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Poster No 1: Enterprise Business Value Tree


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A ground-breaking paradigm shift in Value Realization!

With the Enterprise Business Value assessment you can show the “precise” value in €, £ or $ that IT has created over the past 12 months and “predict” exactly how much future value you could create for your business by improving the way you do certain things.

Please fee free to contact either of the authors Mark von Rosing or Henrik von Scheel

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Poster No 1: Enterprise Business Value Tree

  1. 1. Business Value Tree A Value Framework to identify, plan, create and realize valueStrategic Increase Improve Increase OperationalBusiness Shareholder Value Competitiveness Lower Risk Ef ciencyObjectivesCritical Increase Revenue Increase Revenue Reduce Sales Improve Improve Customer Improve Partner Optimize Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve Improve ImproveSuccess Through Volume Optimization Through Price Optimization & Administration Costs Reduce Cost of Goods Sold Reduce Income Taxes Capital Optimization Strengthen Innovation Faster Time-to-Market Improve Responsiveness Customer Interaction Satisfaction & Loyalty Improve Brand Awareness & Relationship Collaboration Optimize Intelligence Regulation Compliance Improve Risk Planning Risk Management Business Recovery Development & Production Logistics, Material & Services Corporate Services Human Capital Management Capital Management Improve Data ManagementFactorsKey CCO FL Penetrate new markets S MS CMO RE Align advertising with S MS CPO Consolidate or outsource FL S OS CRDO Design product for RE S BD CIO RO/RE S GA Implement integrated CPO FO Re ne vendor/supplier S OS CFO/COO FO Acquire companies in S GA CFO/CPO FO Exploit investment S GA CFO/CIO FO Increase use of leased S GA CRDO FO Improve platform and S BD CRDO FO/RE S BD License or acquire CIO FL S GA Build exible and scalable CMO FO S MS Consolidate/realign sales CMO/CIO RE Improve sales perfor- S MS CMO RE Improve understanding T MS CMO FO Improve marketing S MS COO RO Improve relationship S GA COO RE/RO S BD Provide greater predict- CFO RO S BD Improve anticipation and CRSO/CFO RO S BD Improve incorporation of CFO/CMO FO Improve alignment of S BD CFO/COO FO Structure programs/ S GA CRSO RO Effective business S BD COO RE T BD Improve capacity planning COO FO Develop low-inventory S BD COO RE Improve workforce S HR CFO/COO FO S GA Improve strategic planning CFO RE Improve incentives S GA CPO FO Increase focus on T OS CHRO/CIO RE S HR Improve alignment of HR CHRO FL Identify strategic HR S HR CFO/CHRO FO/RO S HR Determine HR costs CBDO FO/RO S IT Build strategic intelligencePerformance better and faster through channel partners pricing strategies procurement functions ease-of-use/self-service applications across organizational boundaries strategies target geographies management make and buy options infrastructure portfolio strategies for products and services products and intellectual property business infrastructures territories mance management methods and tools of current customer satisfaction strategy management strategies for key stakeholder groups ability in performance understanding of current and potential regulation/ risk analysis in business planning customer, product, sales, service, support, and projects to deliver bene ts progressively continuity roadmaps processes, skills and tools business models planning dispatch and assignment of processes processes around business
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