MT116 Personal Branding


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MT116 Personal Branding

  1. 1. E-réputation Personal Branding MT116EMLYON Business School ©2011 LHST
  2. 2. Agenda Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  3. 3. Is it all about Me? What am I really worth Am I listening to my to my community? Market customers needs? Money Me Message What impression do I How do I communicate leave on my Mearning my unique selling community? position? After Bjorn Austraat 2011 Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  4. 4. The Meaning Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  5. 5. What is branding ? • A brand is a specific promise of value • A brand is also an image created in the minds of people • When you see a brand like Hermès, Michelin or Carrefour, you associate it with a set of expectations“A personal brand is like a piece of classical music on the • A brand is also process used to page it may be finished, but it’s not fully realized until it reaches the ears of its audience” evoke the perceptions Peter Montoya connected with a product or service. Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  6. 6. A holistic approach Personal Branding is both = Personal Packaging + Personal Development Admin Economy Technology Talent ©2011 LHST
  7. 7. The Origins • Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich suggested that branding refers to the "ways and mean of marketing personal services“ • The term became “mainstream” following the work of Tom Peters and Peter Montoya • Current evangelists include Bjorn Austraat, Fadhila Brahimi, and Olivier Zara « The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear. » • Also called impression management, Socrates online identity, reputation capital Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  8. 8. Character, brand, and reputation • The difference between values, brand and reputation • How do you build your reputation in the real world? • Viral communication et actor/network theory Brown, 2010 • Mnemes and social marketing « Your brand is what people say about you when you are no longer in the room » Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  9. 9. The Market Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  10. 10. The Market Economy • Voluntary exchange of goods, services, and information • Consumers are free to choose according to their tastes and preferences • Governed by an “invisible hand” of supply and demand " Economy is the method by which • Perfect information, flexible and we prepare today to afford the decentralized improvements of tomorrow.” Calvin Coolidge • In the real world, market economies do not exist Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  11. 11. The Digital Economy • Economy based on the electronic exchange of goods, services and people • N. Negroponte “Processing atoms to processing bits”– moving from physical goods to services to finance • Digital Intermediation – everything " Who needs to pays us $350,000 a year if they can get an … Indian in one point in time becomes radiologist for $25,000 a year”.” US radiologist quoted by Wachter, “virtual” 2006 • Anywhere, anytime, anyhow? Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  12. 12. The Experience Economy • Service economy – value comes from services embedded in the product • Pine and Gilmore argued that differentiation today comes from creating “experiences” • Starbucks, Michelin, Hermès, Apple • Companies provide “stages”, managers are “actors”, customers "Experience is knowledge, are active “spectators” everything else is information" -- Albert Einstein Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  13. 13. The Attention Economy • Thomas Davenport - Attention is focused mental engagement • Human attention is an increasingly scarce commodity • Approach to economics to improve how consumers, producers, and intermediaries manage information • Product costs are tied to immediacy, personalization, authenticity and “Attention is a bit like real estate, in that accessibility theyre not making any more of it. Unlike • Elevator pitches, Google rankings, real estate, though, it keeps going up in value” politics Seth Godin, 2011 Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  14. 14. The Hook • Even asking for 30 seconds of attention is a « tall task » • What is your hook? – Does it fit on a business card? – Does it answer “what do you do” in an interesting, memorable way? – Does it earn you the right to continue the conversation? Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  15. 15. The Message Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  16. 16. Customer perceptions of value Attribute Consequence Goal Based Based Based •Product’s •Desired • Customer’s features and consequences sense of functions in context purpose •An accountant •Balanced books • A well run company Woodruff, 1997 Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  17. 17. Three ring circus (theater) • intersection areas that represent the points of difference • points of parity that afford no competitive advantage • points of difference giving your competitors an edge • undiscovered or unmet needs of your customers Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  18. 18. Location aware • The religious reference is unlikely to cause consternation in an urban center • The poster is displayed a metro – the likely mode of transportation of people living in smaller apartments • The ad copy resonates with the audience and creates a feeling of belonging, intuitive understanding and “being on the same team,” Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  19. 19. Mirror, mirror on the wall Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  20. 20. Metaphorical Stories •Values are communicated in stories •A brand is a story that’s never completely told. • A brand connects with something intensely human – the origins of myths •Stories create the emotional context people need to locate themselves in their own experience. The Business Value Roadmap ™ Scott Bedbury, Creator of Nike & Starbucks Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  21. 21. Where is your story? Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  22. 22. The Money Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  23. 23. Richard Branson, Virgin “The idea that business is just a numbers affair has always struck me as preposterous. For one thing, I’ve never been particularly good at numbers, but I think I’ve done a reasonable job with feelings. And I’m convinced that it is feelings – and feelings alone – that account for the success of the Virgin brand in all of its myriad forms.” Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  24. 24. Is what you measure what you get? What can a personal brand do for you? • Accelerate your job search using a multi-channel communication strategy • Transition more easily into a new career • Be prepared for change and gain clarity on long-term career objectives Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  25. 25. From attributes to benefits• Unique Ability/Talent• Experiences (glue)• Ancestral or Heritage• Personality or Style• Philosophy or Beliefs• Integrity & Ethics Bjorn Austraat 2011 Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  26. 26. Self development and packaging Skills Feature Benefit Technology skills Promise of contributing rapid Competitive advantage and ongoing innovation Teamworking Productivity multiplier for No drama, more output skills increased team output Degree from an Inferred prestige and credibility Smart by association elite institution in customer interactions Analytical skills Solid decision making based on Peace of mind realistic view of raw dataAn example :“I write PHP code” >> “I create online shopping experiences that are profitable and easy to extend and maintain.Visitors love my work, site owners can sleep at night.” Bjorn Austraat 2011 ©2011 LHST
  27. 27. Tell me your (short) story •An image in the minds of people? •A set of expectations? •A promise of value? • What is your hook? Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  28. 28. A process rather than a thing •Creating and defining your personal abilitions • Formulating your unique selling position •Developing a well-balanced action plan •Implemeting your brand – making your brand reality Goldsmith, 2009 ©2011 LHST
  29. 29. Communications tools - SNA • Project execution • Authorship • Conversations • Networking • Narrative Management…. Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST
  30. 30. Working planWhat skills and attributes do you bring What are your « customers »to the table? challenges and opportunities?How do you fit into yourcustomers’ stories? How can we define a « Happy End Meaning Market Message Money ©2011 LHST