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  • These are the people who make things happen.
  • This is how we do what we do.
  • You learned about our UC strategy in Austin last yearDesignated to train and educate all major markets and our (5) unique categories of reseller partnersHere’s a glimpse at what we did…
  • Ongoing Web seminars Seven sessions on a varied topics from industry experts (like Marty Parker of Unicomm Consulting)Additional vendor specific and Business related sessions (like our Reseller Financial Services summer series on Financing UC)Industry EventsChannel Partners, Enterprise Connect, UC Summit, Xchange, CompTIAUC Solution guides On Line version in first half of year. Two more guides coming in Q4…Microsoft Lync and Adding UC value to the PBX)4 UC Newsletters Dedicated landing pages and website updates for quick access to resources (like our UC Landing page and dedicated Lync Microsite)Sale Organization has attended additional training sessions on UC and UC related prodcuts, aquiring certifications Tech certifications were also achieved
  • So, what’s in store for 2012?Our exclusive promo with Polycom Oct 1, 2011 to Sep 30, 2012We want you to get in the game and get started right here in Memphis
  • www.weworkhowyouwork.comSite is live – take a demo in the EXPO and register today to win!
  • It’s all about having conversations in the format most convenient for youThe Source blog communityPlanning for Profit with featured content on Negotiation Skills with Bill Garcia who you will hear from laterSocial media tool interaction – use our Twitter hashtag #kingconf11 to increase the event chatter
  • Feedback is a gift We cannot get better if we don’t ask you what’s working right and where we need to improve
  • There are several ways to get involved here in MemphisYou MUST BE PRESENT to win this year, so stick around with us and earn chances at big cash prizes!
  • Buck baker scan source communications 2011 north america partner conference

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Intellectual Property<br />All materials from this deck are confidential and for intended use only* and cannot be distributed outside this use without prior written consent of ScanSource.<br />* Copyright © 2011.  All Rights Reserved. Unless expressly authorized in writing by the copyright owner, any copying, reproduction, exhibition, export, distribution or other use of this product or any part of it is strictly prohibited. External sources and external trademarks are the property of the referenced sources.<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />
    3. 3. Buck Baker<br />President<br />ScanSource Communications<br />
    4. 4. Catalyst Telecom Confidential<br />We Look Up To You Every Day!<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />
    5. 5. 2011: State of ScanSource Communications<br />2011 better than 2010 – FY 2011 sales increased 24%<br />Average inventory – increased 48% over FY 2010<br />Investment in people – 25% increase in sales, business development, merchandising and technical services<br />UC focus continues to pay off for SSC and our resellers<br />Signed ShoreTel for core product distribution in North America<br />Polycom’s 2011 North America & Global Distributor of the Year<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />
    6. 6. ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />Our 2012 Organization<br />Buck Baker<br />President<br />Yvette McKenzie<br />Vice President, Merchandising<br />Karen Burton, Sales Operations<br />Brian Cuppett <br />Vice President, Sales<br />Christie Hamberis, <br />Director, Merchandising<br />8 Product Managers<br />Kelly Oliver Manager, Sales(SC) <br />13 AMs<br />Amy Krueger Manager, Sales(KS) <br />15 AMs<br />Tracey Boucher, <br />Director, Merchandising<br />8 Product Managers<br />Kim Crawford<br />Manager, BDM <br />7 BDMs<br />Jason McKanna Manager, Sales(KS) <br />5 Sales Reps<br />Rich Cole<br />Team Lead, Video Technical Support(KS) <br />5 Technical Engineers<br />Kyle DeWitt <br />Team Lead, Technical Support<br />6 Technical Engineers<br />An 80 person team supporting you!<br />Matt Brungardt <br />Team Lead, Technical Engineering<br />
    7. 7. This Is How We Do It<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />A dedicated support team ready to work for you <br />through people, programs, tools and services<br />
    8. 8. Flawless Execution Is Key<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />• Same-Day Shipping (up to 8pm EST)<br />• All products ship from Southaven, MS<br /> - 99.79% accuracy rate<br /> - Configured orders ship within 24-48 hours<br /><ul><li> 600,000+ square feet | 255 million+ inventory
    9. 9. 5,000 packages shipped daily
    10. 10. 30,000-square-foot Custom Configuration Center
    11. 11. SIP/IP Phone Provisioning
    12. 12. Remote Implementation Review
    13. 13. Remote Programming
    14. 14. Print Labels and Programming Documents to Ship with Hardware
    15. 15. Repackaged in Original Boxes and Shipped to Customer</li></li></ul><li>Financial Services Fit For Our Kings<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />TRADE CREDIT<br />• Net Terms Available<br />• Application Review Within 24 Hours<br />• First Order, Same-Day Shipping<br />LEASING<br />• Variety of Companies for Any Size Opportunity<br />• Options that can Expand Reseller Credit Availability<br />INVENTORY FINANCING<br />• Flooring Accounts<br />SSC Completed a 3-part Web Series: <br />Financing UC Opportunities in Q3<br />
    16. 16. <ul><li>Vendor and Industry-Certified System Engineers
    17. 17. Pre-Sale and Tier 1 & Tier 2 Post-Sale Support
    18. 18. Video Test Sites Available 24/7
    19. 19. State-of-the-Art Unified Communications Lab
    20. 20. 3-1 Ratio of Sales Reps to Technicians
    21. 21. Consistent Achievement of High Customer Satisfaction
    22. 22. Average of 93% Deflection Rate Across Vendor Partners
    23. 23. Technical Lab for Problem Resolution and Interoperability Testing</li></ul>Technical Services Fit For Our Kings<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />Sean Sparacio<br />Technical Support Analyst<br />Rich Cole<br />Team Leader Technical Services<br />
    24. 24. Marketing Services Fit For Our Kings<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />General Marketing<br /><ul><li>Strategic Marketing Plan
    25. 25. Brand Development and Custom Marketing
    26. 26. Telemarketing
    27. 27. Customer Testimonial Videos
    28. 28. Lead Generation, Press Releases, Case Studies</li></ul>Online Marketing<br /><ul><li>Social Media and SEO
    29. 29. Web Development
    30. 30. E-mails & Landing Pages</li></ul>Events<br /><ul><li>Event and Tradeshow Planning
    31. 31. Partner Branded Web Seminars</li></li></ul><li>2011 UC Strategy<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />ScanSource Communications Value-Added Services <br />
    32. 32. ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />2011 UC Training/Education Program<br />
    33. 33. We Work How You Work!<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />Our exclusive Polycom promo running October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012.  <br />Quarterly prizes: Vote on demo equipment and participate in a quarterly random drawing.<br />Grand prize:  Vote each quarter on specific components of the trip: location, restaurant, activity, etc. Resellers have to qualify for the promo and earn entries to win. There will be 6 random Grand Prize winners.<br />Resellers who register win a $25 gift card (while supplies last)<br />Visit the Polycom booth during the EXPO to register and win!<br />www.weworkhowyouwork.com<br />
    34. 34.
    35. 35. Community/Blogs/Social Networks<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />thesource.scansource.com<br />Free online sales training and education series:<br /><ul><li> Prospecting & Qualifying
    36. 36. Value Selling
    37. 37. Negotiation</li></ul>#kingconf11<br />
    38. 38. ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />Are YOU Satisfied with us?<br />114 reseller respondents - August 2011 satisfaction survey<br />What is most important to you in working with us?<br />Product Availability<br />Efficient Delivery<br />Knowledgeable Sales Reps<br />Technical Support<br />Rate the quality of these services delivered by ScanSource.<br />Product Availability Score of - 97% Very Good to Excellent<br />Efficient Delivery Score of - 95% Very Good to Excellent<br />Knowledgeable Sales Reps Score of - 89% Very Good to Excellent<br />Technical Support Score of - 81% Very Good to Excellent<br />
    39. 39. Housekeeping<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />Total Coverage – Survey Results<br />Boston Research Group, August 2011For the Service Period May 2010 – April 2011<br />“ScanSource Communications is clearly a very strong and valued Polycom Channel Partner with 100% overall customer satisfaction …” ScanSource achieved strong satisfaction ratings across all service and support areas.<br />Customer Comments:<br />“THEY TREAT US VERY WELL. THEY ARE PROMPT TO RETURN OUR PHONE CALLS AND GET THE PROBLEM FIXED. THEY ARE EXTREMELY FAST.”<br />“I THINK THEY DO A FINE JOB, AND I AM SATISFIED WITH THEM. THEY ARE OUR SOURCE FOR POLYCOM PRODUCTS.”<br />
    40. 40. ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />2012: What’s Next?<br />Continue the push in Unified Communications education and marketing<br />Invest in tools to make it easier to do business with usCommand Central, SUMO, The Source, Service Renewals<br />Additional complimentary vendor partnerships <br />Additional branded services through Total Coverage<br /> Invest in infrastructure - people<br />
    41. 41. Get Involved NOW!<br />ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />Win one of three $5,000 partner marketing programs – EXPO<br />Sign up for our Technology Solution Guides – EXPO<br />Go Mobile at the EXPO and earn points!<br />NOW: Visit www.kingconf11.com – add to mobile home screen<br />EXPO: Log in and enter codes received at each booth<br />Chances to win $100/$200/$300 VISA rewards (must be present to win)<br />Win cash during the Thursday Break Outs<br />Sign the attendance sheet at sessions you attend<br />Chances to win $100/$200/$300 VISA rewards (must be present to win)<br />
    42. 42. ScanSource, Inc. Confidential<br />Thank You<br />Vendor Sponsors<br />