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dead technology. I think the final ‘silver bullet’ was when Plasmon went out of business.A lot of our customers had optica...
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Wyoming Machinery InfiniVault Case Study


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Learn why Wyoming Machinery Company selected the Imation InfiniVault to handle all of its sales reports, service records and cold storage archive items, as well as digital images used to document past and present service calls.

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Wyoming Machinery InfiniVault Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study AT-A-GLANCEWyoming Machinery Rebuilds Storage Industry:Solution with Imation InfiniVault™ Construction Equipment Sales & ServiceActive Archive Storage Appliance Application:When Wyoming Machinery Company (WMC) was searching for Service Record Archivingoptions to replace its optical data storage solution, it discovered Digital Image StorageImation Systems and quickly made the Imation InfiniVault Active Solution:Archive Storage Appliance Model 30 an integral part of its IT Oracle Imaging, Double-workflow. Headquartered in Casper, Wyoming, WMC has three Take, Backup Execmain branches serving 16 counties across the state. As the only Software:Caterpillar dealership located in Wyoming, the company has IBM Content Managerprovided industry-leading construction products and support for OnDemand for enterprisemore than forty years. report management; Archiver for Exchange.The SituationRon Williams, WMC’s information systems manager, was faced with the daunting task ofreplacing the company’s then-current storage system—an IBM 3995 that was powered byan IBM 520 Power Systems server using iSeries software. With thousands of electronicallycaptured documents and records at stake, Williams knew the task was critical. Without areliable system to store the documents, customer support and data organization at WMCwould come to a halt.Crystal Rodgers, WMC’s programmer analyst, recognized the company’s data storageneeds and stressed the importance of finding an immediate solution to the problem. “Weneeded a system that could handle all of our sales reports, service records and cold storagearchive items,” she said. “It also had to be able to store all of our digital images that we usefor documenting past and present service calls—we would have no way of keeping track ofcustomers’ repair histories without it,” she added.In the meantime, Williams was dealing with several obstacles associated with the operationand maintenance of an optical system: “The optical platters were End-of-Life (EOL), sotrying to work within those technologies was impossible, and that was already a concern ofours for over a year. The optical environment was also more labor-intensive, based on thesize of the system we had. We had to physically move the platters back and forth. By thetime Wyoming Machinery reached 60 platters, we knew we had outgrown optical storage.”In addition, the high cost of maintaining the IBM optical hardware made the need to find astorage solution that provided not only a smooth conversion process, but also a favorableReturn on Investment (ROI), all the more important.The ChallengeWilliams contacted a local reseller for advice on a data storage replacement, but theironly suggestion was another EOL system, an IBM 3996. Dissatisfied with this proposal,Williams reached out to Twinstar, Inc., an integrated solution provider based in Denver,Colorado, which specializes in enterprise content management, enterprise data captureand integration of document imaging with Line of Business (LOB) applications.Twinstar president Steve Gaumond, who already had an established client relationship withWMC for several years, had several other clients facing similar storage issues: “Optical is a
  2. 2. dead technology. I think the final ‘silver bullet’ was when Plasmon went out of business.A lot of our customers had optical libraries in place, and didn’t have a reliable way to getthese End-of-Life technologies serviced consistently, and I couldn’t stomach that.”Gaumond was already familiar with the Imation InfiniVault and knew it would be areliable, affordable and simple solution to WMC’s data storage needs. The InfiniVault’scapacity for unlimited expansion and the 30-year shelf life of its RDX disks also meantit would provide the company with a long-term solution. Since Twinstar had extensiveexperience helping clients solve similar data storage problems, the company was able tooffer its own unique data conversion program as part of the process, which would helppave the way for Wyoming Machinery’s seamless transition to a new storage product. “ The Solution The backward/The Imation InfiniVault was already an established and trusted archival tool for long-termstorage across multiple industries, including the construction industry. The InfiniVault forwardhas the capacity to plug into an existing network and achieve immediate interoperability compatibility,with the users’ current application, without any changes to the workflow or network.Optical users struggling with limited storage, high power consumption costs and slow nearly-infiniteperformance can reliably make the switch to a disk-based storage solution, thanks to capacity andImation’s RDX technology. An RDX removable disk in an Imation InfiniVault system usesup to 75% less power and can be stored offsite or onsite due to its small size. 30-year shelf life of RDX disksWMC’s switch to Imation InfiniVault yielded almost immediate ROI-positive results basedon maintenance overhead alone. The removable 2.5-inch RDX cartridge eliminated the makes Imation’sexpensive and time-consuming process of manual media handling and the high cost of technology acontinually powering the optical drives. bulletproof solutionGaumond is enthusiastic about the Imation technology: “After I researched the Imation that our customersInfiniVault for our customers, I found it to be a superior resource for archiving. For ”starters, you don’t face drive obsolescence the way a user would with optical storage, can trust. and that’s one of the most costly ongoing investments optical users have to make.Secondly, I was impressed with Imation InfiniVault’s excellent price/performance value. —Steve GaumondUnfortunately, an optical storage environment is slow on response time because you’reconstantly queuing data; an average response time for an optical system is 20 to 30 President,seconds, whereas a removable RDX disk can respond in just 2 to 3 seconds.” Twinstar, Inc.A successful collaboration between WMC and Twinstar led to the installation andassessment of an Imation InfiniVault Model 30, which now serves the company’s contentmanagement, imaging and IBM OnDemand report archiving needs.Twinstar’s unique Optical Media Conversion (OMC) service was an essential componentto Wyoming Machinery’s seamless transition to its updated storage solution. Performedonsite (remote capabilities are also available), Twinstar IT technicians installed andcustomized the OMC software to migrate the data from the IBM 3995 to the ImationInfiniVault. The Imation InfiniVault Model 30 offers 10 to 50 TB of uncompressed onlinedata capacity (via removable disk) shared between 10 and 100 disk slots, and an infinitetotal capacity with various amounts of network disk and levels of scalability. The painlesstransition to Imation InfiniVault was enhanced by its simple installation and ease of datamanagement once it was in use. The many cost-saving and compliant benefits of RDXstorage has secured Gaumond as a proponent of the system: “The backward/forwardcompatibility, nearly-infinite capacity and 30-year shelf life of RDX disks makes Imation’stechnology a bulletproof solution that our customers can trust.”At WMC, Rogers states, “We were fortunate to obtain a solution that allowed us to get allof the critical data off the optical system and onto the Imation InfiniVault without long-term interruption to Wyoming Machinery’s daily operations.” Williams concurs. “With theImation InfiniVault, we quickly found out that there really was no other viable long-termstorage technology available on the market that met our needs.”Questions? Contact us at:Phone: 651-704-7777Website: imation.comImation Enterprises Corp., 1 Imation Way, Oakdale, MN 55128.3414 USA Ph: 651.704.4000 Fax: 651.537.4675© Imation Corp. Imation, the Imation logo and InfiniVault are trademarks of Imation Corp and its affiliates. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. (03.09.12)