the most of your energy ©2010 Schneider Electric Industries SAS, All Rights Reserved. Schneider Electric, Make the most of your energy, and Symmetra are owned by Schneider Electric, or its affiliated companies in the United States and other countries. • 998-2410 Schneider Electric Industries SAS Head Office 35 rue Joseph Monier 92500 Rueil Malmaison - France Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 29 70 00 Design: Global Marketing, Communications Strategy, and Design