Protecting Your Investment with Polycom Global Services and ScanSource Communications Total Coverage


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Protecting Your Investment with Polycom Global Services and ScanSource Communications Total Coverage

  1. 1. Intellectual Property<br />All materials from this deck are confidential and for intended use only* and cannot be distributed outside this use without prior written consent of ScanSource.<br />* Copyright © 2010.  All Rights Reserved. Unless expressly authorized in writing by the copyright owner, any copying, reproduction, exhibition, export, distribution or other use of this product or any part of it is strictly prohibited. External sources and external trademarks are the property of the referenced sources.<br />
  2. 2. Polycom Global Services & SSC Total Coverage<br />Marc Moro, Polycom Service Channel Account Manager & Matt Brungardt, SSC Technical Team Lead<br />
  3. 3. Agenda<br />Why sell services?<br />Where’s the opportunity?<br />ScanSource Communications & Polycom<br />Differentiate YOUR Business<br />
  4. 4. Why sell services?<br />PROFITABILITY<br />Maintain/Increase Account Control<br />CUSTOMER SATISFACTION<br />Satisfied customers are loyal customers who will continue to buy<br />VALUE OF YOUR BUSINESS<br />Builds a high margin annuity stream that will keep your business profitable<br />Growth<br />
  5. 5. Lost Renewal Opportunity<br />US annual Lost Service Opportunity: $50M<br />US Distribution Average: 30%<br />PGS Average: 40%<br />
  6. 6. Key points to consider…<br />Required Service Contracts<br />As of 11/1/09 Polycom requires a support contract be paired with the purchase of new VIDEO, CORE, & SELECT VOICE Products <br />Products requiring a service contract <br />include: <br />ALL video and infrastructure products <br />VVX1500 C and D Business Media Phones <br />Service coverage MUST be continuous<br />
  7. 7. Complete Services Portfolio<br />Voice Solutions<br />UC Intelligent Core Solutions<br />Telepresence & Video Solutions<br />Immersive Telepresence<br /><ul><li>Network Planning & Design
  8. 8. Project Management
  9. 9. Installation
  10. 10. Performance Benchmarking & Best Practices Assessment
  11. 11. Network Planning & Design
  12. 12. Implementation
  13. 13. UC Professional Services
  14. 14. UCIC Migration Service
  15. 15. UCIC Upgrade Service
  16. 16. UCIC Optimization Service
  17. 17. Network Planning and Design
  18. 18. Implementation</li></ul>For Wireless:<br /><ul><li>Site Survey
  19. 19. Implementation
  20. 20. Application Integration
  21. 21. Network Certification</li></ul>Professional Services<br /><ul><li>Elite
  22. 22. AdvancedAccess
  23. 23. Premier Onsite 24x7
  24. 24. Premier Onsite
  25. 25. Premier 24x7
  26. 26. Premier
  27. 27. Wireless Support
  28. 28. VoIP Support
  29. 29. Elite
  30. 30. AdvancedAccess
  31. 31. Premier Onsite 24x7x4 Hour Response
  32. 32. Premier Onsite 24x7
  33. 33. Premier Onsite
  34. 34. Premier 24x7
  35. 35. Premier
  36. 36. Elite
  37. 37. AdvancedAccess
  38. 38. ImmersiveCare 24x7x4 Hour Response
  39. 39. ImmersiveCare
  40. 40. Video Network Operations Center (VNOC)</li></ul>Support Services<br /><ul><li>CVE Technical Training
  41. 41. Systems Administration Training
  42. 42. End User Training
  43. 43. CVE Technical Training
  44. 44. Systems Administrator Training
  45. 45. VNOC Certification
  46. 46. Wireless Training</li></ul>Training<br />Unified Communications Professional Services<br />Across the Polycom Solution<br />Solution Planning & Design, Pilot Solution Deployment, Full Solution Deployment, and UC Certification Training<br />
  47. 47. Polycom AdvancedAccessDeliverables & Benefits<br />Polycom AdvancedAccess Team<br />Composed of highly skilled video specialists<br />Priority Routing through dedicated contract method<br />Assigned Service Engineer (ASE)<br />Responsible for the technical oversight of all customer support issues<br />Detailed knowledge of the customer solution & environment<br />Personalized assistance can help provide faster problem resolution to maximize solution uptime<br />Solution level support rather than service based on device <br />Access to Telephone Technical Support 24/7<br />Meet the requirements of your video operations<br />Asset Reporting<br />Monthly update of the asset list of all Polycom Products covered under the agreement<br />Provide a detailed picture of your Polycom install base<br />Requirements<br />All Polycom equipment in your environment should be covered<br />Nominated technical personnel<br />
  48. 48. Matrix – Service Comparison<br />
  49. 49. Polycom UC Network Monitoring Service<br /><ul><li>A cloud based annual subscription service
  50. 50. A monitoring solution providing
  51. 51. Network performance monitoring for Voice and Video
  52. 52. Assessment, monitoring, reporting information, across </li></ul>the WAN, MPLS, internet, and a customer’s LAN. <br /><ul><li>Results available real time via online portal in the cloud
  53. 53. Non invasive device connects to network
  54. 54. No configuration or deployment required
  55. 55. Device on loan for duration of subscription
  56. 56. Customer Benefits:
  57. 57. 24x7 online Performance monitoring and proactive alerting
  58. 58. Weekly or monthly performance reporting
  59. 59. Instant visibility of network performance
  60. 60. Instant visibility of bandwidth utilization
  61. 61. Ability to replicate traffic to identify issues</li></li></ul><li>Meet the ScanSource Communications Polycom Total Coverage Team<br />
  62. 62. ScanSource Communications Polycom Total Coverage<br />As a DSP (Distributor Service Provider) Polycom Partner, ScanSource Communications Total Coverage Service includes:<br />Pre sales and Tier 1 & Tier 2+ post-sales support following the below value added support model, to internal and external customers<br />Reseller calls Into Tech Services<br />Tech handles call enters case & captures Serial Number<br />We act as Tier1 and Tier 2 Support<br />When case is resolved, CRM case is closed. If needed, escalate to vendor.<br />We manage vendor case through completion, and act as SPOC<br />83% of cases closed < 1 day --- 75% < 30 minutes<br />
  63. 63. ScanSource Communications Polycom Total Coverage<br />Annual DSP Customer Satisfaction Survey<br />Prepared by Boston Research Group, August 2011<br />For the Service Period May 2010 – April 2011<br />Pre report “ ScanSource Communications is clearly a very strong and valued Polycom Channel Partner with 100% top 3 box satisfaction and 96% “continued usage.” ScanSource also achieved strong satisfaction ratings across all service and support areas.”<br />Support Stats<br />95+% deflection rate*<br />1500 cases/month<br />2300 call center contacts/month<br />We are an extension of yourtechnical support team(s)<br />
  64. 64. ScanSource Communications Total Coverage Services Program<br />In addition to Polycom Service Contracts our services program also includes:<br />Total Coverage Video Endpoint Installations<br />Video Endpoint, Carts, Monitors and microphones <br />Total Coverage hosted and managed services<br />What’s to come…<br />Total Coverage Implementation & Integration Services<br />Total Coverage Training and Education Program<br />And Much More…<br />
  65. 65. There is a difference…<br />Between your Service Practice and every other Resellers Service Practice…<br />Do you know what it is?<br />Have you told anyone?<br />
  66. 66. Differentiate Your Business<br />
  67. 67. Discounts = Value Destruction<br />
  68. 68. Defend Your Value – Don’t Give It Away!<br /><ul><li>If a client wants a lower price, THEY MUST GIVE SOMETHING UP TO GET IT!
  69. 69. And they need to understand the value of what they are giving up
  70. 70. Longer contractual commitments are a good value tool</li></li></ul><li>Supersizing and order – Partner View<br />3 Year <br />Service $<br />1 year<br />Service $<br />$49,460<br />$19,390<br />$22,257<br />$7,756<br />45%<br />40%<br />$22,221<br />$22,221<br />$71,681<br />$41,611<br />$33,007<br />$18,506<br />46.1%<br />44.5%<br />Product - RMX 2k MPMx (10HD), <br />CMA 4000 (100), VBP 5300<br />Service<br />Services GM<br />Gross Margin<br />Implementation<br />Services GM<br />$10,750<br />$10,750<br />Total<br />Margin<br />GM<br />
  71. 71. What is customer loyalty worth?<br />Value of Customer Loyalty<br />75% increase<br />5% increase<br />Current customer relationship<br />yields<br />Customer Loyalty<br />Net Customer Value<br />A 5% increase in customer retention, due to increased loyalty, yields a staggering 75% increase in the net present value of an existing customer.<br />Source: Frederick F. Reichheld, Loyalty Rules!<br />
  72. 72. What is in it for you?<br /><ul><li>Increase Revenue
  73. 73. Strengthen customer relationship with consultative selling
  74. 74. Enhance customer satisfaction & repeat business
  75. 75. Increase retention rates & profit– 85% (with services) vs. 62% (without services)
  76. 76. Reduce competitive threats</li></li></ul><li>Questions?<br />