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Zo Training Module

  1. 1. Comprehensive Skin Health Solutions Beverly Hills
  2. 2. ZO® Skin Health Difference“Making Healthy Skin Possible for Every Patient”
  3. 3. Fo Z in b g M rm e O a i, D • Poe t c rc r o sin ae n vtn rvn r k eod fk cr in oa s a io s a n goe 3 yas p n in vr 5 er • T o g t a e adp n e b h dS in el h u h l d r n io er e in k H ah e t C c p rd m irl aa ig e • Cetr f 1bado R ata in sin ae ra o # rn f X ni- g g k cr o • V io ay n f n e o Z ® S I H A T is n r a d o d r f O KN E L H u • L a e in em tl yra e t f df e t ed r d r a o t t ns o ifrn og em r e e n its t icie h • B adC r ie D r a l is o r et d em to t if og • W r - e o n da toit l trrin oa r ol rn we uh r , e ue, n vt d y c o a de u a r n d ct o
  4. 4. The VisionD vl a dm re Z ® S in el a te n c m le o re f ol ee p n akt O k H ah s h o l o p t suc o w r - o t y e dc s sin ae rd c a dslio s l s k cr po u t n o tn. a s uPoid rsl- rne slio s aoe t m e te p cic ed o rv e eusoie t o tn t rd o eth s eif n e s f t d u ileey esna eey g a deey t e te l . vr p ro t vr a e n vr s g in h ir e a ifD le c icl poe rsl ta c r c a dm ina h ah sin h t e r l ay rvn eus h t or t n a t ely k ta is iv in l t e in ts o g s o t a df , ee ltn d flhda da df e f isaet n , m oh n ir vn o e , uy yrt n r o d es. r m y l e e
  5. 5. Brand Name Recognition
  6. 6. ZO® Skin Health DifferenceThe Science and Theory
  7. 7. Healthy Skin vs. Damaged SkinAge, genetics, environmental influences (UV polutants), diet, stress, hormones, sleep and skin care:all play a role.A balanced lifestyle and effective skin care, can restore healthy skin.Dr. Obagi defines the difference between healthy skin and damaged skin as follows: Healthy Skin Elements Damaged Skin Elements Texture Smooth Rough Moisture Hydrated Dry Strength Tight/Firm Loose and weak with fine lines Tone Even Tone Discoloration (dark spots, rosacea) Volume Full Lax Disease Free of active disease Presence of active disease Skin Tolerance Strong/Tolerant Sensitive
  8. 8. Skin AgingAge Appearance Physiology< 15 Nearly perfect skin. Excellent repair capabilities. Smooth texture, pores small. Low sebaceous gland activity. Skin hydration good.15 - 25 Acne key factor in surface texture. High sebaceous gland activity. Fine lines start to appear, pore size Mild drop in dermal repair, immune system and collagen increasing synthesis. Strong cohesion between skin layers and rapid cell turnover. Small drop in skin hydration, noticed particularly in winter.25 - 45 More fine lines and appearance of Moderate decrease in dermal repair, resulting in less collagen first wrinkles and increasing accumulation of damaged corrective tissue. Early signs of sagging near the eye. Noticeable and significant drop in skin hydration. Some loss of elasticity. Adult acne.45 - 55 More wrinkles, rough texture. Significant decrease in dermal repair and immune system. Sallow yellow color Continued dermal degradation. Pores, age spots enlarge and define. Cohesion between skin layers continues to decline. Sagging near eye and cheek. Thinning of epidermis and stratum corneum. Skin tends now to be dry.55 + Wrinkles and fine lines in abundance. Compromised dermal repair, abundance of damaged connective tissue. Uneven color, pigmentation. Low production of collagen and sebum. Increased local over- Sagging worsens. production of melanin. Dark circles under eye.
  9. 9. Science & TheoryEPIDERMISThis is the outer protective, non vascular layerof the skin.DERMISThe dermis consists mostly of connective tissueand is much thicker than the epidermis.SUBCUTANEOUS LAYERThe subcutaneous layer below the dermisconsists of loose connective tissue and muchfat. It acts as a protective cushion and helps toinsulate the body by monitoring heat gain andheat loss.
  10. 10. THE GOALSStabilization•Maintain even skin tone•Prevent future potential for hyperpigmentation•Stabilize melanocytes for pigment controlActivate and Stimulate Cellular Function•Exfoliate dead surface cells•Activate new cell production•Increase collagen productionImprove overall appearance•Smooth texture•Tight pores•Firmness and density
  11. 11. THE TOOLS Zo Skin Health Products are the Tools!Us ing thes e tools is not a new c onc ept, how they are us ed is ….C ombining thes e tools into programs that us e high c onc entrations of ac tiveingredients in protec ted delivery s ys tems , ZO S kin Health c an deliver the mos ttargeted, effec tive, s us tainable res ults on the market today.Tool Drivers:Peptides: a o c lf m db j in too m r a in aid m l u o e yo g w r oe m o c s e e r inEnzymes: in rae h rt o a ec n ces te a f rat e ioAntioxidants: in ib te x a n f te m l u s h ith oid t o oh r o c l io e eRetinol: acla s e troe a dc lg n rd c n ce rt clun vr n oa e po u t e e l l io
  12. 12. Cellular Function• ZO® Skin Health works at the cellular level so that skin nourishes, repairs and maintains itself.• Anti-oxidants (Vitamins C & E, Coenzyme Q10) neutralizes free radicals to help reverse the signs of aging.• ZO® Skin Health Programs help to achieve optimum skin health by “layering” protected retinol, anti-oxidants and vitamins to increase and enhance repair.• Dr. Obagi recommends a 5-step targeted program approach.
  13. 13. Microsponge• T e icop n e e ey ytm( D )is u iq e e h o g f te o t ldrl s o tp a h M rs o g D l r S s iv e M S a n u tc n l yo h c nr l e ae fo ic l o r oe e aet g ns• C nis o m co oo s e d , t ic l 1 - 5m rn ind m trl d dwha te g n o s t f arp ru b a s y ay 02 ico s ia ee, o e it civ a e t s p l a• W e a p dt te k , te D rl ss s civ in rd n o a im m d a da oinrs o s h n p l o h sin h M S e ae it ate ge ie t n t e o e n l ie e s ep ne t oh r t u (u b g tm eaue p , ec o te s lrb in , e p rtr, H t) im i• M Stc n l y b in ue c r nlinc s eic, oe- h - o ne ( T )sincr, snce n D e h o g is e g sd ur t o e y om ts vr ec u trO C k ae u sre s t a dpecipio po u t n rsr tn rd cs• B d lein te civ ga u l t te k , M Srto f ea p , h s xee t f a y it y e rg h a te rd ay o h sin D - ein lo xm l a ecln eic c wh iv l , r e l f m im lr tn in air aio it
  14. 14. Clinical Study: Re-emergence of topical retinol in dermatologyClinical Study: Journal of Dermatological Treatment (2000) LH Kligman and EH GansOnce abandoned because of its instability, ROL can now be sequestered in Microsponge Polymerswith low irritancy and cosmetic acceptability for treating the visible signs of aging and photoaging. Protected from oxidation by antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, it remains stable with a shelf life ofat least 2 years. By obviating the rapid degradation that ROL would otherwise undergo, the newformulation has permitted the resumption of research with this agent. It was found that ROL was metabolized primarily to retinyl esters and to relatively small amounts of RAwhich activated nuclear RA receptors. ROL can be effective in inducing beneficial epidermal changes with less irritation than RA. **1.6% ROL induced significant epidermal thickening similar to that of 0.025% RA. Trace erythema, occurred with ROL whereas RA induced measurable erythema. ROL penetration was more effective than that of RA, but required a 10-fold higher concentration thanRA. ROL increased epidermal thickness without the erythema induced by RA. Studies demonstrated that ROL has lower potency than RA, requiring higher concentrations than RA toproduce similar epidermal effects. ROL is more effectively delivered into skin, inducing retinoid changes in the epidermis without irritation.
  15. 15. Liposome• L oo e ae in t s h rao do ls e aae f ma a u o s e iu b a h s h lid ip sm s r m ue p eiclilrp t sp rtd r n q e u m d m y p op o e o ip bae il r y• T e m l iz o loo e e a l te t p s tru he id r is n at s c r ro lu h s a s e f sm s n b s h m o as ho g p em a d c a a ar f iq id l ip e ie r sb tn e, wic ae n l e wh teip sm ’s oo inen lait u s cs h h r e c sd itin h loo e h lw tracvy a o l
  16. 16. EnzymesAn enzyme is a protein molec ule that is a biologic al c atalys t with three c harac teris tic s :2.h b s f cio o a e zm is oin rae h rt o a ecio . M s cll rat n o c r b u T e aic u t n f n ny e t ce s te ae f ra tn ot eu recio s c u a o t n laa il nt e f trh nte wu inte b e c o a e zm . ml im sa e ta h y o l h a sn e f n ny e io s d3. ot ny e at p cic l who lo e e ca tclda ubs trate)t po u e rd cs M s e zm s c s e ifay it n n ra tn ( ae s l y l o rd c po u t.4. ny e ae e u tdf ma tt o l atitt h hatita dv e es. E zm s r rg le r a o s e f w civyo ig civy n ic vr a o a
  17. 17. Peptides• P pid is m l u f m db j in too m r a in aid e t e a o c l o e yo g w r oe m o c s e e r in• T e h v te a e e t e o d a toe poe sb t r sotr l gh h y ae h sm p pid b n s s h s in rtin, u ae h r ine t e n• P pid s r n m db sdo te u b r f m oaid inte h in d e t e ( ) t e t e ( ) e t e ae a e ae n h n m e o a in c s h c a : ip pid s2 r pid s3 , ip , tt p pid s4 p na e t e ( ) er e t e ( ) e tp pid s5 a ,• W e te u b r f m oaid ises h n5 tee o c l ae a e p pid s heag r h n h n m e o a in c s l ta 0 h s m l u s r n m d e t e will e s e e r sq e c s r rf rdt a poe s e u n e ae e r o s rtin ee• Ap pid b n is s eialkg inwic te it g nao o o e m oaidb d t te ab xl e te o d a p c l a e in h h h nr e tm f n a in c in s o h croy o cro ao o a oh r ab n tm f n te• M t y3 0 ue tt p pid ( )a do o e t e ( - 0 t m im e rk s n aif geet ar l0 0 ss er e t e 4 n l p pid s22 ) o in iz w l a d lin fc ix a ig in e t f
  18. 18. Lipopeptides• L o e t e a e t e t c e t aip ( t ip p pid is p pid at h d o lid f ) a a• L o e t e h v b e so ninsie t s d st b ot es auapo u titl e ip p pid s ae en h w c nif t ie, o o s cl n trl rd civye l ic u l vs• C nid rdt b o e f aue m s p wr lni- g r b ineatgwhcl e ba e t b ot o s ee o e n o n trs ot o ef a ta es y trcin it e m m rn s o o s u l n trl n t no te es rn w gte t m x u go t p tnia auaf cio fh cl, e e in h m o aim m rw oe tl u l h . • S r cinis b l ic l ateip p pid a dis rd m a t a iouf tn uf t a io g ay civ lo e t e n pe o in nl b sr ca t a o l y a• I a rcivdc nid rb atnio whrg r t it ecln sr c c a s gpo ets t s ee e o s ea l t tn it e ad o s xee t uf e l nin rp r h e e l a e ie
  19. 19. Antioxidants• A antioxidant is m l u cp b o in ib in te x aio o oh r o c l n a o c l a a l f h itg h oid tn f te m l u s e e e e e• O id tnis c e ic l a tnta t nf s l t n o hdo e f ma u s n e oa oid in x aio a h m ar cio h tr s r e cr s r yrg n r e a e e o o sb t c t n x iz g a aet gn• O id tnra tn c npo u e re a icl tee re a ic ls rc a ra tn x aio ecio s a rd c f rd a , h s f rd a t t h in e cio s e s e s a• W e te h inra tno c r ina e, it a cue a a e r e t t te e h n h c a ecio cus cl c n a s d m g o d ah o h cl l l• A tx a t tr in t tee h inrat n b rm v gf e a icl tr e iae, a din ib oh r nioid ns em ae h s c a e cio s y e oin r rd ainem d ts n h it te e oid t nrat n x aio ecio s
  20. 20. Vitamin A• Vitamin A is a key vitamin that the skin needs topically.• Oxidizes easily and is unstable.• Oral consumption does not address the topical deficiency.• Application of stabilized Vitamin A, in sufficient levels, will give optimum benefits.• Retinol at higher levels can cause irritation.• Most OTC products do not deliver enough retinol to the skin.• Needs a stabilized delivery system.• ZO® uses an encapsulated delivery system that sends stabilized retinol in a time-released form, that reduces potential irritation.
  21. 21. Retinol• Retinol is considered one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients• Natural form of Vitamin A• Most effective over-the-counter vitamin for aging skin• Improves overall skin health• Able to go inside the cell to stimulate cellular function at the dermal level• Simultaneously repairs damage at the epidermal level
  22. 22. RetinolBenefits of regular use:Reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and age spots • Improves brightness and tone • Increases collagen production, firmness and elasticity • Retinol is preventative and correctiveEarly use helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and uneven toneLater use of retinol will help correct visible signs of aging
  23. 23. Retinol Cascade• The retinol cascade is the process where special enzymes convert retinol to retinoic acid• The majority of over-the-counter skin care products have very low levels of retinol• Products that have a low concentration of retinol produce less retinol cascade• When the conversion rate is low, little retinoic acid becomes bio-available to the cells• A high concentration of retinol increases the conversion rate of retinol-to-retinoic acid
  24. 24. Vitaine (Encapsulated Retinol)• A liposome containing 0.5% stabilized retinol• Found in: Daily Power Defense, Intense Eye Repair, Daily Renewal Crème, Overnight Recovery Creme• Liposomal delivery can increase retinol levels retained in the stratum corneum• Liposome structure protects retinol from degradation• Ratio of retinol to lipid is engineered to ensure maximum stability• Retinol is carefully stacked in the liposome to protect from hydrolysis• Liposome entrapment of retinol gives stability
  25. 25. Photosomes (DNA Repair)• Photosomes repair sun-induced damage to DNA• Found in: Daily Renewal Crème• Photosomes is photolyase in multilamellar liposomes• Photolase is a light-activated marine enzyme• Photolase is derived from photosynthetic plankton called Anacystis nidulans• These liposomes are formed from pure egg phospholipids• Photolyase absorbs visible light to directly adhere to and reverse short UV wavelength damage (uvb)• Photosomes protect the cells of the skin’s immune system• Photsomes are used at a 1% concentration
  26. 26. Oxysomes (antioxidants C and E)• Vitamin C and E together reduce free radical damage by 50%• Found in: Daily Renewal Creme• Oxysomes deliver vitamin C within 1 hour and increase bioavailability by 85%• Vitamin C boosts collagen synthesis• Internalized vitamin C protects the vitamin E• UV-absorbing properties of vitamin E protects the photosensitivity of vitamin C• Provides powerful antioxidant properties at a 1% concentration• Contains: 2% VC-PMG (LA c ric h s h t M g eiu )d raiv o Lac ric c (itm C - sob P op ae a n s m eivte f - sob aid va in )• Contains: 12% alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E)
  27. 27. Ultrasomes (DNA Repair)• Natural DNA repair activity is facilitated by endonuclease enzyme• Ultr s a omesa e UV don clea e en y r -en u s z mesen ps la ed in mu ila ca u t lt mella lipos r omes• Endonuclease recognizes UV damage and accelerates repair by 4 times• Protects immune system by repairing UV-DNA damage• Provides post exposure sun damage recovery• n u s epa ed r ococcu lu eu wh is b ceiu f n a p ro te om l E don clea e ispr r f om micr s t s ich a a trm o d s at fh n r a u fr o te a m lnsin l a fh m m a o ia k• Liposomes are formed from pure egg phospholipids• Ultrasomes are used at a 1% concentration
  28. 28. Roxisomes (DNA Repair)• Roxisomes repair DNA damage from free radicals generated by UVA sunlight• Found in: Daily Power Defense• Roxisomes shorten the time for nucleus DNA repair from 24 hours to 2 hours• Roxisomes is the enzyme glycolase (8-oxo-guanine glycolase) in multilamellar liposomes• Glycolase recognizes oxidative damage to DNA and initiates the repair process in the nucleus and mitochondria• These liposomes are formed from pure egg phospholipids• Gy o s n trl o c r inaa id p is h ln , as a f wr gp n n tet E rp , A ia l l e auay c us rb o s ta a m ll ein l t aiv o uo e s ca l ia lo a a dAr ata is sdinm l u r io g a dlh s n in n f ic h t u e o c l b l y n ig t e s g e a o• Roxisomes are used at a 1% concentration
  29. 29. Phytopresome Q 10 (CoQ10)• CoQ10 (ubiquinone) is a powerful antioxidant• Found in: Radical Night Repair• Photopresome Q 10 provides stable liposomes containing Coenzyme Q 10• Provides superior skin barrier function• Supports collagen• Penetration of CoQ10 is enhanced in liposome delivery• Photopresome Q 10 is a lipid complex of phospholipids and sterols
  30. 30. Ceremides (fatty acids)• Rebuilds the skin barrier and increases barrier efficacy in 2 weeks• Found in: Overnight Recovery Crème, Daily Power Defense• C eramides are a family of lipid molec ules that are c ompos ed of fatty ac ids• C rm e ae o n inh hc n e t tn wh te e ba e f es ea id s r f d ig o cnr io s itin h m m rn o cl u a l• Aging and environmental exposure diminishes the replenishment capacity of the skin• Provides the skin with a bioavailable, biostabilized form of linoleic acid• Protects overall skin integrity• Anti-inflammatory
  31. 31. Matrixyl 3000 (collagen production)• Thes e peptides ac t in s ynergy to res tore c ollagen produc tion s timulating fibroblas t c ells enabling them to reduc e the appearanc e of wrinkles• F u din Daily Power Defens e, Intens e E ye Repair on :• Peptides are mes s engers of s kin res truc turation and repair. T e atae h n w yteis f h y civt te e snh s o te x aeu r ar poid ga tw k eicc. h et cll m t rv in ni- r l f ay r la ix in e f• A m se g r o c l , p pid s r cp b o rg lin cl civie. s esn e m l u s e t e ae a a l fe u tg e a tits e e e a l• M t y 3 0 c na s w p pid s P l H a dP l Q R( a ityOligopeptide a d ar l 0 0 o tin t o e t e, a G K n a G P P l ol ix ™ - - m n P lityTetrapeptide-7) ( aryc na s n o e e t e P lityP na Oig p pid ) a ol m . M t lo tin o l n p pid , a ol e t ( lo e t e ix y m• P lityT t p pid is bek ru hin rd n wic in ib s n rvr sre a icla a e a oler e t e a rat o g ge ie t h h h it a d ees f rd ad m g . m a h e e•
  32. 32. Matrixyl 3000• E c c m o e t f ary 3 0 h s enso nt h v d tc a ta in b n f a h o p n n o M t l 0 0 a b e h w o ae is t ni- g g e e s ix ™ in it• T ee e t e ue inc m in tnh v a yeg t a ta in eet h s p pid s sd o b aio ae sn ris ni- g g fc ic f• I eat nwhs eif rc pos civt cr ing n s te rcs o et cll m t rn wl n rcio it p cic ee tr a tae et e e in h po es f x aeu r ar e e a t a r la ix a dc l rl rtn wha e h s m c a is s eo e rges e wae n e po eaio , it g tee eh n m b c m po rsivl ekr l if y• O e n t f io t te te, P lityP na r a ityT t p pid n is o in r ro h oh r a ol e t o P l oler e t e e m m a• E c a dess ifrn ap cs fh sina in po es ue inc m in tnte b oth p wr a h d rse df e t s et o te k g g rcs, sd o b aio h y o s te o e e o ec o e fah n• M t y3 0 is sdina % c n e t tn ar l0 0 ue ix 3 o c nr io a
  33. 33. MDI Complex (protects collagen)• Inhibits the MMP enzymes that degrade and destroy collagen (matrix metalloproteinase)• Found in: Intense Eye Repair, Overnight Hand Recovery• MDI Complex (Gyoa in g c n)inhibits 80% of MMP enzyme activity l sm o l a s c y• These enzymes (MMP) are activated with sun exposure, stress and environmental irritants• Activity of these enzymes affects the health of the extracellular matrix• Important to both preserve the matrix and maintain enzymatic equilibrium• MDI Complex neutralizes excessive MMP activity• Enzymatic equilibrium allows for greater skin elasticity and increased resistance to stress and environmental exposure
  34. 34. ZO® Skin Health Product LineCleanse | Activate | Stimulate | Calm + Nourish | ProtectEye | Hand | Body
  35. 35. ZO® Five Step ApproachSTEP 1 CLEANSETo enhance the effects and benefits of the following stepsSTEP 2 ACTIVATETo increase the penetration of active ingredients,STEP 3 STIMULATETo improve uneven pigmentation, reduce fine lines andwrinkles, reduce collagen degradation and improve theelasticity of the skinSTEP 4 CALM + NOURISHTo soothe and calm skin after the surface has beenexfoliated and potent concentrations have been appliedSTEP 5 PROTECTTo protect skin against future sun damage
  36. 36. ZO® Skin Health ProgramsLEVEL I: DAILY SKINCARE PROGRAMLITTLE OR NO apparent sign of chronological or photo agingOur Daily Skincare Program is an everyday skincare regimen to maintain healthy looking skin. Thesebasic tools have retinol and specialized enzymes to encourage cellular activity, repair damaged cells andprotect against future damage.LEVEL II: ANTI-AGING PROGRAMEARLY s ig ns of intrins ic ag ing – fine lines , uneven s kin tone, los s of firmnes sT is o eae a ges epo rm w hh h a vn e a t g gsin aeto , h l t rp ir n h m d rtl g rsiv rga , it ig l d a c d ni-a in k c r o l e s o e a a d y y s ppe e t a a e sin A tein rd ns s c a go t fcos rt o a ds e if rvn d m g d k . civ ge ie t, u h s rwh a tr, ein l n p c ice zm s sis inim rv gtec ll rp iru cio a drsoin tea p aa c o ny e a s t po in h eu re a fn t n n e tr g h p e rn e f lay uhu h a h sin o tfl e l y k . , tLEVEL III: AGGRESSIVE ANTI-AGING PROGRAMDEFINITE signs of aging skin – wrinkles, brown patches, loose skin, large pores,obvious damageThis aggressive program, using high concentrations of retinol, is for anyone with chronological andenvironmental skin damage and skin aging concerns. Using these tools can help correct and rejuvenatethe skin, revealing radical improvement of wrinkles, fine lines, rough texture and sagging skin.
  37. 37. 3 Level Kit Program …A SIMPLE SELLING STRATEGYLEVEL I:DAILY SKINCARE PROGRAMNO apparent s ig n of chronolog ical or photo ag ingCLEANSE: Exfoliating CleanserACTIVATE: Exfoliating PolishSTIMULATE: Daily Power DefensePROTECT: Sunscreen Primer
  38. 38. 3 Level Kit Program …A SIMPLE SELLING STRATEGYLEVEL II:ANTI-AGING PROGRAMEARLY s ig ns of intrins ic ag ing – fine lines , uneven tone,los s of firmnes sCLEANSE: Exfoliating CleanserACTIVATE: Exfoliating PolishSTIMULATE: Daily Power Defense (AM)STIMULATE: Growth Factor Serum (PM)PROTECT: Sunscreen Primer
  39. 39. 3 Level Kit Program …A SIMPLE SELLING STRATEGYLEVEL III:AGGRESSIVE ANTI-AGING PROGRAMDE FINITE s igns of aging s kin – wrinkles , brown patc hes ,loos e s kin, large pores , obvious s un damageCLEANSE: Hydrating CleanserACTIVATE: Exfoliating PolishSTIMULATE: Daily Power Defense (AM)STIMULATE: Radical Night Repair (PM)CALM + NOURISH: Daily Renewal CrèmePROTECT: Sunscreen Primer
  40. 40. Step 1: CleanseOffects® Hydrating Cleanser• Dual-action cleanser thoroughly cleans while it replenishes moisture with hyaluronic acid.• Natural moisturizers Panthenol and Allantoin prevent over-drying, leaving skin fresh and clean.• Advanced lipopeptides boost and maintain skin’s natural production of collagen.• Cleanse every morning and evening.• pH 6.5• Size: 150 mL / 5 Fl. Oz.$45.00 (USSRP)
  41. 41. Step 1: CleanseOffects® Exfoliating Cleanser• Encapsulated beads of Vitamin E neutralize free radicals and nourish skin cells.• Micro-beads exfoliate surface dull, dry skin cells.• Advanced lipopeptides boost and maintain skin’s natural production of collagen.• Cleanse every morning and evening.• pH 6.0• Size: 150 mL / 5 Fl. Oz.$45.00 (USSRP)
  42. 42. Step 2: ActivateOffects® Exfoliating Polish• Combines therapeutic minerals of the Dead Sea with the benefits of microdermabrasion.• Magnesium crystals slough off dry skin, improve skin texture and help combat stress and fluid retention.• Four vitamins (A, C, C-Ester & E) deliver anti-oxidant protection• Natural exothermic reaction warms skin.• Apply 2-3 times per week.• Size: 65 g / 2 Oz.$75.00 (USSRP)
  43. 43. Step 2: ActivateOffects® TE-Pads Acne Pore Treatment• Controls skin breakouts.• Reduces oiliness.• Exfoliates pore-clogging dead skin cells.• Contains 2% salicylic acid• Botanical extracts calm and soothe.• Apply 2-3 times per week.• Size: 60 pads• pH 3.5$45.00 (USSRP)
  44. 44. Step 3: StimulateOssential® Radical Night Repair PlusBetter than any other topical skincare:• Reduces lines and wrinkles• Decreases hyperpigmentation• Increases skin thickness and elasticity• Accelerates cellular turnover, helps stimulate collagen production Named a Beauty Breakthrough Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus
  45. 45. Why ZO®?ZO® uses a 1.0% concentration of retinol• For retinol to be topically effective, it must reach a concentration of at least 0.6% in the skin• Currently, the strongest available over-the-counter retinol products are at a concentration of 0.21%• The leading brand concentration is 0.15%This is why the ZO® Skin Health Programapproach of “layering” retinol delivers the neededamount of retinol to the skin.
  46. 46. Retinol Delivery SystemTime-Released MicrospheresTraditional retinol products cause a sudden release and"downpour" of retinol—which can be irritating. That’s whymanufacturers use a very low concentration of retinol.ZO® Skin Health’s Radical Night Repair Plususes a unique delivery system–the retinol is encapsulatedin a time-released microsponge. So unlike the "downpour",microspheres causes a slow, steady, continuous “drizzle”.Anhydrous (water-free)formula increases the potency of active ingredients.Antioxidants (Vitamins C & E, Co-Q10)Skinasensyl®a peptide that increases skin’s natural tolerance threshold.Users are much less likely to experience any discomfort,which is especially beneficial to over-reactive and sensitiveskin.
  47. 47. Step 3: StimulateOssential® Radical Night Repair PlusDr. Obagi’s Recommended Regimen:Olluminate Intensive Eye Repair can be added both AM and PMPRODUCT AM PMOffects® Hydrating Cleanser X XOffects® Exfoliating Polish XOssential® Daily Power Defense XOmmerse® Daily Renewal Creme XOclipse® Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 XOssential® Radical Night XRepair Plus Named a Beauty Breakthrough Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus
  48. 48. Step 3: StimulateOssential® Radical Night Repair PlusUsage• Initially, Radical Night Repair Plus should be applied twice per week. After two weeks, increase to three times per week. After 6-8 weeks, apply nightly.• This product is best used in combination with other products that complement it, and do not compete with it or irritate it. Named a Beauty Breakthrough Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus
  49. 49. Step 3: StimulateOssential® Daily Power Defense• Advanced DNA repair complex features enzymes that initiate repair to increase cell survival, thereby reducing collagen degradation.• Contains Ultrasomes with UV-endonuclease• Contains Roxisomes with glycolase• Uses the powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin E and retinol liposomes (Vitaine), to help correct and prevent damage caused by age and UV rays.• Increases skin’s natural moisture barrier to help skin stay hydrated with Ceremide 6.• Botanical extracts help soothe and calm.• Lightweight serum leaves skin soft and smooth.
  50. 50. Step 3: StimulateOssential® Daily Power Defense• Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.• Increases epidermal thickness, firmness & elasticity.• Apply every morning.• pH 6.8• Size: 30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.$175.00 (USSRP)
  51. 51. Step 3: StimulateOssential® Growth Factor Serum• Synthetic growth factors.• Advanced lipopeptides boost and support collagen to help firm and tone.• Nanoemulsion™ penetration technology improves delivery.• Proprietary lipopeptides are enhanced with anti-aging Vitamins A, B & C plus essential amino acids. These are the building blocks necessary to stimulate cell renewal and collagen production.• Retinol reduces pigmentation and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.• pH 6.5
  52. 52. Step 3: StimulateOssential® Growth Factor Serum• Highly effective topical anti-aging therapy suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.• Lightweight gel formula glides on easily.• Apply every morning and evening.• pH 6.5• Size: 30 mL / 1.0 oz$195.00 (USSRP)
  53. 53. Step 3: StimulateOssential® Growth Factor SerumClinicals (Kligman)• Wrinkle Visibility (Superficial Facial Lines): Statistically significant reduction after Week 1 (10%) and increased to 33% by Week 8.• Expert Grader Assessment of Improvement: High resolution digital photos revealed all twenty subjects demonstrated “moderately to very noticeable improvement”.• Skin Texture: Skin roughness, pore visibility, hyper pigmented spots and blotchy/redness were significantly reduced from Week 2 on and these reductions reached between 20 - 25% at Week 8.
  54. 54. Step 3: StimulateOssential® Growth Factor SerumClinicals (Kligman)• Skin Tautness and Elasticity: From Week 1 on, skin was significantly tauter and more elastic. At Week 8, skin was 28% tauter and 25% more elastic.• Self Assessment (Diaries): All twenty subjects felt their skin was smoother and softer. Eighty percent perceived a reduction in wrinkles and sixty percent found their skin less oily and noticed a reduction in age spots. No one reported any dryness or peeling.
  55. 55. Step 4: Calm + Nourish Ommerse® Daily Renewal Crème• Hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Esters and natural emollients like Coconut Oil.• Soothes with an advanced anti-irritant complex that contains Oat and Canadian Willowherb Extracts to reduce skin inflammation.•Contains Oxysomes and Vitaine (retinol)• Protects with Ectoin, a multi-functional agent that protects against photo-aging, the formation of sunburn cells and induces faster formation of heat-shock proteins under stress.•pH 6.8• Size: 50 mL / 1.7 oz$95.00 (USSRP)
  56. 56. Step 4: Calm + Nourish Ommerse® Overnight Recovery Crème• Hydrates the skin by creating a barrier that protects against trans-epidermal water loss with Ceramide 2, Soline, Squalane and Shea Butter to maintain optimum water levels.• Repairs DNA damage caused by aging and sun exposure by using encapsulated enzymes called Ultrasomes (endonuclease) to increase cellsurvival• Soothes, protects and reduces redness and inflammation with Canadian Willowherb and Evodia Fruit Extracts• Encourages skin to look and feel healthy and luminous with encapsulated Retinol (vitaine)•pH 5.5• Size: 50 mL / 1.7 oz$95.00 (USSRP)
  57. 57. Step 5: ProtectOclipse® Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30• Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with titanium dioxide (10.2%) and zinc oxide (3.7%), plus unique and superior antioxidant protection.• Contains natural melanin• Melanins are natural, photo-protective compounds which are excellent anti- oxidants and free radical quenchers.• Increased melanin reduces incidence of skin cancer, photo-aging and photo- sensitive disorders.• Silicone-based formula primes the skin for cosmetics application.• Apply every morning.$65.00 (USSRP)
  58. 58. Step 5: ProtectOclipse® Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 The “smartest” sun-protection duo under the sun:•Daily Power Defense DNA Repair•Sunscreen Primer SPF 30
  59. 59. Skin CancerPrevention is Critical500,000new cases of skin cancerevery year (US)27,000cases of malignant melanoma80%of damage occurs before18 years old
  60. 60. Melanin• A natural skin pigment• Single most important factor in the photo protection of the skin• 10 times more powerful than Vitamin E
  61. 61. Specialty: Eye Olluminate® Intense Eye Repair• Dual action formula instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing long-lasting results.• Rich blend of time release retinol (Vitaine), advanced peptides and optical diffusers (mica and titanium dioxide) helps repair and diminish dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.• Cooling formula reduces puffiness and the appearance of yellow skin tone.• Combination of Glycosaminoglycans, Vitamin E and Matrixyl 3000 protects against free radical damage and boosts skin’s natural collagen production.• Apply every morning and evening.• pH 6.2• Size: 15 mL / .5 Fl. Oz.$130.00 (USSRP)
  62. 62. Specialty: HandOraser® Microderm Hand Renewal• Sugar crystals exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth, hydrated and super-soft.• Retinol, an active form of Vitamin A, helps restore a youthful appearance.• Shea butter moisturizes and leaves a light after-feel. Rinses easily.• Massage at least once a week.• Size: 30 g / 1.0 Oz.$50.00 (USSRP)
  63. 63. Specialty: HandOraser® Daily Hand Repair SPF 20• Retinol reduces age spots and the look of deeper lines and wrinkles.• Powerful vitamin E and anti-oxidants help neutralize damaging free radicals.• Skin whiteners help normalize skin tone and reduce the appearance of age spots.• Broad spectrum protection (avobenzone) against UVA (aging rays) and UVB (burning rays)• Apply every morning.• pH 6.0• Size: 100 mL / 3.4 Fl. Oz.$65.00 (USSRP)
  64. 64. Specialty: HandOraser® Overnight Hand Recovery• A complex of retinol, vitamins and Coenzyme Q10 protects against the damaging effects• of free radicals, thereby improving skin elasticity, firmness and tone.• Vitamin C brightens the skin and boosts collagen synthesis.• Natural emollients provide 8-hour barrier protection.• Apply every evening.• pH 6.0• Size: 100 mL / 3.4 Fl. Oz.$65.00 (USSRP)
  65. 65. Specialty: BodyOraser® Body Emulsion• Intense combination of Lactic Acid (11.5%), active Retinol and emollients lock in moisture and stimulate cell renewal.• Anti-oxidant rich complex softens rough patches and strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier.• Lifts away the look of dark spots with natural extracts such as Glucosamine. Skin brighteners help normalize skin tone.• Apply morning and evening.• pH 3.7• Size: 200 mL / 8.1 Fl. Oz.$80.00 (USSRP)
  66. 66. Step 1: Cleanse Product Name Ingredients & Benefits Offects® Exfoliating Cleanser Gently remove impurities and repairs surface damage with: Vitamin E encapsulated beads: • Neutralize free radicals and exfoliate dead skin cells Salicylic Acid •targets excess oil Advanced Lipopeptide: • Boosts skin’s natural production of collagen Offects® Hydrating Cleanser Gently remove impurities and repairs surface damage with: Hyaluronic acid, Panthenol and Allantoin: • Lock in necessary moisture for a healthy complexion • Stimulate the growth of healthy tissue Advanced Lipopeptide: • Boosts skin’s natural production of collagen
  67. 67. Step 2: Activate Product Name Ingredients & Benefits Offects® TE-Pads Enhance the penetration of active ingredients. Acne Pore Treatment Control oiliness, breakouts and removes dead cells with: 2% Salicylic Acid • Exfoliates pore-clogging skin cells • Reduces oiliness to help prevent breakouts Botanical Extracts • Calm and soothe skin Offects® Exfoliating Polish Enhances the penetration of active ingredients. Remove dead skin cells and sebum with: Round Magnesium Crystals • Slough off dry skin • Improve skin texture (smoothness) • Restores glow • At-home benefits of microdermabrasion activate and repair skin cells Four Vitamins (A, C, C-esters and E) • Provide a powerful anti-oxidant protection
  68. 68. Step 3: Stimulate Product Name Ingredients & Benefits Ossential® Daily DNA repair and anti-oxidant protection with: Daily Power Defense Enzymes (Ultrasomes and Roxisomes) • Encourage the skin’s DNA repair mechanism to self-correct Powerful anti-oxidants (Vitamin A & E) • Speed recovery from past UV damage • Help prevent future photo damage Retinol and Matrixyl 3000 • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Even skin tone and improve hyper pigmentation • Increase dermal thickness and firmness Omega-6 Ceramide • Lock-in moisture • Reduce inflammation Ossential® Collagen booster helps firm and tone with: Growth Factor Serum Lipopeptides, Amino-Acids and Vitamins A, B & C Derivative • Boost collagen production • Increase dermal thickness and elasticity Epidermal Growth Factor • Stimulates cellular function • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles • Well tolerated by sensitive skin types Retinol • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Evens skin tone and improves hyper pigmentation • Increases dermal thickness and firmness
  69. 69. Step 3: Stimulate Product Name Ingredients & Benefits Ossential® Radical Night Repair Plus Restore functionality, skin elasticity and improve uneven pigmentation with: Ultra-high concentration of Retinol: 1% • 10 times the industry average • Encapsulated time-release formula to increase penetration and reduce irritation • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Evens skin tone and improves hyper pigmentation • Increases dermal thickness and firmness Vitamin C: • Boosts skin brightness; improves skin tone and clarity • Provides anti-oxidant protection • Continuously stimulates cells for optimal collagen production and elasticity improvement Antioxidants (Vitamins C & E, Co-Q10) • Neutralizes free radicals to help reverse the signs of aging • A Crithmum Maritinum Marine Extract • Regulates sebum to help control acne and oiliness
  70. 70. Step 4: Calm + Nourish Product Name Ingredients & Benefits Ommerse® Hydrate,calm and nourish skin with: Daily Renewal Crème Hyaluronic Acid, Jojoba Esters and natural Emollients • Nourish skin Advanced anti-irritant complex with Oat and Canadian Willowherb extracts • Soothes and reduces inflammation Retinol • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Evens skin tone and improves hyper pigmentation • Increases dermal thickness and firmness Advanced Oxysome liposome system • Delivers Vitamins C & E deeper beneath the surface • Boosts skin’s natural production of collagen • Evens skin tone Ectoin • Protects skin’s immune system • Protects against photo-aging and the formation of sunburn cells Ommerse® Deeply soothe, calm and nourish skin with: Overnight Recovery Ceramide 2, Soline, Squalane and Shea Butter Crème • Nourish skin • Protect against Trans Epidermal Water Loss Advanced anti-irritant complex with Oat and Canadian Willowherb extracts • Soothes and reduces inflammation Ultrasomes (enzymes) • Repairs DNA damage to increase cell survival Retinol • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Evens skin tone and improves hyper pigmentation • Increases dermal thickness and firmness
  71. 71. Step 5: Protect, Specialty: Eye Product Name Ingredients & Benefits Oclipse® Sunscreen + Primer Protect, smooth and prime skin for even makeup application with: SPF 30 Natural Melanin, Titanium Dioxide (10.2%) and Zinc Oxide (3.7%) • Protect against UVA/UVB sun damage to reduce the visible signs of aging Lipopeptides • Stimulate collagen production Humectants and Emollients: • Hydrate and moisturize skin Olluminate® Intense Eye Repair, brighten and decrease puffiness with: Repair A blend of encapsulated Retinol, Advanced Peptides and Optical Diffusers • Instantly and continuously help to repair fine lines and wrinkles • Increase epidermal thickness, firmness, elasticity and hydration Mica and Titanium Dioxide • Brightens eye area, minimizes dark circles, reduces puffiness, and the appearance of yellow skin tone MDI Complex (Glycosaminoglycans) • Boost skin’s natural collagen production Vitamin E • Protects against free radical damage
  72. 72. Specialty: Hand + Body Product Name Ingredients & Benefits Oraser® Body Emulsion Smooth, hydrate and even skin tone with: Lactic Acid (11.5%) and an anti-oxidant rich complex • Remove dead surface cells • Smooth rough, dry patches Glucosamine • Reduces the appearance of dark spots • Evens skin tone Retinol and Matrixyl 3000 • Boost cellular turnover • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Even skin tone and improves hyper pigmentation • Increase dermal thickness and firmness Emollients • Hydrate immediately • Deliver long lasting moisture Oraser® Microderm Hand Renewal Exfoliate, soften and condition hands with: Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Safflower Oil • Resurface and condition even ultra-dry skin Sugar Crystals and Salicylic Acid • Exfoliate dry skin, improve skin texture and leave hands smooth Retinol • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Evens skin tone and improves hyper pigmentation • Increases dermal thickness and firmness Natural emollients • Leave skin soft and moisturized with light after feel
  73. 73. Specialty: Hand Product Name Ingredients & Benefits Oraser® Daily Hand Repair Protect against UVA/UVB sun damage (avobenzone 3%) and restore SPF 20 younger-looking hands with: Retinol and Matrixyl 3000 • Boost cellular turnover • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles • Even skin tone and improve hyper pigmentation • Increase dermal thickness and firmness Amino-Acid Complex (Panthenol, Shea Butter and Hyaluronic acid) • Moisturizes and leaves skin soft and smooth Anti-oxidants Vitamins C, E and Coenzyme-Q10 • Neutralize damaging free radicals Oraser® Overnight Hand Relieve dryness and fight signs of aging with: Recovery Encapsulated Retinol, Vitamins C, E and Coenzyme-10 • Improve skin elasticity, firmness and tone • Protect against the damaging effects of free radicals Vitamin C • Brightens skin • Boosts collagen production Natural Emollients (Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres) • Moisturize continuously overnight • Prevent Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) Bisabolol • Soothes inflammation
  74. 74. Unique & CompellingBrand PropositionSystems and Programs that produce results•System approach to correct, stimulate and saturate•Luxury and performance should not be mutually exclusive•Unique value proposition•Worldwide brand recognition and reputation•Higher concentrations, more actives, stabilized retinol•Results driven, serious skincare
  75. 75. Linda Nelson Director of Educationlnelson@zoskinhealth.com858-794-9601 Office619-438-3554 Mobilewww.zoskinhealth.com