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Presentation about the nonprofit organization Project Scientist.

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  • While there are non-profits that are succeeding at encouraging a comfort level and an interest for girls in STEM (mainly middle school / HS), the needle is not moving on girls entering and staying in STEM majors or STEM careers. Great Science for Girls research and curriculum – NSF SupportedGirl Scouts research on girls in STEM – Lockheed Martin and AAUW2010 NSF study on diversity in STEM – identification of “STEM Innovators” @ young age = STEM talent goldmine, next Einstein’s going unnoticedThe U.S. spends nearly as much on education (majority of that on STEM) as we spend on healthcareWomen Scientists – a built in passionate donor database and volunteer force
  • Scholarships available for low incomeDaily women scientist speaker and volunteer opportunitiesTeachers to learn skills and develop curriculum in line with new Common Core Math standards and Next Generation Science StandardsWeekly field tripsEngagement by High School and College girls excelling in STEMParent participationTesting and assessment to gear success of program and identify giftedSTEM Counselor to advocate for gifted
  • NASCAR, Broadcom, and Eline Media= “Gaming”– createe a racing themed science competition application, includes trip to Daytona race.Grub to Grub, CMS, and Composting Foundation – create model for schools to compost lunch and learn from activity, saving school district $1,000’s in waste feesGenentech, Partners in Health, and Jeff Gordon Foundation – solve an issue in Africa for children with cancer – trip to site to implement solution
  • Alumni Services by CounselorEncourage participation in science awards and competitions, assist with application process and PR/Marketing around winnersAssist with research of career options, colleges, emphasis of study, identification of mentor, and internships with corporate partnersProvide sessions on the environment of STEM in universities and career settings. Provide tools to avoid “Stereotype Threat,” etc.First year alum must serve as intern to Project ScientistPossibility of serving girls at Queens in STEM majorsWomen ScientistsProject Scientist will provide an easy to use tool kit and volunteer opportunity for those interested in helping girls in STEM.NGSS – advocate for new curriculum and studies to include examples and case studies on successful women in STEMEasy to use tools to promote our top 50 to the nation and world through social mediaHighlight and engage companies who are supportive making of women/girls in STEM
  • About Project Scientist

    1. 1. 1 January 2013
    2. 2. Project Scientist Overview  Our promise at Project Scientist is to educate, coach, and advocate for girls with an aptitude, talent, and passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). With a pipeline for girls/women ages four to thirty-five, we provide a strong community of support unique to each stage of a future scientist’s path.  Through hands on exploration, education, career counseling, mentoring, and internships, our girls discover the endless opportunities available to them. Furthermore, girls acquire the leadership skills needed to thrive in today’s STEM environments. At Project Scientist we foster today’s scientists who will lead the world in solving tomorrow’s greatest problems.  If you believe your daughter would benefit from a community of like-minded girls that enjoy exploring through the sciences and celebrating their accomplishments, then Project Scientist is a place just for her! Surrounded by brilliant and passionate STEM teachers, professors, and professionals, your daughter will be2 inspired and provided the right tools to reach her highest potential!
    3. 3. Girls in STEM Pipeline Project Project Scientist Academy Ages 4 to12 5 week summer camp Project Scientist “Test Pilot” in Summer 2013 Coaching/Advoc with goal to accommodate 30 acy paid and 20 scholarship clients. 2014 Goal 100 Ages 12 to 35 girls (paid/scholarship) Launch 2015 Project Scientist Scholars Ages 12 to 16 Top 30 female “STEM Superstars” in Charlotte work in small group with professors Launch 20143
    4. 4. Typical Day* @ Project Scientist – Summer 2013 July 8, 2013 – August 9, 2013  8:30 to 9:00 girls arrive. Woman Scientists introduced.  9:00 – 9:30 “Walkabout with Women Scientists” local women scientists encouraged to walk and talk with girls around campus  9:30 – 9:50 “Scientist of the Day” presentation – in person or Skype – woman scientist to share work/experiment and show photos of her life and talk about growing up with an interest in science.  10:00 – 12:00 Girls in Classroom  12:00 – 1:00 Lunch  1:00 – 2:00 Girls in Classroom  2:00 – 3:00 PE, Playground, yoga, etc.  3:00 – 4:30 Arts4  4:30 – 5:30 Free-time games and pick up *Each week will include a full day field trip
    5. 5. NC STEM Vital Signs 2012*  Business leaders in North Carolina have sounded an alarm. They cannot find the (STEM) talent they need to stay competitive. Students’ lagging performance in K–12 is a critical reason why.  In North Carolina, STEM skills have stayed in demand even through the economic downturn.  STEM: 1.7 jobs for every 1 unemployed person  4.5 unemployed people for every 1 job5
    6. 6. NC STEM Vital Signs 2012* Women are too critical a resource to remain untapped 2009 Female Women are a very % of college-age large share of the population population but % of awards conferred they earn just a 2001 Female small share of STEM degrees and certificates. 0% 20% 40% 60%  2001 = 36%6  2009 = 39% The Equation Vital signs document in resources *2012 Change
    7. 7. Girls and Women in STEM*  74% of high school girls are interested in the fields and subjects of STEM . Yet women…  fill 50% of all U.S. jobs, yet hold less than 25% of STEM jobs.  hold a disproportionately low share of STEM undergraduate degrees, particularly in engineering.  with a STEM degree are less likely than males to work in a STEM occupation; more likely to work in education or healthcare  U.S. “STEM Girls” career goals - 94% want to help people and 92% want to make a difference  Women in STEM jobs earned 33% more than comparable women in non-stem jobs.  The gender wage gap is smaller in STEM jobs.7 *Women and STEM: A Gender Gap to Innovation Aug. 3, 2011 in resources section.
    8. 8. Landscape of girls in STEM  Girls with a high skill, aptitude, and talent are not currently served or identified at a young age and provided STEM opportunities at a pace, depth, and breadth commensurate with their talents and interests.  A concentrated, scalable model that can work nationally does not exist.  Focused effort on engaging women scientists and corporate partners does not exist.  More research on girls/women in STEM is needed!8
    9. 9. Project Scientist is different!  At Project Scientist our success is measured by the increase in number of girls and women in STEM majors and careers. WE EXIST TO CREATE SCIENTISTS, SCIENTISTS THAT WILL SOLVE OUR WORLDS MOST PRESSING ISSUES.  Our promise is to educate, coach, and advocate for girls with an aptitude, talent, and passion for STEM.  Our pipeline for girls ages four to thirty- five provides a community of support unique to each stage of a future scientist’s path.9  We commit to providing valuable needed research and data to the STEM
    10. 10. Project Scientist Goals  Short Term 3 to 5 years  We will establish a model for a robust and focused STEM pipeline for girls ages 4 – 35, with the ability to adjust the model based on quantitative results.  Success will be determined by the number of girls identified and placed in the program, girls attitudes toward their future in STEM, girls entry into STEM majors and careers, and achieved science awards and scholarships.  We will produce valuable research on girls in STEM, mentoring, curriculum and teacher development.  Long Term 5 years and beyond  Build on model nationwide and increase the number of women in STEM majors and careers.  Our alumni will be positioned to be leaders in the field that solve some of our worlds most pressing issues. (qualitative)  Our research will raise the caliber of STEM Communities work with10 girls/women.
    11. 11. Appendix Project Scientist has three programs  Project Scientist Academy serves girls ages 4 -12  Project Scientist Scholars is highly Selective for girls 12 to 16  Project Scientist Coaches builds a community to serve STEM girls/women ages 12 to 3511
    12. 12. Project Scientist Academy  Project Scientist Academy serves girls ages 4 - 12  5 week summer camp and year long adventures in partnership with colleges and universities. Focus to identify those with an aptitude, talent, and interest in STEM.  Offered to both paying and scholarship students12
    13. 13. Project Scientist Scholars  Highly Selective and competitive process for girls 12 to 16  Girls work in small groups of 10 to 12 with a professor in partnership with corporatee partners and private funders to solve a social issue locally or internationally  These girls will be a part of a marketing and public relations strategy to change the face of STEM, build confidence, and encourage more girls to participate in STEM.  STEM Counselor to assist with high school choices (School of Science and Math), course work, prep courses, science awards, etc.13
    14. 14. Team Project Scientist “Coaches”  Build a community to serve STEM girls/women ages 12 to 35 – keep them on the road to PhD  Project Scientist Counselor  Science awards and competitions, Scholarships  Guidance on career options, colleges, emphasis of study, identification of mentor, internships  First year alum must serve as intern to Project Scientist  Possibility of serving all girls STEM majors at University  Women Scientists  Corporate Partners14  Parents
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