Poster No 1: Enterprise Business Value Tree
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Poster No 1: Enterprise Business Value Tree



A ground-breaking paradigm shift in Value Realization! ...

A ground-breaking paradigm shift in Value Realization!

With the Enterprise Business Value assessment you can show the “precise” value in €, £ or $ that IT has created over the past 12 months and “predict” exactly how much future value you could create for your business by improving the way you do certain things.

Please fee free to contact either of the authors Mark von Rosing or Henrik von Scheel



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Poster No 1: Enterprise Business Value Tree Poster No 1: Enterprise Business Value Tree Presentation Transcript

  • Business Value Tree A Value Framework to identify, plan, create and realize valueStrategic Increase Improve Increase OperationalBusiness Shareholder Value Competitiveness Lower Risk Ef ciencyObjectivesCritical Increase Revenue Increase Revenue Reduce Sales Improve Improve Customer Improve Partner Optimize Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve ImproveSuccess Through Volume Optimization Through Price Optimization & Administration Costs Reduce Cost of Goods Sold Reduce Income Taxes Capital Optimization Strengthen Innovation Faster Time-to-Market Improve Responsiveness Customer Interaction Satisfaction & Loyalty Improve Brand Awareness & Relationship Collaboration Optimize Intelligence Regulation Compliance Improve Risk Planning Risk Management Business Recovery Development & Production Logistics, Material & Services Corporate Services Human Capital Management Capital Management Improve Data ManagementFactorsKey CCO FL Penetrate new markets S MS CMO RE Align advertising with S MS CPO Consolidate or outsource FL S OS CRDO Design product for RE S BD CIO RO/RE S GA Implement integrated CPO FO Re ne vendor/supplier S OS CFO/COO FO Acquire companies in S GA CFO/CPO FO Exploit investment S GA CFO/CIO FO Increase use of leased S GA CRDO FO Improve platform and S BD CRDO FO/RE S BD License or acquire CIO FL S GA Build exible and scalable CMO FO S MS Consolidate/realign sales CMO/CIO RE Improve sales perfor- S MS CMO RE Improve understanding T MS CMO FO Improve marketing S MS COO RO Improve relationship S GA COO RE/RO S BD Provide greater predict- CFO RO S BD Improve anticipation and CRSO/CFO RO S BD Improve incorporation of CFO/CMO FO Improve alignment of S BD CFO/COO FO Structure programs/ S GA CRSO RO Effective business S BD COO RE T BD Improve capacity planning COO FO Develop low-inventory S BD COO RE Improve workforce S HR CFO/COO FO S GA Improve strategic planning CFO RE Improve incentives S GA CPO FO Increase focus on T OS CHRO/CIO RE S HR Improve alignment of HR CHRO FL Identify strategic HR S HR CFO/CHRO FO/RO S HR Determine HR costs CBDO FO/RO S IT Build strategic intelligencePerformance better and faster through channel partners pricing strategies procurement functions ease-of-use/self-service applications across organizational boundaries strategies target geographies management make and buy options infrastructure portfolio strategies for products and services products and intellectual property business infrastructures territories mance management methods and tools of current customer satisfaction strategy management strategies for key stakeholder groups ability in performance understanding of current and potential regulation/ risk analysis in business planning customer, product, sales, service, support, and projects to deliver bene ts progressively continuity roadmaps processes, skills and tools business models planning dispatch and assignment of processes processes around business planning ef ciency higher-value vendor and partnerships and technology strategies with business strategies needsIndicators legislation ful llment strategies and tools CMO FO/RE S BD CSO FL S MS CPO FO S OS CPO FO S BD CFO FL S MS COO RE S OS CFO/COO FO S GA CFO RO S GA CFO/CIO FO/RE S GA CSO FL S BD CCO FO S BD CFO/CIO RE S GA COO RE S MS CMO RO S MS CMO RE T MS CMO FO S BD COO RE S GA CMO RE/RO T BD COO/CIO RO S BD CPO/CRSO RO S BD CFO FO S GA COO RO T BD CRSO RO S BD COO FO T GA COO RE S OS COO FO S OS CFO RE S GA COO RE T GA CHRO RO T HR CHRO FO S HR CHRO RO S HR CFO FO S GA CIO FO/RO S IT Enter new segments Convert free services to Re ne vendor strategies Standardize product Consolidate billing Re ne/align logistics Acquire companies with Defer/change timing of Reduce total cost of Adressing global issues Improve competitiveness Increase use of exible Improve workforce Improve campaign design Improve understanding Improve marketing and Increase proactive pursuit Reduce business risk by Optimize compliance with Increase emphasis on Improve alignment of Improve quality assurance More effective damage Improve coordination Improve capacity/demand Increase use of vendor- Improve budgetting and Provide staff with better Improve employee owner- Align compensation and Engage employees in Re ne credit/days- Improve standards, and markets fee-based services catalogs operations and distribution strategies relationships in targeted capital investments travel management ie. climate change with through sustainability and expandable infra- planning and dispatch and management pro- of customer needs advertising performance of partnerships, mergers aligning with changing environmental standards risk-informed, scenario- budgets and capital programs handling roadmaps with business partners planning, processes, skills managed/vendor- forecasting capabilities product and service ship to harness ideas to incentive systems with sustainability strategy receivable strategy guidelines and principles customer segments sustainability management win-win partnership structure processes and tools cesses and tools management methods and acquisitions market needs based planning programs with strategic and tools warehoused inventory information improve cost savings strategies, values and and execution Strategical CMO FO S MS CSO FL/RE S MS COO/CRDO FL S OS CFO/COO RO/FO S GA CMO RE T MS COO RE S BD CFO FO S OS CFO FO S GA CFO FL S GA CSO FL S BD CRDO FO/RE S BD COO FL S GA COO RE S MS CMO FL S MS CMO RE T MS and tools CMO FL/RE S BD CFO RE S BD CFO FO T MS CIO/COO RO S BD CFO/COO RE S BD priorities CFO/COO FO S GA COO RE T OS COO/CIO RO S BD COO RE T GA CSO FO S OS CCO/COO FO S OS CHRO/CFO RE S HR CFO RO T GA through sustainability CPO RE O MS ethics CHRO FO T HR CHRO FO T HR CFO FO S GA CIO RE/RO S IT Improve account Increase emphasis on Consolidate or outsource Better alignment of Retarget products and Re ne and/or align Accelerate or defer Decrease ownership of Reduce asset ownership Improve eco-ef ciency Improve design and Adopt sustainability Improve forecasting, Increase environmental- Benchmark sustainability Rationalize and/or Increase focus on Reliable customer Optimize compliance with Improve integration of Increase emphasis on Anticipate future energy Establish recovery and Improve demand fore- De ne business model for Improve sustainability Communicate HR Improve business Improve service procure- Improve incentives around Manage employee Reduce level of working Improve IT architecture management strategies differentiated products IT design and develop- business planning, services and manage material strategies income/expenses non-differentiating assets initiatives to increase cost development processes business model planning and prioritization friendly products & services management refocus channel/media partnership, merger and intelligence industry standards short- and long-term enterprise-wide program and water management maintenance plan casting processes, skills sustainability that incorpo- partnership in product strategies performance reporting ment processes asset development performance capital and align with enterprise and services ment functions management and reporting pricing savings skill and tools that replace demand for non- usage acquisition opportunities business planning planning and delivery cost and tools rates economics, environ- life cycle and services processes architecture functions green products & services ment and social aspect CMO RE S MS CMO FO S MS COO/CRDO FL S OS COO FL T GA CMO FO T BD COO FL/FO S HR COO FL S GA COO/CFO RO S GA CFO FO S GA CSO FO S BD CRDO FO/RE T BD CRSO RO O GA COO RE S MS CMO FL S MS CMO/COO RE T MS CMO/CHRO FO S MS COO RE S BD CFO/COO FO/RE T OP CHRO/CIO RO S BD COO RE S GA CFO/COO RO T GA CFO/COO RO T BD CFO/COO FO S BD COO RE T GA COO RE T OS COO RE T GA CFO RO T GA CMO/COO FO T OS CPO FL O GA CHRO/CMO FO T MS CHRO RO T HR CFO/CMO FO T MS CIO RE/RO S IT Refocus and/or re ne Improve focus on Consolidate or outsource Outsource property tax Improve emphasis on Reduce operational costs Improve alignment of Minimize unpro table Establish development Improve sustainability stra- Improve product develop- Improve risk protection Improve capacity/demand Enhance eco-ef ciency, Improve customer Improve communication Increase emphasis on Improve cost transparency Optimize compliance with Structure programs and Improve identi cation Strengthen corporate Improve business Provide staff with better Improve logistics per- Provide staff with better Improve accounting and Improve workplace Improve terms on equip- Improve incentives for Improve employee Increase focus on credit- Improve IT governance priorities and strategies price-insensitive IT design, development administration activities product quality and ease through ef cient resource nancial strategies with investments of strategic assets as a tegy based on economic ment performance mana- and management planning processes, skills social responsibility and satisfaction with of sustainability vision, operational integration health standards projects to deliver bene ts and management of governance structures continuity planning production information formance management product, service and measurement processes environment and corporate ment and supplies account/relationship resourcing requirements worthy customer segments standards and processes customer segments and deployment services of service allocation corporate strategies key competency pro tability, environment gement, methods & tools and tools well-balance sustainability environmental-friendly strategy, programs and with partners progressively program/project risks and tools methods and tools contract information services with sustainability development per unit/organization and align with process and social responsibilities growth plan products and services activities governance and business CMO RE S MS CMO RE T IT CHRO FL S GA CFO FL T OS CPO RO T OS COO/CRDO RE/FL S BD COO FL S GA CFO/COO FO S GA CFO FO/RE S GA CFO FO S BD CRDO RE T BD COO/CIO RE O GA CMO RO T MS CMO RE T BD CMO FL T MS CMO FO T MS COO RE S BD CFO/CRSO FO/RO T BD CFO/CIO RO S BD CFO/COO RO T BD CRSO RO T BD CFO RO T BD COO RO T GA COO RO T BD COO FO T OS COO RE T GA CHRO/CIO RE T GA CFO RO O OS CPO FL O GA CHRO/CMO RE T MS CHRO FO T HR CFO RO T MS CIO RO S IT Target new geographies Improve data on customer Consolidate or outsource Increase use of lower-cost Manage procurement Increase emphasis on Reduce asset ownership Leverage existing invest- Reduce total cost of Adopt social and ethical Improve product Build exible business Improve transparency Improve sales forecasting Raise internal/external Improve transparency on Improve ability to identify Improve identi cation of Improve data and privacy Improve effectiveness Improve company-wide Align internal audit Improve environmental Improve manufacturing Better inventory control Improve service perfor- Improve HR performance Improve compliance Utilize national/global Improve staff incentives Improve staff incentives Differentiate credit treat- Consolidate and/or re- price sensitivity recruitment functions billing channels for MRO on a national/ modular, extensible, ments better facility management responsibilities in corporate prototyping, piloting and architecture and of customer, product and and campaign execution consciousness of product-related emission and assess partnering opportunities and threats protection compliance of program/project monitoring and manage- practices with business disaster and recovery and quality control mance management management methods management processes purchasing power for cross-selling/up-selling around service ef ciency ment of customers/ architect data stores global basis scalable designs strategy testing processes infrastructure channel pro tability processes and tools sustainability management opportunities governance models ment of risks and risk objectives prevention plan processes methods and tools and tools segments CFO RO S GA CBDO RE T MS CFO/COO FO S GA CFO RO T GA CPO FO T GA COO FO S BD CFO FO T GA CIO FO S IT CIO RO S OP CRDO RE S BD CRDO RE T BD COO RE/FL O GA CMO RO T MS CSO FO T GA CMO FL T MS CMO FO T MS COO FO T GA CFO/COO RE T BD CFO/CIO RO S GA CFO/COO FO T GA CFO/COO RO T GA CFO RO T GA CIO RO O BD COO RE T BD COO RE T GA COO RE T BD CPO/CIO RE O OS CFO RE O OS COO FL O OS CHRO/CRDO FO T BD CHRO FL T HR CFO/CMO FO T MS CFO/COO RO S IT Increase stock value by Align product and service Improve alignment of Consolidate company Rationalize/consolidate Rationalize and/or refocus Optimize valuation and Leverage IT investments Consolidate IT systems, Increase focus on R&D, Improve project Increase use of exible Provide staff with better Improve competitive Improve recycling and Increase brand value with Improve understanding Improve analysis of Optimize compliance with Improve structuring Improve risk planning, Improve monitoring and Effective and ef cient Improve production per- Improve material per- Increase emphasis on Improve procurement Improve debt and equity Improve terms with Improve incentives for Engage employees in Increase focus on Strengthen data harmo- adopting sustainability prices with value to business unit and real estate/facilities MRO vendor portfolio product and service costing methods for better production lines and product innovation, management production facilities customer information differentiation with “green” reclamation sustainability messaging of partner strengths, managerial information accounting standards and launch of cohesive mitigation and control protection of assets, back-up systems formance management formance management build-to-order performance management management processes third-party product product development sustainability strategy and costumer segments with nization and consolidation strategy customers enterprise strategies portfolios inventories service mechanisms and product leadership and low-carbon products weaknesses and interests program portfolios approaches people, infrastructure, etc. methods and tools methods and tools methods and tools and service providers and innovation execution loss credit/loan needs CMO FO T MS CSO FL/RE T MS CFO/COO FO S GA COO FL T GA CIO RO/FO O GA CRDO/CIO RE S MS CFO RE T OS CFO FO S GA CFO RO S GA CRDO FO S BD CMO/CIO RE T BD COO RE O MS COO RE O MS COO RE T MS CMO RE O MS CMO FO T MS COO/CCO RO T BD CFO/COO RE T GA COO FO T OS CFO/COO RO T BD CRSO RE T BD CFO RO T GA CIO RO O BD COO RE T BD CRDO/COO FL T OS COO RE T OS COO FO O GA CFO RE/FL O OS CIO FL O OS CHRO/CMO FO T MS CHRO FO T HR CFO RE T OS CFO/COO RE T IT Coordinate pricing of Consolidate order Ensure full utilization of Improve management of Better settings for Improved market Improve due-date reliability Improve effectiveness of Improve engagement in Adopt practical recommen- Improve/implement Increase emphasis on Improve production Improve environmental- Increase emphasis on Maintain strict control of Improve employee per- Optimize management Optimize use of real-timeKey Increase focus on high Improve alignment of Consolidate IT, telephone Increase emphasis on Maximize shareholder and Improve responsiveness Improve service and Improve quality of infor- Improve assessment and Increase accountability of Ef cient fall-back systems Improve nancial reporting Improve terms with cor- Build product margins/ value/high potential complementary products organization structures ful llment functions and network equipment designing for service tax carry forwards credit/loan portfolio corporate value by sound innovation to ourish intelligence across the value chain support performance sales processes social community mation provided to benchmarking of business dations from the climate internal control frame- risk identi cation and business unit leader for scheduling and staging friendly products and high-turnaround products differentiated components ef ciency porate service providers pro tability into sales formance and satisfaction of A/R and A/P across data customers and services with business strategies and facilities ef ciency and self-service economic sustainability management methods sustainability stakeholders process performance change convention works and policies management tax impact of decisions processes services evaluation business unitsPerformance CMO FO T MS CMO FO T OS CFO FL S GA COO RE T BD CIO FO O GA COO RE S BD CFO FO T GA CFO RE S GA activities CIO FO T IT COO RE T GA CMO FO T BD CFO/COO FL O GA COO/CIO RO O MS and tools CMO RE T MS CMO/COO RE/RO O OS CMO FO O MS CCO FL T BD CMO FO T GA COO FO T OS CFO RO T OP CFO/COO FO T BD CFO FO O BD CIO RO O BD COO RE T BD COO FL O OS CRDO FO O OS CIO RE O MS CFO RE O OS CHRO/CPO RE O GA CHRO FO T HR CHRO RE O HR CHRO FO/RO T HR CFO/CIO RO T ITIndicators Increase focus on most effective sales and Increase focus on pricing effectiveness/price Consolidate or outsource property management Increase focus on business insight and forward-looking Rationalize IT application portfolio Design products to use cost-effective materials Optimize depreciation methods/lives for pro- Improve cash ow Improve terms on IT systems Improve project performance Optimal collaboration across the value chain Optimize working capital by applying exibility in Improve order manage- ment methods and tools Provide staff with better product, service and Improve quality of products and services Improve brand strength and good will Improve supplier transparency on product- Improve access to infor- mation and analytical tools Embed sustainability compliance controls Improve assignment of accountability and Improve focus of company resources on high-priority Improve effectiveness of legislative/lobbying Ef cient recovery solutions Improve materials per- formance management Divest low-demand/ obsolete inventory Increase emphasis on use of common components Improve end-user application support Improve nancial risk management processes Improve incentives around MRO procurement Align management and staff incentives with Improve recruitment and orientation processes Improve employee bene ts Improve data transparency advertising channels optimization functions information perty, plant and equipment internal activities competitive information related emission throughout the value authority initiatives efforts methods and tools ef ciency company performance chain CMO FO T MS CFO RO/FO T OS CHRO/CMO FO O MS CFO FL O GA CIO RE O MS CFO RE O GA Tactical CMO FO T BD CFO FO S OS CHRO FO/RO O GA CPO FO S OS COO FL T GA CSO FO S GA CIO FO T IT CMO RE T BD CRDO FO T BD COO RE O GA COO RE O MS CMO RE O MS CMO FO O MS COO RO O GA CFO/COO RE T BD CFO RO T BD COO RE T OP CFO/COO FO T GA CIO RO O GA COO RE T GA COO RE O GA COO FO O OS CFO/CIO FL O OS CHRO/CIO RE T HR CHRO RE O HR CFO RE T GA CFO/CHRO FO/RO T IT Improve identi cation Improve structuring and Improve alignment of Better alignment of Improve focus on Improve purchasing on a Consolidate or outsource Streamline business Divest low-utilization Improve competitive Increase number and Better balance between Improve pick, pack and Improve staff incentives Increase emphasis on Optimize marketing Develop and leverage Improve determination of Ensure tax planning Cost reduction with waste Improve coordination of Lower debt burden Improve performance Provide staff with better Improve retrieval Rationalize and/or Improve establishment Improve capital Improve terms on pur- Implement/improve Improve skills of HR staff Improve assessment and Improve HR measures on of valuable customer pricing of promotions nancial and corporate nancial accounting and employee retention national/global basis property management model with focus on core IT systems research quality of product and standard and customized ship processes around sales ef ciency account/relationship channels strong/unique partner key performance metrics activities and tax lings management investment, nancial and and reliability of IT product information and processes refocus material portfolio of and adherence to budgeting processes chased and leased assets company-wide processes benchmarking of A/P systems relationships strategies analysis functions functions business components service launches applications development relationships and targets comply with regulatory tax strategies across systems/platforms tools service-level targets and tools for assessing performances environment business units staff performance CHRO RE T MS CMO RE T MS CFO FL S OS CFO/COO RO O MS CHRO RO O GA COO FO T OS COO RO T GA COO FL T GA CFO FO/RE T GA CRDO RE O BD CMO FO T BD CIO FL O GA COO RE O MS COO RE O MS CMO RE O MS CMO FO O MS COO RO O BD CFO/COO RO T OP CFO RO T BD COO RE T BD COO FO T GA CFO RO O BD COO RE O OP COO RE O OS COO FO O MS CPO RE O OS CHRO/CIO RE O BD CFO RE O OS CPO RE O GA CHRO/CPO RE O HR CHRO RE O HR CFO FL T GA CFO/COO RO T IT Improve understanding Improve understanding Outsource property tax Minimize costs related to Improve HR practices Increase focus on Improve balance between Rationalize production Reduce total cost of Improve management of Capture new customer Utilize more exible/ Improve policies and pro- Improve customer service Solicit and respond to Develop and cultivate Improve ability to turn Improve measurement Improve focus on internal Improve coordination and Increase emphasis on Strengthen and commu- Reduce cost with predict- Rationalize order Improve routing of service Improve coordination Provide staff with better Improve management of Improve contract mana- Improve vendor manage- Improve skills of inventory Improve coordination of Improve data control of weakest performances of product/service value administration activities external shocks materials-ef cient buy and lease facilities project management product lifecycles segments with sustain- expandable IT systems cesses around material and support processes customer feedback good will strong relationships into and reporting of opera- controls and regulatory communication across quality management and nicate governance policies able greenhouse gas quantities and timing requests to appropriate with vendors HR information and tools indirect taxes gement processes ment skills of staff and distribution staff payments across business processes and tools to customers production mechanisms ability products & services returns competitive advantage tional and nancial compliance programs and projects benchmarking and procedures emissions to comply with service channels units performance regulation cap CMO RE T MS CMO FL/RE O MS CSO FO S GA COO RO O OS COO FO O GA CMO FO T MS CFO FO O OS COO FO T GA CIO FO O IT CRDO RE O BD CRDO FO O BD CIO RE/RO O GA COO RE O MS COO RE O MS CMO/COO RE/RO O MS CMO FO O MS COO RE O GA COO/CIO FO T BD CFO RO T BD COO FO O BD CFO/COO FO T GA CEO RO O BD COO RO O BD COO RE O BD COO FO O OS CPO FO O OS CHRO RE O GA CFO RE O GA CPO RE O OS CHRO FO O HR CHRO RE O HR CFO FL O MS CFO/COO RO T IT Improve understanding of Charge higher prices Increase focus on business Minimize recovery costs Improve cost savings by Improve focus on Improve tax bene ts of Improve effectiveness of Improve maintenance of Increase emphasis on Improve utilization of Flexible IT architecture Improve provisioning/ Improve utilization of Improve services and Develop and leverage Improve identi cation of Secure use of information Improve monitoring and Minimize risk by increasing Improve alignment of Strengthen and commu- Redundancy in key parts Rationalize production Improve design/structure Improve focus on higher- Improve performance Improve payroll processes Improve product procure- Develop and maintain Improve skills of service Improve and standardize Improve data harmoniza- sales and production dynamically insight and and forward- through “self-healing” reducing waste, energy higher-value customer compensation and bene t plant maintenance IT systems design for con gurability/ product development and infrastructure installation processes customer service staff delivery strong brand stakeholder groups and that is accurate and management of regulatory expertise in selected projects with program nicate mission, vision, of the operational model quantities and timing of distribution networks value vendor relationships assessment processes ment processes better competencies staff credit assessment tion processes and tools defection drivers looking information capabilities and water usage segments programs customization channels establishment of priorities real-time compliance activities and markets and business objectives values and ethics to ensure continuity processes CMO RE T MS CMO RE/FO O MS CMO FO T MS CMO FO O BD CFO FO O GA CFO FL T GA CFO FL/RE O GA CRDO RE O BD CIO FO O IT CRDO FO O BD CRDO FO O OP COO RO O GA COO RE O MS COO RO O OS CMO RE O MS CMO RE O MS COO RE O GA CFO/COO RE T BD CRSO RO T OP CFO RO O GA CFO/COO RE O GA CCO RO O BD COO RE O BD COO FO O OS CPO FL O OS CHRO FL O GA CFO RE O GA CIO/CTO RO O GA CHRO FO O IT CHRO RO O HR CFO FL O MS CFO/CIO RO T IT Tailor account manage- Improve execution of Improve focus on Improve focus on Improve sustainability Strengthen enterprise- Optimize expense vs. Improve design for Increase utilization of Increase utilization of Improve ordering and Improve sales and service Improve routing of service Shorten order-to-delivery Develop stronger customer Improve effectiveness of Improve integration of Increase emphasis on Improve monitoring and Clarify governance roles Improve program/project Improve communication Shorten production cycles Improve incentives around Improve terms on material Utilize available govern- Improve real estate Improve technology and Improve knowledge Improve executive deve- Improve collections Better data and privacy ment approaches to market- and supply driven segments with lower higher-value advertising management reporting wide nancial reporting capitalization of costs manufacturability and IT systems modular, reusable designs receipt processes performance management requests to appropriate cycle time/Improve relationships marketing and advertising business processes continuous, proactive management of risk and and responsibilities management methods between the board, mana- inventory/distribution ment and local employ- design and development data risk management sharing lopment, recruiting and processes protection compliance customer segments promotions average cost-to-serve channels/media and balance sheet standards service methods and tools staff product and service processes across partner networks performance management compliance and tools gement, shareholders and ef ciency ment/training incentives processes processes succession planning availability the public CMO FO/RE T GA CSO RE O MS CMO RE T BD CMO FL O MS CMO RE O MS CPO FO T GA CFO RE O OS COO RO O GA CIO FO/RE O IT COO RE O BD CRDO RE O BD COO FO O GA CMO FO O MS CMO RO O MS CMO RE O OS CMO FO O MS COO RO O GA CFO/COO RO T GA CSO/CFO RE T OP CFO/COO RO O GA CFO/COO FO O GA COO RO O BD CHRO/CPO FO O GA COO FO O OS CPO RE O OS CIO/COO RE O GA CFO RE O GA CIO RO O BD CHRO RE O HR CHRO RE O HR CFO FL O MS CIO RO O IT Improve quality and Improve tailoring of Rationalize targeted Increase use of lower-cost Rationalize and/or Rationalize/consolidate Consider tax implications Improve preventive Utilize more ef cient Broadened product and Improve pro tability of Improve balance between Route low-value trans- Improve de nition of Establish customer Improve brand aware- Improve value delivered Increase focus on key Comply with environment Improve accountability/ Dynamically cancel or Optimize risk management Improve incentives around Improve incentives around Improve use of national/ Improve program Improve real estate im- Avoid expensive recovery Improve mechanisms for Improve partnership and Improve management of Optimize master data assignment of sales leads offerings to customer markets and customer sales channels refocus service portfolios vendor portfolio in the location/selection equipment maintenance IT systems service offerings R&D efforts through core and none core actions to lower-cost sales product and service communities ness/elevate brand to employees, partners, performance metrics industry norm and authority of program and redirect ineffective/ across products and procurement ef ciency material ef ciency global purchasing power management processes provement and deploy- investments collecting and implement- collaboration skills of staff credit/loan portfolio consolidation needs segments of facilities utilization of economic activities channels speci cations image and other stakeholders standards project resources obsolete programs and services ment processes ing employee ideas development incentives projects CMO FO T GA CMO RO O IT CFO FO T GA CIO RO O OS COO/CRDO RE O OS CFO FO O OS COO FL O GA CIO RO O IT CMO RE O BD CRDO RE O BD COO RE/RO O GA CMO RO O MS CMO RO O BD CMO RE/RO/FO O MS CMO RE O BD COO/CIO RE O BD CFO FL T GA CRSO RO O GA CFO/COO RO O BD CFO/COO FO O BD CFO/COO/CPO FO O OS COO FO O BD COO RE O OS CPO RE O OS CFO/CIO RE O GA CFO RE O GA CIO FO O GA CHRO FO O HR CHRO RE O HR CFO RO O MS CFO/COO/CIO RO O IT Improve methods and Receive premium for Reduce travel expenses Minimize recovery costs Increase emphasis on Develop and utilize Increase use of leased Optimize harmonization More attractive products Reduce research & Improve exibility across Provide staff with better Improve product and Improve customer service Tailor marketing ap- Improve quality and Drive greater nancial Improve physical security Improve effectiveness of Improve development Improve management of Improve incentives around Improve inventory receipt Increase use of just-in- Provide staff with better Improve real estate per- Consolidate device Improve monetary and Improve program/project Tighten credit/loan terms Build master data with tools to manage sales 24/7/365 100% availability designing and packaging unique tax expertise production equipment and consolidation and services development time the value chain to match market information service withdrawal and proaches to customer speed of communication predictability of people governance models and analysis of business vendors/service providers production ef ciency and storage processes time procurement managerial information formance management, management information non-monetary recognition management skills of staff fully controlled performance for distribution through collaboration new demands retirement processes segments with partners cases and tools methods and tools and tools of staff contributions redundancy CMO RO O IT CMO FL/RE O MS COO FO T GA CFO FO O OS COO/CRDO FO O GA CFO RO O OS COO FO O GA CIO FL O GA CMO RE O BD CMO RE O MS CMO RO O MS CMO/CIO RE O MS CMO RE O MS CMO FO O MS COO/CIO RO O GA CFO RE T OP CFO RO O BD CIO RO O GA CFO/COO RE O GA CRSO RO O GA COO RO O BD COO RE O OS COO FO O OS CFO RE/FL O GA CFO RE O GA CIO RE O GA CHRO RE O HR CHRO RE O HR CFO FL O OS CFO/COO FO O IT Increase sales by Increase use of Increase transparency of Improve alignment of Increase emphasis on Optimize infrastructure Improve responsiveness Improve account manage- Provide staff with better Improve communication Improve understanding of Increase use of Service Improve security of Improve utilization of Improve logistics/ Improve/consolidate IT Improve cash ow Improve data qualityKey Ensure adequate Increase utilization of Better match of trends Improve responsiveness Apply brand to new and Improve benchmarking Improve coordination and Improve collaboration Improve asset manage- Improve real estate Improve training processes Improve talent manage- guaranteeing 24/7/365 differential pricing energy management of capital budgets and designing for material documentation of production equipment costs and buying patterns to customer requests ment methods and tools customer and order to customer complaints/ unbranded products with stakeholder groups of global effective tax rate regulatory requirements Oriented Architecture communication across applications, systems production channels/ distribution ef ciency with vendors/partners ment processes selection, acquisition and performance management ment models and pro- 100% availability mechanisms buildings, manufacturing, program plans with ef ciency signi cant tax positions and inquiries information feedback against industry peer group programs and projects and data reduce downtime contracting processes methods and tools gramsPerformance CMO FL O MS COO RB O OS datacenter and logistics CMO FL/RE O OS business priorities CFO FO/RO O GA COO/CFO FL O OS CFO FO O OS COO/CIO FL O GA CFO/COO FL O GA CMO RE O BD CMO RO O MS CHRO/COO FO O MS CMO RE O MS CHRO/CMO FO O MS CIO RE O GA CFO FO T GA COO/CRSO RO O OS COO RE O HR CRSO/COO RO O BD CFO/COO RE O HR COO RE O BD COO RE O OS COO FL O GA CFO RO O GA CFO RE O OS CIO RE O GA COO/CHRO FO O BD CHRO RE O HR CFO RO O OS CIO RO O ITIndicators Increase sales to existing customers Reduce cost of correlated energy/water management Bypass current channels/ sell directly to customers Increase use of lower- cost real estate and Reduce peaks in operating costs Improve accuracy and timeliness of tax provision Optimized asset related costs Optimize utilization of facilities Improve quality of consumer analysis Improve channel manage- ment, processes and tools Improve incentives around order management ef ciency Improve tracking of customer interactions Improve staff incentives around marketing ef ciency Improve integration of IT systems across partner Improve identi cation assessment and execu- Comply with local green- house gas emission cap Improve effectiveness of organizational structures Effective and ef cient risk management procedures Improve communication around improvement Improve product and service introduction/ Improve material ordering and receipt processes Improve terms on leased service assets Improve audit and com- pliance management Improve tax management processes Increase utilization of IT, telecom and network Establish process impro- vement and innovation Increase emphasis on people/talent development Improve management of credit risk across business Better master data harmonization facilities/Relocate and cash out ow forecasts networks tion of M&A/divesture and trade systems priorities launch processes processes resources as key competencies units business operations opportunities CMO RE O MS CHRO/COO FO O MS CHRO RE O HR CRSO/CIO RO O BD Operational COO/CIO FL O OS CFO FL O MS COO FO O BD CFO FO O BD COO/CIO FO O GA CFO/CIO FO O GA CRDO FO O BD CMO RO O MS COO RE/RO O GA COO/CMO RE T BD CFO/COO RE O HR COO RE O BD CRDO RE O BD COO FL O GA CFO RE/FL O GA CFO FO O GA CHRO/CIO FO O GA CHRO/CRDO RE O HR CHRO FL O HR CFO FL O OS CMO/CIO RE O IT Improve identi cation of Consolidate or outsource Reduce xed cost by Improve focus on Improve management of Reduce number of data Divest low-utilization Better patent processes Improve cross-sell and Improve incentives around Improve ability to integrate Improve identi cation and Build values and ethics Improve protection of Improve management of Improve product concep- Increase emphasis on Improve terms with Improve breadth, depth Improve utilization of Improve incentives around Improve product- and Increase use of distance/ Leverage credit rating to Collaborate with cross-sell/up-sell end-user-support paying for usage, higher-value products transfer pricing centers, branch of ces, infrastructure up-sell approaches/ service ef ciency and merged and acquired prediction of industry and into corporate culture sensitive data and organizational change in tion initiation processes designing for ef cient logistics service providers and quality of nancial telecom tax incentives IT/network ef ciency service-innovation skills on-line learning lengthen payment cycles customers on data opportunities not for availability dealerships, retail outlets, models effectiveness organizations market trends intellectual property support of initiatives materials management information of staff and reduce interests rates synchronization etc. CMO RE O MS COO FL O GA CFO RO O OS COO RO O MS CFO FO O OS COO FL O GA CFO FL O GA CRDO RE O BD CMO RO O BD CFO RE O MS COO RO O GA CPO FO T OP CRSO RO O BD CRSO RO O BD COO RE O HR COO RE O BD CPO RE O OS CMO FO O OS CFO RO O GA CFO FO O GA CHRO RE O HR CHRO/CPO RE O OS CHRO FO O HR CFO FO/FL O BD CFO/COO FO O IT Tailor sales approaches Consolidate or outsource Strengthen enterprise- Increase emphasis on Optimize accounting Minimize unpro table, Improve balance and Improve design and Improve effectiveness of Improve credit analysis Partner with best-in-class Improve use of balanced Improve alignment of Improve identi cation and Improve communication Improve materials Rationalize material order Route low-value trans- Improve breadth, depth Increase utilization of Improve salary and Improve contracting and Manage employee churn Reduce capital require- Collaborate with supplier to customer segments operations and wide nancial reporting service prevention and methods and selection xed contracts cash ow management development approaches cross-sell and up-sell processes partners on non-differen- scorecard projects with program and assessment of risk of strategic directions ef ciency of production quantities and timing actions to lower-cost and quality of nancial real estate bene ts administration negotiation skills of pro- ments through partnering on data synchronization maintenance services standards reduced need for service of accounting periods between buy and lease approaches/models tiating elements business objectives and priorities processes service channels information processes curement/purchasing staff CMO FO O MS CHRO FL O GA COO FL O BD COO FO O MS CIO RE O IT CFO RE O GA CRDO RE O BD CMO RE O MS CFO RE O MS CIO FO T GA CRSO RO O BD COO RO O GA CRDO/COO RO O OS CHRO/CRDO FO O GA CPO FO O BD COO RE O MS CRSO RO O GA CFO RE O GA COO RO O OS CHRO/CRDO RE O HR CEO/CHRO RO O HR COO FO O BD CFO FL O GA Improve cross-sell and Consolidate or outsource Consolidate service and Increase use of cheaper Better integration of Better exploitation of Improve methods and Improve eld sales and Improve invoicing/billing Optimize investment in Continuously track and Reduce operational risk Improve corporate social Improve incentives Rationalize raw materials Improve service and Improve operational risk Manage payroll tax Integrate management of Improve skills of product Improve leadership and Develop, spin-off and sell Continuous improvement up-sell campaigns bene ts administration support operations service channels legacy and new solutions variable cost reduction tools for managing telesales processes processes accurate analytics and manage the realization of responsibilities and ethical around product support processes management processes impacts of business economics, society and development staff management skills of new business of sustainability manage- functions opportunities innovation performance decision support tools project bene ts value management development ef ciency initiatives environment in daily executives ment ie. measuring operations CMO FL O MS CHRO FL O GA CRDO FO O OS CRDO FL O BD COO FO O GA CIO FL O IT CMO RO O MS CFO RE O GA CRSO RO T BD CFO/COO FO O GA CPO FO O BD COO/CRDO RE O BD COO FO O OS CRDO RE O OP CFO FL O OS CIO RO O OS CHRO FO O HR CFO/CPO FL O MS CFO FL O IT CRDO FO O MS CHRO/COO RE O HR Expand sales and Consolidate or outsource Improve emphasis on Rationalize and/or Divest low-utilization Optimize IT infrastructure Pursue joint-venture, Improve processes for Improve tracking and Identify organizations Continuously track and Improve collaboration Increase emphasis on Increase utilization of Improve design, Optimize utilization of Improve green IT cost Improve skills of order Improve ability to attract Increase focus on vendors Improve diagnose and advertising channels learning and development design for packing/ realign product equipment cost partnership and OEM rating, qualifying and recovery of indirect taxes limits and weaknesses manage the realization of with vendors designing for operation standardized components development and available sales/use tax reduction initiative management and billing talent with favorable payment evaluation process of functions shipping ef ciency development efforts arrangements assigning leads project bene ts ef ciency testing processes exemptions staff terms sustainability management CMO RE O MS CFO/CHRO FL O GA COO FO O BD COO FO O OS COO FO O GA CIO FO O IT CMO/CRDO RE O BD CMO RO O MS CSO RE T GA COO/CFO RE O GA CPO FL O BD COO RE O OS COO RE O OS COO RO O GA CFO RE O OS CHRO/COO RE O HR CHRO FO O HR CFO FL O OS Target new segments Consolidate or outsource Withdraw non-pro table Increase use of License or sell intellectual Divest low-utilization of Improve integration of Improve relationship/ Provide greater predict- Improve post-merger Improve terms on Align operation and ma- Improve transport and Improve budgeting and Improve skills of produc- Improve resource and Improve management of Improve selection, acqui- within current geographies payroll functions products lower-cost logistics and capital to other enterprises IT infrastructure research & development account development ability with accurate envir- synergy and cost equipment purchases terial ordering schedules delivery processes/ forecasting capabilities tion staff skills performance debt portfolio sition and contracting distribution channels processes onment health and safety reduction programs with distribution schedules algorithms management processes business process ows CMO FO O MS CFO RO O GA CMO RO/FL O OS COO FL O OS CFO FO O GA CFO/CIO FO O IT CMO RO O BD CPO RO O GA COO FO O GA COO RO O BD CPO FL O BD CMO FO O BD COO RE O HR COO RE O OS CFO RO O BD CHRO/CMO RE/RO O HR CHRO FO O HR CFO FL O OS Strengthen customer Reduce cost on energy Rationalize customer Increase use of Improve management of Improve terms on Improve terms with Improve quality and con- Strengthen cross-business- End-to-end product trace- Improve terms on Differentiate treatment of Improve utilization of Improve business case Improve skills of sales Build innovation and Leverage breadth of Improve faster and base management of buildings, portfolio lower-cost production credit risk and payments infrastructure advertising channels sistency of performance unit and cross-company ability, impact analysis, materials purchases customers/segments logistics service staff development and analysis and marketing staff improvement into rewards vendor relationships to smarter decision making manufacturing, datacenter channels across business units assessment methods collaboration response processes and incentives lengthen payment cycles process and logistics CMO RE O BD COO FL O OS CFO RO O GA CMO RO O MS CFO/COO RE O GA CSO RE O BD CFO/COO FO O BD COO/CRDO RO O BD CPO FL O BD CPO FO O OS CHRO/CIO RE O HR Rationalize targeted Consolidate/outsource Improve terms on Faster go-to-market with Improve ability to Improve terms with sales Improve tracking and Decrease carbon footprint Improve terms with pro- Improve collaboration Improve technical and customer segments logistics and distribution property and facilities new products and services develop and spin-off channels communication of in product and service life duction service providers with vendors project management functions new businesses program/project progress cycle skills of staff CMO FO O MS COO FL O OS COO RE O GA CDO RE O BD COO FO O OS CFO/COO RE O BD CRDO/COO RO O OS CPO RE O BD CHRO/CMO RE O HR Select and enter Consolidate or outsource Improve installation/ Tailor products and Reduce cost adoptions Improve access to and Improve product Reduce procurement Improve account mana- pro table and exit production functions deployment processes services to new customer sustainability management distribution of perfor- compliance analysis and cycle times gement skills of staff segments non-pro table markets in day-to-day business mance information reporting operations CMO RO O BD COO FL O MS CFO/COO RE O GA CRDO/COO RO O BD CTO RO O GA CHRO/CMO RE O MS Gain market share while Consolidate or outsource Improve breadth, depth, Improve product safety Better technology Improve cross-selling/ others recover from service and support quality and timeliness of with sustainability exploitation up-selling skills of staff external shocks operations business information management CRDO FL O BD CMO RO O BD COO RO O BD COO FL O GA Consolidate or outsource Improve environmental Identify hidden cost on Improve analytical product development footprint calculation process level to reduce processes and tools functions ie. carbon and water waste, production material footprint and energy/water usageBusiness Value Tree Express Value Creation Abbreviations used in the Code Bar Color Codes for Processes About the AuthorsBusiness value – the driving force? Business value planning, identification, creation and realization, is probably one of the Express Value Creation is a consultant-led approach aimed to help prioritize and Additionally, an effective and efficient approach should use an Author: Prof. Dr. Mark von Rosing Author: Henrik von Scheel CMO FO S MSmost common dilemmas and challenges confronted by companies today, regardless of factors such as size, revenue, indus- align IT investments – to realize values that matter the most in reaching strategic optimal mix of technology to support each phase. Strategic Processes As the Managing Director for Value Team ApS, specialized in strategic management and market With more than 15 years experience in leading the transformation of the businesses, strategies,try, region or business model. business objectives – both short and long term. This concept has proven to be an 4. Processes alignment - Define process activities with static and analysis, Prof. Mark von Rosing has been serving the top 5 consulting companies and many of the processes and technologies of numerous Fortune 500 companies and recognised for his proven important differentiator when planning, identifying, creating and realizing the dynamic simulation and optimization (define KPI’s and PPI’s) and Responsible C-level Executive CEO = Executive Business Model Competencies GA = General Administration fortune 500 companies over the years. He is in every way an entrepreneur with a proven track track record of profitable growth and ability to adopt to constant changing environment by devel-The Business Value tree is a powerful tool designed to accelerate the connection not only between Business Model and wanted value. apply your IT’s composite application process characteristics CFO = Financial HR = Human Resource Customer Processes record for delivering results. Worth mentioning is: oping, implementing strategies and organizational changes needed to penetrate mature and emerg-ones Business Processes, but between the needed link of Service Orientation, Enterprise Architecture, Value Management (including service definition) as well as define monitoring and C-level executives perceive the COO = Operation Business Competencies, defined as IT = Information Technology • He just received IBM’s prestigious “Growth Award 2009” for contributing as the ing markets.and Performance Management. Working with Value drivers is not rocket science and it is not difficult, but rather some- With a holistic view – taking all major business and technology perspectives into measurements. challenges their company faces CMO = Marketing/Sales business areas with characteristic BD = Business Development strongest growth enabler across EMEAthing that can jump starts the process of focusing on the things that matter most, and then choosing practical ways to get consideration – Express Value Creation provides rapid execution and return on New Processes differently, yet one thing they have CIO = Information resources and capabilities. OS = Operations Support • The Co-developer of SAPs global Business Process Management Framework and Henrik is co-author of SAP Press New Business Performance Management book: Applying real- in common: a general need for CTO = Technology OP = Operations Internal Processes approach world BPM in an SAP environment as well as the book: Strategies of the future. He is a guestthem done. The Express value creation approach we follow to plan, create and realize value is described below: investment, enabled by a focused approach, a streamlined roadmap, and power- The mentioned alignment always relies on effective and efficient integration of ful tools. This will not only build a powerful tool for value planning, identifica- organization, technology and processes, but many organizations do not have a knowing exactly which IT invest- CSO = Strategy DI = Distribution • Designer and co-developer of the new SAP BPX certification program for associate and lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School on Performance and Value Management. Strategy ments to prioritize in order to CCO = Channel MS = Marketing, Sales & Service professional 1 Business Administration Business Operations tion, creation and realization in developing the ability to analyze, define, clear link between the four key pillars. An organization’s strategy may be gaining General Human Resource Information Operations Business Operations Distribution Marketing, Sales standardise, optimize or innovate ones competencies, but also the underlying a competitive advantage, innovation, growth, acquisitions, differentiation, realize most possible value. CPO = Procurement Product & Service Processes • Main author of SAP Press New Business Performance Management book on Applying Henrik is currently the Vice President of IBM Software Group for NorthEast Europe and serves asBusiness Model Administration Management Technology Support Development and Service an s Bu hite Analyze Ar ce CHRO rn es = Human Resources real-world BPM in an SAP environment Board of Director at Qosmos SA, Collax GmbH, SIRIUS advisor and WebiCoNet Holding GmbH. Strategic Organizational Operations R&D Planning Operations Distribution Segmentation IT Planning Planning Planning Support Planning Planning Planning Planning Focused processes and activities. Through this approach the company’s competencies increasing profitability, or gaining market share, meanwhile all of these strate- sin ct c ve sin Strategy 3 4 Legal & Regulatory Recruitment Deployment Assets Product Design Component Scheduling Selling es ure Manufacture Assess: CRSO = Risk & Security • Author of numerable publications in the area of Business Model Management, Business Affairs Go Bu Value become stronger and more difficult for competitors to understand and replicate. gies require suitable business competencies that are embedded in adequate orga- s Organisation Information IT Business Operations Order Administration Quality Research Market Analysis Identify Management Procurement Fulfillment SEE Analysis 1. Core Competitive Technology Planning CRDO = Research & Development Process Management, Value Management & Sustainability Contact information: Project Benefits Risk and Environment & Production Product Channels Transportation Value Opportunities nizational structures and aligned with the processes and supported by people and Supplier Processes Management Compliance Health Setup Manufacture 2 2. Core Differentiated Responsive Business Finance Performance Information Sourcing & Intellectual Inbound Import & Export Brand 3. Non Core CBDO = Business Development Evaluation Management Procurement Property Inventory Management Understand • Head and founder of the Global University Alliance BPM and Enterprise Architecture E-mail: or Phone: +45 28 80 92 81 Robust Facility Compensation Service Safety & Product Product Distribution Customer A successful value creation approach requires more than just a proven methodol- technology. Value Management Delivery Security Deployment Assembly Account Business curriculum program (consist of 900 Universities) Accounting Education Development Equipment & Content Refining Finished Goods Customer Model ogy. A number of elements needs to be considered, concentrating on the four Plant Inventory Acquisition Travel Payroll Support & Data Product Costing Servicing Contributor: Ann Rosenberg Packaging • Member and co-developer of the Global TOGAF Business Architecture development Management Relationship Management Maintenance pillars: In this unique approach you will not have to start from scratch. We provide e SUPPORT ACTIVITIES PRIMARY ACTIVITIES nc Technology Processes Bu form Pe Group As a Global Business Process Management Lead at SAP, Ann Rosenberg is responsible for the Busi- na 1. Strategic alignment - The approach should be adapted and models and frameworks – you just have to adjust them to your needs. This is sin a r r ve Flexible • Founder of the Global BPM Roundtable/User Group, which consists of over 200 ness Process Management, Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, SAP implementation es nce Strategy 5 7 9 Business Model Imperatives Business Model Level Go streamlined for the company to ensure value creation in the strategic attractive for you - the participating executive – because it: FO = Focused S = Strategic sBusiness Model Analyze Identify IT Create Strategic companies and Value Management methodology/governance frameworks which are offered and used in the B hit na ss • rapidly leads to new Business Model insight and results RE A planning workshop sessions, where a business model is built with all = Responsive (about strategic decisions, overall e us e nc ‘As-Is’ Business Issues / er ne rc Focused Organizational Processes in ctu Business Model ov si Process es r SAP community globally. She has designed the SAP BPX certification program for associates and G Bu Competencies Pain Points s e the different competencies (resources and capabilities) which produce • is easy to work with A business accelerates value by FL = Flexible Operational level characterizes the direction and policy) Organization Technology Value Value Responsive Business Mark is a Professor in Business Model Management, Business Process Management and Value professionals which is being taught globally to the SAP Community, and she is the head and founder DO Robust 6 8 10 Creation Value internal and external values are mapped with the company’s • stimulates innovation connecting and service enabling RO = Robust scope of decision making. Understand management models, Corporate Strategic Business Objectives • has the potential to expand your mindset of how business and IT business competencies with suppli- T = Tactical Management at the Copenhagen Business School and IT University, Denmark, lecturing on both of the SAP Global University Alliance BPM and Enterprise Architecture curriculum which are being e Create Operational Identify & Prioritize nc B for Pe us m na ‘To-Be’ Sustainability Processes Bachelor and Masters level. rolled out to 900 universities globally. r in an Business Model er Value Drivers Flexible (SBO’s), Critical Success Factors (CSF’s), and the different value strategy tasks can be performed ers, partners and customers to (about monitoring, control, es c ov Competencies s e G IT Process opportunities. focus and respond rapidly in a managing exceptions and tactical 2. Organizational alignment - Once core competencies Express Value Creation is designed to address key decision makers like CEO’s, focused, flexible and robust manner decisions) He has coached and helped numerable companies create and realize value. His developed Ann Rosenberg is Vice Chairman of the Open Group Business Architect Group and external lecturer (Differentiated and Competitive) are defined the service enablement CFO’s, COO’s, CIO’s, CMO’s and CHRO’s. For each role the angle varies and so to any opportunity or threat. approaches within Business Modelling, Process Management and Business Value Management, in Business Process Management at the IT University of Copenhagen, and lecturing assistant at has helped hundreds of companies over the world. Copenhagen Business School.Business Model that needs to support the differentiated and competitive competencies does the view upon the challenges the company faces. O = Operational Performance 11 12 13 is identified, and Performance as well as Monitoring needs are (about doing the work) Create Value Contact information: Ann Rosenberg has published the book “Business Process Management – The SAP Roadmap” and GET Create Create Performance Metrics Transformation Governance Model Realization outlined. However, there is a strong need by all C-level executives to better understand Roadmap 3. Technology alignment - The efficient execution of processes in what IT investments to prioritize in order to realize the most value to their E-mail: or Phone: +45 28 88 89 01 will in July 2010 publish the book “Real World BPM in an SAP Environment”. todays corporate world is largely dependent on IT systems business. A major trend is to shift funding from non-strategic competencies to supporting an administration, production and operating model. strategic competencies in order to drive value realization and growth. © Value Team ApS