Social Media Marketing - zero to educated in minutes.
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Social Media Marketing - zero to educated in minutes.



Social Media is the name of the bucket that contains all of the catalysts that enable online conversation. Who cares? The business world should.

Social Media is the name of the bucket that contains all of the catalysts that enable online conversation. Who cares? The business world should.



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    Social Media Marketing - zero to educated in minutes. Social Media Marketing - zero to educated in minutes. Presentation Transcript

    • What the hell is going on ?
      • Smart marketers monitor emerging media, study market trends and analyze the evolution of customer behavior.
      First, a preamble…
    • Once upon a time, circa 1995 And today we have Social Media .
      • What have we learned?
      • People want to collaborate.
      • Conversations are what it’s all about.
      • People have a voice and they’re going to use it!
    • Social Media is the name of the bucket that contains all the catalysts that enable people to collaborate and converse online . Social Media It is where technology & social interaction reach third base.
    • Social Media Marketing is leveraging those catalysts to listen, engage, enable collaboration and add value to create brand fanatics. Social Media
    • What the hell is a catalyst? 2. Groups 3. Reviews/Travel 4. Social Content 8. Wikis 14. Blogs 10. MicroBlogging/Txting 6. Social Platforms 12. B2B Social Networks 5. Search Engines 13. Video Sites 9. Social Networks 1. Social Bookmarking 7. Podcast 11. Lifecasting Meet 14 of ‘em here…
    • This space is very different to what us marketers are used to. Consider this: You are invited to a dinner party. You arrive without flowers for the hostess or a bottle of vino for the house. <yikes> You sit at the table and dominate the conversation about how great you are and why everyone should buy your product, service or brand. Chances are, you’re likely to be shown the door. You are invited to a dinner party. You arrive with flowers for the hostess and a bottle of vino for the house. You sit at the table and listen, observe and engage the conversation when you see an opportunity for you to help enable someone’s idea or conversation. Chances are, you’ll be invited back. Scenario 1: Scenario 2:
    • So, what do we know about the people engaged in Social Media today?
    • Source: Forrester Research
    • Maritz Canada Inc - August 24, 2009 The evolution of consumer behavior.
    • Maritz Canada Inc - August 24, 2009 Generation Z
      • Generation Z | Generation I | Digital Natives | born 1992 – 2008 | Oldest member is 16
      • Lifelong use of technology.
      • Accustomed single parent, same sex families.
      • First generation where technology embraced with their parents for the 1 st time.
      • Information overload – filters are hepa-fine.
      • Given economic decay, tend to be less self entitled in contrast to older siblings of Gen Y.
    • Maritz Canada Inc - August 24, 2009 Generation Y
      • Generation Y | Millennials | Peter Pan Generation | Born 1980 – 1991
      • Shaped by events, leaders and technology.
      • Peer oriented. Seek instant gratification.
      • Peter Pan Generation - notorious for pushing off adult hood - live at home into their late 20’s and early 30’s.
      • Stronger relationship with parents, consulting them on average 1.5x a day.
      • Making a difference is a strong motivational force.
      • Constant communication is table stakes even in the workplace.
      • Resist the 9 to 5 bricks and mortar workplace. Instead opt for virtual offices and flex hours.
    • Maritz Canada Inc - August 24, 2009 Generation X
      • Generation X | Born in 1962 – 1979
      • Reactive or nomadic generation.
      • Grunge, hip hop and alternative rock.
      • Strongly influenced by MTV, small families, AIDS and higher education.
      • Marrying later in life – early to mid thirties.
      • 48 million Gen Xers sandwiched between 80m Baby Boomers and 78m Gen Yers.
      • Gen X icons: Quentin Terrantino, Jon Stewart.
      • Gen X triumphs: Google, YouTube, Amazon
      • Feeling the pressure to become more engaged w/ Social Media for fear of being left behind.
      Sergey Brin & Larry Page
    • Maritz Canada Inc - August 24, 2009 Baby Boomers
      • Baby Boomers | born 1946 - 1964
      • Brash, confident and the product of a prosperous society.
      • Brand switchers, argumentative know it alls.
      • Won’t be retiring at 65. 65 is the new 50!
      • Boomers resent being referred to as Luddites – they’re keeping up virtually and taking to the blogs to prove it.
      • Barack Obama trail blazed the way for SoMe resulting in more than 60% considered avid users of Social Media. Up 20% from 2008.
      • Biggest contributors to the Entrepreneurship boom scheduled to happen end 09 early ’10.
    • A message is not a conversation. A static website does not enable conversation. A broadcast is not a conversation . A conversation requires a di-a-logue .
    • Give your audience an experience . A < something > that they can: Add to, comment on, digg, stumbleupon, email, tag, de.lici.ous, facebook, tweet, retweet, flap, blog about, ping, mixx it, stream it, vote, organize, broadcast, google it, watch it, reddit, shalshdot, squidoo it, fark it, furl it, swik it, dzone it, wists it, diigo it, yahoo it, ask it, technorati it, newsvine, txt, spurl, wist.
      • Guess What?
      • They’re going to do
      • it whether you are
      • listening or not!
      • Wouldn’t you like to
      • have the chance to right a wrong?
      What if they say something mean about my <insert brand/product/company here>?
    • Just the facts !
    • Fact #1
      • In December 2006, Time Magazine reported the person of the year to be you!
    • Fact #2
      • Social Media is now officially part of the
      • UK curriculum .
      • March, 2009
    • Fact # 3 March 2, 2009 – You Tube surpasses 100,000,000 viewers > 500,000 new videos per day
    • Fact #4 300,000,000 blogs and counting. 75% of active online users read blogs. 1 in 3 have started their own blog. Social Bookmarking and Key Influencer identity tools.
    • Fact #5 It’s the evolution of communication, information, business and life! June, 2009
    • Fact #6 Social Networking sites are officially more popular than Porn . Time, October 13, 2007
    • Reason #7 “ Catch up or Catch ya later!” Business Week, February 2009
    • It is the evolution of conversation . This isn’t a fad.
    • Only 20% of people trust advertising. But 78% of people trust the recommendations of their network. And 33% trust their selection of blogs. Source: Neilsen Trust in Advertising. Oct 2007
    • The Traditional Marketing Funnel
    • The Social Media Marketing Funnel Source:
    • How can SMM support business objectives?
    • So what does this mean? It means…the power has shifted from the boardroom to the people !
    • Social Media Success happens the moment you lose control of your message to an audience of fanatics who propel your message for you while consistently giving you real time feedback that allows you to accurately course correct .
    • What about the ROI in Social Media?
    • This too is an evolution… we currently have two camps of measurement! Influence <The Community> Engagement <Web Analytics>
    • The Standard Engagement Metrics Apply!
      • Page views
      • Unique visitors
      • Members
      • Posts (ideas/threads)
      • Number of groups (networks/forums)
      • Comments & Trackbacks
      • Tags/Ratings/Rankings
      • Time spent on site
      • Contributors
      • Active contributors
      • Word count
      • Referrals
      • Completed profiles
      • Connections (between members)
      • Ratios: Member to contributor; Posts to comments; Completed profiles to posts
      • Periods: By day, week, month, year
      • Frequency: of visits, posts, comments
      Not that kind of engagement silly!
    • The fabulous world of web analytics: Content Consumption Most popular content. Length of time on page. Bounce Rate. Content Contribution Who is contributing. What are they saying. Level of influence. Social Bookmarking Who is adding you to what. Subscribing to a RSS feed Number of people subscribing to your RSS. Emailing posts Who. What. Where. When. Why. Who is talking about you Profile Engagement Who. What. Where. When. Why.
    • A Final Thought: The market is changing. Emerging media is dramatically altering our landscape and consumers everywhere are evolving. Understanding these insights allows you to create effective communications plans to leverage, engage and deliver against your objectives. Social Media Marketing strengthens existing programs and creates new opportunities to acquire, retain and create brand fanatics.
    • Social Media Marketing Starts Here: Objectives Decide what you want to accomplish – keep in mind scalability People Assess your audience’s online and offline behavior Strategy Plan how you want your relationships with your audience to evolve Social Media Catalysts Now decide which social media catalysts should be used
    • [email_address] Tweet with me @ShannonBoudjema Let’s connect! End scene.