Female singers costumes


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Female singers costumes

  1. 1. Pop artistsIn order to know the outfits and make up for the performer towear in my music video I am going to research existing artistand find out that they wear. I will then use that information todecide what the performer in my video will wear as I will makeit similar to what pop artists commonly wear.
  2. 2. Taylor Swift often wears white in her videos, I think this is to represent the innocents of her songs. She also wears a lot of dresses which shows her femininity.Her make up is commonlyeither very natural or redlip stick and eye liner. Itdepends on the song, if itssad and slow she wears Shequite natural make up and sometimesif it is more of a happy wears glassesupbeat song she wears in her videosmore bright make up to which couldreflect the feel of the be to portraysong. her intelligence.
  3. 3. Beyoncé In her videos she often wears quite plain make up to show her and being naturally pretty.Beyonce wears bigjewellery and accessoriessuch as the hat she worein love on top, this is tostand out form otherartists. Her clothes shewears can then trendwhich shows Beyonce asbeing iconic.
  4. 4. Katy Perry She wears quite strong eye make up and bright lip stick to stand out and again to appeal to the young audience by wearing bright colours.Katy Perry wears bright almostcartoon princess looking clothes toreflect her upbeat bubbly songs. It isalso to appeal to her young femaleaudience.
  5. 5. Carly Rae Jepson Carly Rae Jepson is younger than some other pop artists so she wears clothes to reflect this such as her bracelets and denim jacket. This would then make her relatable to teenage girls as she wears clothes they would wear rather than the exaggerated clothing that other pop artists wear such as Beyonce. She wears quite heavy eye make up and has a iconic hair cut of always having a fringe, this would make people remember her and the make up show her femininity.
  6. 6. RihannaRihanna often wears redlipstick to show off her lipwhich have become hericonic trade mark. This is She wears bright colours in her clothingso people associate her but wears fashionable clothing to appealwith red lipstick so when to her female audience, however she alsothey think about the tries to appeal to a male audience bylipstick they will wearing short tight clothing.remember her. Her red She make up is oftenlipstick was the focus of very strong to showone of her album covers. her as being hard and being a strong independent woman.
  7. 7. SimilaritiesHair - They commonly have a fringe such as like Taylor Swift’s and Carly Rae Jepson’s therefore ourperformer will this will help the audience establish the genre of our music video.Make up - Form all the artists I researched they all wear eye make up I think as it makes them look feminine. They often also wear red lipstick so in our music video the performer will be wearing eye makeup and in some shots red lipstick to stick to the conventions of a female pop artist.
  8. 8. Clothing - They usually wear bright clothing. However one of our locations is on a very bright graffiti wall so the performer will wear black to stand out form it. It will also be winter when we film so the performer will be wearing a coat but it will be a bright red coat to fit with the bright clothing they commonly wear.Accessories - From the research I have founds that female pop artists often wear big jewellery so in our video the performer will wear a lot of bracelets like Carly Rae Jepson does and a necklace as most of the artist wear a lot of big jewellery such as Beyoncé does.