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Working towards the goal of a paperless environment and quicker access todata, Colonial Company was in need of a reliable ...
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Colonial InfiniVault Case Study


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See why the Colonial Company turned to the Imation InfiniVault for a reliable data storage system that required less maintenance, less manual interaction and that offered more automated features.

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Colonial InfiniVault Case Study

  1. 1. Case Study AT-A-GLANCEHolding Company invests in Imation Industry:InfiniVault™ Active Archive Storage ConstructionAppliance to save time and money Application: Document Imaging Optical ReplacementThe Colonial Company, headquartered in Montgomery,Alabama, is a privately owned diversified holding company Software: EMC ApplicationXtenderwhich invests in private and public businesses and managesoperating companies involved in real estate development and Benefits Realized:insurance. Founded in 1956, Colonial Company began building Expandable storagehomes in Montgomery with one company, Lowder Construction platform allows for futureCompany. It currently holds an investment in numerous projects data growth; WORMthroughout the Sunbelt states that include office buildings, capabilities ensure datasingle-and multi-family residential structures, shopping centers protection; reducedand malls, insurance companies, and a golf course. Over the maintenance and licensing costs; more efficient timepast half century, the insurance division has grown to be one of and budget management.Central Alabama’s leading full-service insurance brokerage andrisk-management firms.The SituationThe IT environment at Colonial Company is strictly a Windows domain withvirtual machines (Windows 2003 servers) running Citrix Xen Servers andtwo Dell servers set up as NAS. The company utilized an HP SureStoreOptical 220mx auto-loading optical jukebox to store its imaging data froman application that ran on an attached virtual server. According to RandyHouseholder, the vice president of IT, “There’s just more maintenance involvedwith the outdated optical jukebox—mechanical issues with the moving pieces,swapping out the tapes and having to keep everything rotated since thestorage size just wasn’t that much per cartridge.” Since the company recentlyexperienced a reduction of IT personnel, Householder needed to find astorage solution that would decrease the required maintenance for this legacyoptical equipment.The ChallengeColonial Company integrates ApplicationXtender with a Timberline accountingprogram to create images of accounts receivable and accounts payableinformation. Data images and screenshots generated by the accountingdepartment currently drive most of the company’s data growth. Additionally, thecompany images everything pertaining to warranty-related work associated withits residential construction division, keeping track of all costs and contracts.
  2. 2. Working towards the goal of a paperless environment and quicker access todata, Colonial Company was in need of a reliable data storage system thatrequired less maintenance, less manual interaction and more automatedfeatures. The company also required a system with Write Once Read Many(WORM) and replication capabilities. By alleviating it from the CommVaultsolution, we don’t have to pay for it,” explained Glaser.The Solution “ Currently, the Imation InfiniVault Active Archive Storage Appliance is We were able toattached to a virtual server and integrates with the imaging software,ApplicationXtender, to store all the company’s imaged data. With the get rid of someInfiniVault’s WORM capabilities, data is protected and secure. Additional product licensingbenefits of the InfiniVault include the ability to set data retention periods andautomatically delete the data once its lifespan has been reached. Once it has and maintenancebeen removed, the system will also reclaim that storage space for future use. fees that we had to pay for annually,With the InfiniVault, Colonial Company found that the need for manualinteraction and maintenance has been significantly reduced, saving the which saved us ”  company time and money. “We were able to get rid of some product money.licensing and maintenance fees that we had to pay for annually, which savedus money,” explains Householder. “The Imation InfiniVault is definitely a huge —Randy Householderadvantage as far as the maintenance goes—you just set it up, it does its job Vice President of IT,and you forget about it.” Colonial CompanyThe InfiniVault’s ability for near infinite expansion via the RDX disks meansthat Colonial Company now has a storage system capable of efficientlyhandling the company’s data storage needs. “We have plenty of storage spacefor future growth. I think the InfiniVault is going to last for quite a while beforewe have to make any additions to it,” says Householder.Householder has no reservations recommending the Imation InfiniVault toothers. “It is a reliable product that once you set it to your needs you don’thave to worry about it; it does its job and it makes the job that much easier.”Questions? Contact us at:Phone: 651-704-7777Website: imation.comImation Enterprises Corp., 1 Imation Way, Oakdale, MN 55128.3414 USA Ph: 651.704.4000 Fax: 651.537.4675© Imation Corp. Imation, the Imation logo and InfiniVault are trademarks of Imation Corp and its affiliates. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. (03.09.12)