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Mt114 mobileprojectmanagement

  1. 1. Mobile Business The Amaté platform Mobile Project Management May 22th 2014 - Preliminary Draft -
  2. 2. Agenda I. Introduction II. Mobile Applications III. Mobile Strategy IV. Mobile Project Management V. Student Deliverables Ce module explore : • les enjeux pour l'entreprise • l'étude des besoins • les concepts fondamentaux et l'architecture de la mobilité • la maquettage de votre application • la mise en œuvre et la gestion du projet Intro Value EnjeuxImpact
  3. 3. • Peek can diagnose retinal and optic nerve diseases. • The phone’s screen is used to conduct various vision tests, and all the data is geolocated using the phone’s built-in GPS. • The patient record, the application is then sent to a clinic for analysis. • This mobile solution costs around 350 Euros compared to more than 115 000 Euros for traditional laboratory equipment. Intro Metrics SpecsUse Scenarios
  4. 4. I. Initiating II. Planning III. Executing IV. Monitoring & controlling V. Closing
  5. 5. I. How can companies insure an approach in a holistic, unified fashion? II. Businesses in the US and UK are making average current investments of $422K III. A third of companies are planning to launch four or more mobile projects in the next 12-18 months IV. The companies are working with several mobile solutions vendors due to the inability of suppliers to address multiple mobile value chain aspects. Antenna’s Mobile Business Forecast 2012
  6. 6. I. Mobile solutions suppliers today are mostly small specialist providers II. Large companies are forced to commission multiple projects in order to multiple strategy sections III. Companies take over six months to complete projects, with 10 percent taking a year or more to finish them IV. Mobile strategies have become fragmented, redundant, and the projects have ended up being difficult to manage. Antenna’s Mobile Business Forecast 2012
  7. 7. I. The devices take more time to set up for development and testing II. There is a learning curve for adjusting to new tools and hardware versions III. A surprising amount of time can be lost if devices aren't available IV. People get tired and uncomfortable more quickly using mobile devices V. Multiple store submission requirements also are quite time consuming
  8. 8. • Paper + Pen • Metal Stencil stencil-kit/ Payant
  9. 9. •
  10. 10. • Example : Mi coach Nike +  Runnkeeper  Mi coach
  11. 11. Systèmes d’exploitation Editeur Appareils Tablettes Langages iOS Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad Oui Objective C, CocoaTouch, SDK Android Google Nokia, Google Phone, Samsung, HTC Oui Java, SDK Android BlackBerry RIM Blackberry Oui JavaME et extensions propriétaires Windows Mobile/Windows 7 Microsoft Plusieurs constructeurs Oui Framework.Net Bada Samsung Quelques Samsung Oui C++, SDK, Bada Symbian Nokia Nokia Non C++ et Toolkit
  12. 12. I. Design and Usability of the App is the key for success II. Provide a clear and clean layout - users have to use your app from the very first beginning without any help III. Users should not think about your app at any time, they should simply use it
  13. 13. I. Every application, regardless of type, has an application window II. Status Bar III. Navigation Bar • Tab Bar IV. Toolbar
  14. 14. Promote a consistent user experience and make your job easier
  15. 15. •
  16. 16. • jjjjj
  17. 17. Dimension
  18. 18. I. Name of the application II. Application Icons III. Text Description IV. Category V. Launch screen VI. Copyright, SKU number and keywords VII. URL VIII. EULA
  19. 19. I. A good app is the best technical solution for the target group II. Define the scope : device compatibility and the OS III. Ensure that scope does not affect external environmental factors
  20. 20. I. Measure on how the aera will be impacted II. Measure the technical knowledge of the client to avoid scope creep III. Measure the change expected by the client IV. Go step by step
  21. 21. I. Time II. Cost III. Earned value management (EVM) is a project management technique for measuring project progress in an objective manner, with a combination of measuring scope, schedule, and cost in a single integrated system.
  22. 22. I. Provide a unique website for your product II. Think about a carefully Social Media Strategy (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs ...) III. How can you reach your users that they get aware of your app IV. Provide a light version of you app
  23. 23. • Notes defy organization. • Essentially a an outlining app that runs on the Web • Personalizable flexible data structures • Creates a kind of document map of how your own mind operates Intro Metrics SpecsUse Scenarios
  24. 24. • City1Tap aggregates real-time information on city services, news, shopping and entertainment with loyalty programs • The interface allows users to search for services and alerts • The app’s behavioral engine uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze user’s activities and deliver targeted, personalized content. Intro Metrics SpecsUse Scenarios
  25. 25. • Productivity is the ability transform data into action • Roambi changes raw business data into interactive graphics • Connects to Excel, Salesforce, Microsoft SQL… • Push, pull, slice and dice the data Intro Metrics SpecsUse Scenarios