GameOn Low-Fi Prototype


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A cross-channel system designed to encourage frequent, rewarding team play.

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  • Obesity is on the rise (slide animates)
  • The benefits of exercising with others – greater frequency; harder workout
  • GameOn Low-Fi Prototype

    1. 1. GameOnA cross-channel system designedto encourage frequent, rewardingteam play Designed by Team Scallawag
    2. 2. Obesity ison the rise
    3. 3. Americans are… in and outside increasingly the home connected… Facebook usage dominates across all generationsNovember 2011 “The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2011, US”November 2011 “The State Of Consumers And Technology: Benchmark 2011, US”
    4. 4. Working out with friends acceleratesthe release of endorphinsRoyal Society Study
    5. 5. The GameOn Telematics System will:• Help users find game events and sports enthusiasts in their immediate proximity, whether at home or on the road• Encourage users to get out and play• Protect users though a trusted network with a variety of privacy settings and responses so that they can forge new friendships with more confidence than caution
    6. 6. Jenna• High school student• Active, healthy life style• Social, extroverted• Has free time during her summer break• Recently moved to opposite coast with family: looking to make new friends• Wants to learn to play beach volleyball• Limited budget• Safety is important when meeting new people in the GameOn context
    7. 7. Create an Account Jenna downloads the GameOn app and, via Facebook connect, creates an account, logs in and sets up her initial preferences:  Preferred Sports  Gender  Perimeter
    8. 8. Search for Game EventsJenna searches forevents that matchher desired criteria:• Beach volleyball games• Start time within 3 hours• Location within a 15 miles radius from her home
    9. 9. Search for Game Events• Jenna finds a couple of games that match her criteria.• When she reviews organizers’ profiles, she sees that the players are older.• Her primary motivation is to meet new people her age.• Jenna filters the search results by age.
    10. 10. Enable Push NotificationsNo results.Jenna sets up asystem notification toalert her when a newgame matching herdesired criteria isstarted.
    11. 11. Join the Game• Jenna receives a push notification informing her of a volleyball game nearby that meets her criteria• She indicates her intention to play• Player count for the game increases
    12. 12. Find & Navigateto the GameJenna selects the location ofthe event and launches thenative maps app on herphone to navigate to thegame
    13. 13. Check-in & BroadcastJenna arrives at thegame site andchecks-in.GameOn shows herthe other playerswho have checked inand asks if shewould like to post hercheck-in to Facebook;Jenna agrees.
    14. 14. Haptic Feedback• Jenna feels a vibration from her smart phone alerting her to the presence of a nearby player• The App provides a snapshot of the player’s profile• Jenna selects “Continue”, identifies the player IRL and joins the game
    15. 15. Future • Peer ratings awarded post-game that act as filters for later eventsRoadmap • Trust network identifiers that help players find and play with friends of friends • Badging and gamification • Tag and post game day photos to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest