Improving Quality of Patient Care with Mobile Health Solutions


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Improving Quality of Patient Care with Mobile Health Solutions

  1. 1. Improving Quality of Patient Care withMobile Health SolutionsVivian Jones FunkhouserPrincipal, Global Healthcare Solutions
  2. 2. DISCLOSUREMotorola is a manufacturer of data capture devices including barcode scanners and mobile computers used at the point of care (POC) for positive patient identification (PPID).
  3. 3. The Race is ON!
  4. 4. The Goals
  5. 5. Steps Post- Deployment… Workflow Considerations Infrastructure ReadinessGeneralPlanning
  6. 6. General Planning Application selection – matched to 3-5-year strategic plan; best of breed vs. best of cluster Assess IT capacity, expertise, resources Bar code requirements -- staff, patients, meds, inventory, assets, monitors Internal PR -- awareness & buy-in hospital-wide Communicate the benefits of the investment Change-management plan Determine federal government subsidy eligibility
  7. 7. Infrastructure Readiness – 2R’s  Coverage  Locations REACH  Indoor only?  Challenges: physical, roaming, interference  Bandwidth RELIABILITY  Applications today and tomorrow  VoWLAN plans  Troubleshooting tools
  8. 8. Infrastructure Readiness – 2S’s Authorized users  Encryption  Rogue detection SECURITY  Network weaknesses  Performance issues  Troubleshooting tools BOTTOM LINE: Gap-free, zero tolerance for breach!  Adding employees, applications, voiceSCALABILITY  Legacy equipment  Locations: expansions, new facilities, acquisitions, outdoor, campus  HIE…..NHIN………
  9. 9. Workflow Considerations USERS: Nurse (RN, CNA) Respiratory Therapist ENVIRONMENT: Phlebotomist ICU Physician Med Surg Pediatrics CONSTRAINTS: Isolation Acute / Emergency Workspace Only two hands…
  10. 10. POC Data Capture Trends HYBRID HARDWARE SOLUTIONMobileworkstation PPI D Desktop Mobile computer Wall mount Tablet
  11. 11. Maximize Functionality  Charging  Room Entranceway  Workstation  Scanner Mounting Options  Storage: Supplies, Med Dispense
  12. 12. A barcode is a barcode is a barcode…NOT! Code 39 Code 128 RSS-14 PDF417 RSS Composite RSS-14 Stacked Aztec Data Matrix
  13. 13. Examples
  14. 14. Barcode Data Capture: What is Possible Today?DPM: Direct Parts MarkingImplants, Pacemakers, Surgical instruments… Scan & image capture Patient ID, insurance cards, driver’s license, prescriptions…
  15. 15. Selecting a POC Barcode Scanner Linear Scanner 2D Imager Linear bar codes Linear & 2D codes Does not capture images Omni-directional Not motion sensitive Image capture Low power usage Sensitive to motion Not omni-directional Higher cost 13 24 35 4 5 67 8 9 0 1 2
  16. 16. POC Barcode Scanner ConsiderationsRugged is a requirement! Anything that is picked up will be dropped – often!Ergonomics – form factor, weight, mounting options, cradlingScanning -- speed, accuracy, range, alarmsWhat is your cleaning methodology & protocol?Should you go corded or cordless?
  17. 17. Post-Deployment….Challenges “How do I get this new device to work?” “How can I rapidly deploy 2,000 devices?” “How do I centrally configure my networks?” “Is my connection secure?” “One of our devices is reported lost; Can I disable it?” “What are the connectivity holes in my network?” “Why is my network so slow?” “How do I apply OS patches and application updates?” “Why is my device acting funny?” “Why aren’t my batteries lasting long enough?”
  18. 18. Post-Deployment….PRInternal PRSolicit feedback regularlyCreate champions, train the trainerOwnership for the process and thedecisions; culture of safety External PR WebsiteLearning environment; no blame Patient safety groups Local newspaper Safety initiatives Engage patients & families
  19. 19. Resources for further exploration• A practical planning guide for bar code point of care (BPOC) solutions – MOTOROLA & M. Neuenschwander (2010)• The EHR starts with PPID 2010: Critical success factors for BCMA implementation (slides) – Mike Wisz• It’s all in the wrist: Improving patient safety with bar code wristbands – Zebra (2010)• Getting ready for bedside – Omnicell (2008)• The CIO’s guide to implementing EHRs in the HITECH era -- CHIME (2010)
  20. 20. Want to know more? Jimmi Leigh Griffin Wendy Thacker Pete Pleas Nathan Lord