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Menggabungkanaudiokedalamsajianmultimedia 1 (ing)
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Menggabungkanaudiokedalamsajianmultimedia 1 (ing)


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  • 1. Combining audio into a multimedia presentationDescribe digital audio formats
  • 2. Describe digital audio formats  Digital Audio  Digital music is the harmonization of the sound recording made by conventional and synthetic sounds that are stored in the computer technology-based media.  Digital format can store large amounts of data, long term and widely networked.Hal.: 2 Isikan Judul Halaman Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi
  • 3. Describe digital audio formats  Knowing Types of Data  Data Audio  Audio data is a voice that sounded like the original is issued and recorded from the device sounds.  Another advantage is almost all audio software capable of reading these data as the original because the audio is a universal data. These data types differ with the extension MP3 format as well. Wav. there are some software that does not recognize the MP3 format.Hal.: 3 Isikan Judul Halaman Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi
  • 4. Describe digital audio formats  The weakness of this audio data is hard disk space dibutuhkanya large. One song that has become (consisting of only one video data) may require more than 50,000 bytes (50 Mbyte).  The greater ratenya (mono or stereo), the hard disk space required will also be greater.Hal.: 4 Isikan Judul Halaman Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi
  • 5. Describe digital audio formats  MIDI data  If you play the keyboard with brand A, stored in MIDI format and play back degan using computers, the results are strange and far terdengat so than the original sound  With diciptakanya MIDI format, now how music began to shift. The musicians do not bother to play every detail of the music of a song if the music is already there in the MIDI file.Hal.: 5 Isikan Judul Halaman Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi
  • 6. Describe digital audio formats  MIDI DATA  Advantages:  Type of musical instrument can be changed at will without having to re-record the song data.  File size is very small (5-minute songs full orchestra can only size 50 Kb)  Does not need a computer that powerful.  Weaknesses:  Musical instrument sound quality depends on the soundcard / MIDI instrument used.  MIDI effects are available is very limited such as reverb, chorus and so on.Hal.: 6 Isikan Judul Halaman Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi
  • 7. Describe digital audio formats  AUDIO DATA  Advantages:  The sound generated is similar to the original.  The available audio effects are not limited like reverb, chorus, delay, pitch shifter, distortion, flanger, compressor, limiter, EQ, parametric EQ and so on.  Weaknesses:  Unable to change the type of musical instrument without re-recording the song data.  Large file sizes (1 minute stereo CD quality = 10MB)  Computer requires a "powerful".Hal.: 7 Isikan Judul Halaman Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi
  • 8. SMK NEGERI 1 TUTUR PASURUAN The EndHal.: 8 Isikan Judul Halaman Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi