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Presentazione Scent Company
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Presentazione Scent Company



Published in Business , Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Scent Company Merge Luxury partner English
  • 2. Scent Company Merge Armani Hotel Milan Luxury partner
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  • 18. Scent Company Merge Luxury chooses Scent Company
  • 19. Scent Company Merge Olfactory Logo Olfactory Marketing Pervade space to be remembered in time Offer a pleasent stay and encourage purchase Olfactory Merchandising Fidelizing the client through the memory of an enjoyable experience You may not look or not hear, but you can’t not breathe “ ”
  • 20. OLFACTORY LOGO The strength of the olfactory logo lies in the fact that it is immediate and that it lingers in the olfactory memory. This subtle memory recognises events, emotions and experiences even at a distance of many years. The olfactory logo, unlike traditional media, pervades space and engraves in the memory without needing to be seen, felt or heard. The olfactory logo conveys the Company’s values and essence by establishing a connection with the unconscious process that gives life to the olfactory memory.
  • 21. OLFACTORYMARKETING When we make decisions our brain elaborates plurisensorial stimula, among which the olfactory stimula play a fundamental role. The sense of smell is decisive because it is immediately connected to internal states of conscience, emotions and imagination and because perfume makes memories indelible. Olfactory marketing has found in room fragrancing the ideal means for: · Enhancing stays in any type of enterprise · Transmitting sensations of wellness and relax · Communicating a feeling of cleanliness · Improving employees’sales performance · In fewer words, improving business performance
  • 22. OLFACTORY MERCHANDISING Olfactory communication offers the retail sector the possibility to widen the range of products and services, thus further setting the message of welcome and customer loyalty. This applies in a variety of ways to Hotels as well: rooms can be personalized with the Home Fragrances, that have been designed on purpose for scenting the material. Olfactory personalization of the Amenities will give an elegant and refined character to the products in the courtesy line. The pleasure of conforting in the common spaces will be granted renewed stimula and impulses thanks to the evocative olfactory notes coming from the scented rattan sticks. All these products can be offered or sold to the clients, who will be able to take back home the olfactory memory of an unforgettable stay.
  • 23. OUR FRAGRANCES Scent Company has collected a range of olfactory charms originating from the ancient art of essential oil distillation and has not only skilfully mixed essences and fragrances that harmonize with a variety of environments and spaces, but Scent Company also offers the possibility of creating personalized aromas. As our fragrances have a high essence concentration, they considerably distinguish themselves from common fragrances, by allowing the use of low erogation frequencies. Our research Centre has currently created more than 200 natural-based fregrances, all of which are hypoallergic and have received IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certifications.
  • 24. Scent Company Enjoy Identifying and personalizing spaces with harmonic olfactory notes to make a unique experience and unforgettable emotion of each and every stay. HOTEL - RESORT - SPA - RETAIL
  • 25. Scent Company Merge We build olfactory identities
  • 26. Enjoy Scent Company Scent Company s.r.l. Via Pasubio, 22/24 - 24025 Gazzaniga (BG) Tel. +39.035.720880 Fax +39.035.720881 www.scentcompany.it info@scentcompany.it