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Conclusion2014 Conclusion2014 Presentation Transcript

  • ©2010 LHST Innovation Management Is a State of Mind The Amaté platform Conclusion May 7th 2014 - Preliminary Draft -
  • ©2010 LHST Intro Modeling ConstructionPerception
  • ©2010 LHST •Examples of boxes : •Business models •Processes •Best practices •Company culture
  • ©2010 LHST http// m • Course slides • Recommended reading • Course deliverables • Student input le
  • ©2010 LHST Grading Scale The marks in this module will be based upon contributions in three areas : • Curation: 20 possible points based on the quality of each individual student’s on-line and in-class participation • Design your School: 30 possible points based value of the 1200 word story you have to tell. • Final Exam: 40 possible points based on the quality of your insight on the essay exam • Total points possible: 100
  • ©2010 LHST Invention vs Innovation • Economic development consists of three distinguishable stages of invention, innovation and imitation • An ’invention’ is an idea, a sketch or model for a new or improved device, product, process or system. • An ’innovation’ is accomplished with the commercial transactions of the product, process, system or device. Joseph Schumpeter
  • ©2010 LHST ) • Harder, better, faster… • Mechanized productivity • Knowledge productivity • Continuous Productivity Steven Sinofsky Introduction Typologies ProcessesDefinitions e-workbook
  • ©2010 LHST History 1950/60s Technology push Simple linear sequential process. Emphasis on R&D. The market is a receptacle for the fruits of R&D. 1970s Market-pull Simple linear sequential process. Emphasis on marketing. The market is the source for directing R&D. R&D has areactive role. 1980s Coupling model Sequential, but with feedback loops. Combinations of push and pull. 1980/90s Interactive model Emphasis on integrating R&D and marketing. 1990s Network models Emphasis on external linkages Introduction Typologies ProcessesDefinitions e-workbook
  • Focus Improve Knowledge Leverage Mesure Organization Processes Explicit Transactions Efficiency Services Delivery Implicit Interactions Effectiveness Networks Relationships Emerging Interactions Innovation Search Relevancy Connected Associations CTR Mobility Context Embedded Proximity Relevancy
  • ©2010 LHST©2010 LHST sarl What is the conflict? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) What do you need to know/do? 1) 2) 3) 4) What is the roadmap? 1) 2) 3) 4) What does better mean 1) 2) 3) 4)
  • ©2010 LHST The Value Proposition Segment the market Identify customer needs Design the processes Measure the results Social Business CasesExperience Economy Conflict
  • ©2010 LHST The Elevator pitch What is the conflict What skills and competencies? How have you constructed the roadmap? What is the happy end? Social Business CasesExperience Economy Conflict
  • ©2010 LHST The Business Value Matrix™ Where does value come from? Whereareyoulookingforresults? ©2005 LHST sarl
  • ©2010 LHST What meaning do we attach to the data? Frame Cloud Figure (s) Oracle Antonello da Messina
  • ©2010 LHST Intro Modeling ConstuctionPerception I. Vision II. Actors III. Events IV. Outcomes V. Bridges
  • ©2010 LHST • Choose a theme (innovation, communication, voyage, etc.) • Propose a vision of the place, its technology, its processes and its culture in 1200 words • Vote for your project or another • Win 15 minutes of fame, and a better school experience for all
  • ©2010 LHST A branded digital innovation space A personal content management system to stock the workbook and program notes SEO optimizable, banner ads and tasters The Bookshelf Proximity learning, anywhere anytime and on any mobile device